Chapter Thirty-Eight: What New Stepsister?

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"How come you ditched football practice?" Ethan asked, leaning against my locker. I raised an eyebrow, looking at the three of them, before shrugging.

"Why?" I asked, ignoring their looks they're giving me. It's Tuesday, the next day. I haven't gotten the call from Daily Grind. Mom and I have been ignoring each other, and I even if she tries to apologize to me, I quickly leave the room and avoid her. Dad has been saying sorry to me, even though he hasn't done anything. The boys are their normal selves, now it was just school, the first period about to start in about five minutes.

"Because Coach was yelling his head off yesterday. He hates when students miss a football practice, especially if they're ditching. Remember, he saw you and you ran! Better be careful tomorrow," Carter explained. I sighed, glancing at them, before shutting my locker and hitting my head against it with a groan.

"I needed to skip because I need a job. Long story short, I got interviewed at Daily Grind and I might get accepted to work there. I really need this job, Emmet and Elijah's birthday is coming up, I need to get them something," I told them.

"Well, how about you not bang yourself against the locker?" Jaxon suggested before the three of us gave him dirty looks. He rolled his eyes, "You know what I mean."

I laughed. "So, you're going to start working at Daily Grind?"

"Yep. At least Xavier's going to be with me--,"

"Xavier," both Jaxon and Carter said at the same time, "come on! I completely forgot about that! Fine, here's the deal, we come to Daily Grind every day so we can keep an eye out for Xavier."

Ethan rolled his eyes, "Guys, you're both being ridiculous. She can handle herself, and anyways, Xavier is gay."

"Yeah, well he might be lying. Ever thought of that E?" Jaxon said, shaking his head. I grinned, the warning bell ringing.

"I'll see you guys at lunch?" I asked. They all nodded, walking away to their classes. I sighed, walking to math class.

Once I got in the classroom, I rolled my eyes at the typical room. Paper planes were flying everywhere, some kid was sleeping on the floor, other kids were sticking gum under the desks, a girl was writing; school sucks on the chalkboard. It was absolutely chaotic, nobody has ever dared to do this in Mr. Evans room.

I walked to my seat, sitting down. Some guys scowled at me, leaving to their own spots. After a while, the class settled down and I looked up to see why.

It was a substitute teacher. Not any substitute teacher though. It was West?

Adam and I made eye contact, as his eyes sparkled with amusement. I rolled my eyes, groaning and hitting my head on the desk.

Kids were shaking, girls were fainting, a poor kid peed their pants.

What a chaotic world.

"I'm Mr. Carries, but call me West because I'm not a teacher," West ordered. Well, it sounded like a growl, but I'm sure you get what I mean.

A guy laughed which made West glared, "That wasn't supposed to be funny."

The kid stopped midway and let out a nervous chuckle, "Then why are s-substituting?"

"Why the hell do you care?" West said, his eyes narrowing.

"S-sorry Mr. Carries--,"

"What did I say?" He demanded. Other kids laughed, which made West roll his eyes and grab a paper from the desk.

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