I woke up the next morning, to see that I had dozed off beside Newt. I sat up and rubbed my arm from the pain of lying on it during the night. I looked over and Newt and saw he looked terrible. His face was pale, and he looked like he was in pain. The bandage that Minho had wrapped around his wound was now bloody, meaning it had seeped through. It's probably infected and bleeding fast. I looked over at Thomas and saw he was no better. His shoulder was bloody and needed medical attention.

I was about to wake up the others, to warn them, until a loud humming noise was heard from above me. I looked up and saw a giant flying chunk of metal hovering above us. A berg. I seem to remember these things, but it looked brand new and high tech.  The wind was rushing by me, making me block my eyes from the flying dirt and sand.


I saw that the others had woken up, and had moved away from the flying berg. They were yelling at me to come over to them and away from the giant flying plane-like. I stood up and quickly went over to them, fearfully leaving Thomas and Newt lying there. A huge metallic arm reached out and grabbed Thomas's body, and pulled him up into the berg. Another one came down and grabbed Newt, and disappeared into the berg. The berg then closed up, and flew off into the blue sky.

No one spoke, as we watched the berg disappear and the wind disappeared. Was that WICKED? Why did they take Newt and Thomas? Was it for their injuries?

"Well.... I guess we should keep walkin',,,", Frypan said.

"Yeah... that's all we can buggin' do", Minho said while packing up some of our stuff, and starting to walk on ward. The others started to walk, but I stayed rooted to my spot. I was looking at the place where the berg disappeared with my brother and my boyfriend.

Will they come back?

"Mickey, come on", Aris said while poking my arm. I snapped out of it and nodded.

"Yeah... I'm comin'...", I said while tearing my eyes from the sky, and started to walk. I heard Aris's footsteps start to follow after me and he soon was walking directly beside me.

"I'm sure they'll bring 'em back", Aris stated. I turned to him.

"How do you know?", I asked. I wasn't meaning to be rude, but where did he get the feeling of Thomas and Newt's return?

"Well... since WICKED seem to have you and Newt together, I can't think why they would just suddenly kill him or take him away for ever. It wouldn't prove anything so what's the point? Plus, if something happened to Thomas, you'd be also be heartbroken. So they wouldn't kill them....",  Aris said while looking down at the dry floor.

He's got a point. Why would they kill them? With all the trouble WICKED kept Thomas from, they wouldn't just kill him off just like that. And killing Newt wouldn't do anything, part from the fact of me probably having a mental breakdown over it. Maybe it was just for their injuries. Bullet holes are a little beyond our abilities right now....

So we walked. What else could we do? We weren't far from Safe Haven. A couple more 100 miles. Two more days would probably do the trick. But Newt and Thomas still hadn't returned. I was now beginning to truly worry. I stayed with Aris and occasionally talked to Brenda, who was quiet during our trip.

"Alright, another break", Minho said while plonking down on the ground in exhaustion.

Everyone followed and drank the last few gulps of their water. We were now running dangerously low on food and water. But I'd say we did a pretty good job on making it last. I had two granola bars left and about one quarter left of water. I also had Newt's water, equalling two quarters. But I didn't want to drink his. I wanted to save it for him when he comes back. If he comes back....

"We should build a shelter of some sort. The Sun's gettin' hotter", one of the Gladers said.

"With what hermano?", Jorge asked in a scoff. "There's nothing here!".

The place fell silent again, until a familiar humming sound was heard. I snapped my head up towards the sound and saw the same berg was hovering above us. I jumped to my feet, looking up at it in amazement. The wind whipped at my clothes like before, and no one moved from their spot this time. A door opened on the belly of the berg and the metallic arm appeared again. But this time, it was carrying someone to the ground. I watched as the arm placed down someone, then retracted and placed down another.

Newt and Thomas.

Their clothes were brand new and clean, while their skin was washed. Their hair was clean as well, and they had no traces of blood on them. The berg then went back into the sky, disappearing again. The wind died down and everyone gathered around Thomas and Newt. Minho crouched down beside Thomas and started to shake him awake.

"Hey Thomas, you alive you shank?", he asked. Thomas's eyes fluttered open and he sat up, looking around.

"I'm back?", he asked cluelessly. Minho chuckled, before patting his shoulder.

"Yeah, your back", he said while standing up. Minho then met my gaze, and motioned for me to wake up the sleeping Newt on the floor.

"Alright you shanks, we're leavin' in five", Minho announced before the small crowd disappeared. Thomas got up and went to talk to Brenda, leaving me alone with Newt.

I bent down and looked at his clean self. So WICKED really did just help their wounds. I'm so relieved. I placed my hands on his forearms, and started to shake him awake.

"Hey Newt.... wake up", I called softly.

He stirred and opened his eyes, squinting once again. I smiled to see him not in pain, and realization hit him like a ton of bricks. Newt bolted up into a sitting position and wrapped his arms around my shoulders, now hugging me tightly. I was surprised for a minute, before I softened and hugged him back. His grip was desperate and he seemed afraid.

"I missed you....", he said in a quiet voice.

"I missed you too", I replied and smiled while closing my eyes.

"They fixed Tommy's shoulder and my stomach. They then put us back in this bloody place....", Newt said without letting go. "But I'm glad they did".

"Why is that?", I asked.

"So I could be with you".

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