Dawn came, and Brenda was the one who got the best sleep. After Thomas told us what the plague said, Newt and I stayed up, thinking about what it really meant. We told Brenda about it and apparently, these plagues have been all over the city. No one knew what it meant or who Thomas was, but I'm pretty sure it was put there by WICKED, aiming it at our Thomas. Thomas himself was annoyed at Brenda for not telling him earlier, but she defended herself, saying she wasn't sure if it meant this particular Thomas.

Anyway, we started to walk through the city again. The Sun felt even hotter this time, making me sweat and thirst for water. Newt's limp had become even more noticeable, making my heart ache and feel sorry for him. It must be getting harder to go on for him. Especially because of everything he's been through.

"Wait, what is that?", Thomas said while coming to a halt. Newt stopped and so did I, along with Brenda who turned around.

"What is what?", Newt asked.

"That thudding sound. Sounds like music", Thomas said while turning his head and looked down another alley. We became silent, and tried to listen for any sort of thudding.

True enough, I could hear faint music coming from near by. I followed after Thomas and watched as he looked at the wall at the end, where the music was coming from. Newt came up behind me and Brenda stood a little nearer to Thomas.

"Must be Cranks having some sort of party. Come on, we don't want to meet 'em", Brenda said while turning away.

I couldn't agree more. We all turned back around to head out of the alley, when someone stood in our path. I hadn't noticed, until Newt held his arm out in front of me, preventing me from moving any further. I stopped and looked up at him confused. He was looking up ahead, with a surprised and worried look on his face. I followed his line of vision, and saw three people standing at the end.

One woman, two men. They didn't look quite Gone Cranks yet, but not completely sane. The woman had her red hair tied back in a ponytail. One of the men had blonde ruffled hair, not entirely bad looking. The other man was middle aged, brown spikey hair (Can't remember what he looked like in the book, sorry). Thomas and Brenda came to a halt as well, staring in fear at the three people who had just appeared.

"Hi there", the woman said, a creepy grin across her face. "Come to join our party. Lots of dancing. Lots of lovin'. Lots of booze".

She then glanced at Newt, then at me. The grin increasing.

"Although it seems like you two have already started lovin' huh?", she asked jokingly. Newt glared at her and kept his arm in front of me protectively.

"Um no thanks... we were just-", Thomas begun but Brenda cut in for him.

"Just trying to find our friends. We're new here, just getting settled".

"Welcome to WICKED's Crankland", the older man said. "Most of 'em down there"- he nodded towards the stairs-"are half gone at worst. You might get an elbow in the face, maybe kicked in the nads. But no one's gonna try and eat you".

"N-Nads?", I stuttered confused.

"I was talkin' to the boys. Things might get a little worse for you and black-haired over there. You being female and all. Might want to stick with ya' boyfriends", the man said while gesturing to Thomas and Newt. An animal-like growl erupted up from Newt's chest, making me jump slightly. The two men sniggered, before Thomas decided to speak up again.

"Sounds good, but we really gotta find our friends", Thomas said while taking a small step back. I worriedly glanced at Newt, seeing that he hasn't said anything yet. He hadn't stopped glaring, and looked very angry mixed with worry.

It then reached my mind of the Flare. It can effect people at different times. Some can last longer than others. But seeing Newt like this, right now, worried me deeply. What if.... the Flare is starting to effect him already? I've never really seen him this angry, and the growl from before sounded unusually animal-like. God I hope my predictions are wrong....

"We're officially inviting you to our party. It's polite to accept", the blonde one said while stepping forward. The two other followed, and Newt took a step back, pushing me back also.

"Thanks but no thanks", Brenda said in a mono-tone.

Suddenly, the blonde man pulled out a pistol from his jacket. It was rusted and dull, but still threatening to all of us. He then pointed it in our direction, taking one more step closer.

"You're invited to our party, and it is in-polite to turn it down", the blonde man repeated. "I'm sure you don't want a bullet in the face kid".

The older man pulled out a knife while the redhead pulled out a screwdriver.

A Screwdriver!

"What'd you say? Want to come to our party?", the blonde one asked again. I looked over at Brenda, and saw she was just about to protest when the blonde one moved his gun till it pointed Newt and I. He aimed it perfectly so that if he did shoot, it would go right through Newt and me. I widened my eyes and Newt moved so that he was directly in front of me. I looked at Thomas, pleading for help. If blondie did shoot, Newt wouldn't move. I know how stubborn he is. Thomas seemed to get the idea and snapped at the blondie.

"Okay, we'll go", Thomas said quickly. Brenda turned to him in disbelief. "Just slim it nice and calm".

"That's the spirit kid!", the woman said, not moving her screwdriver from her hand. "Trust me, it'll be a lot of fun".

"Tommy", Newt hissed in a whisper. "What the shuck are you doin'?".

"She's holdin' a shucking screwdriver! We have to go okay?", Thomas hissed back, before turning back to the three Cranks.

"Feel free to lead the way", the older man said while moving his knife up in a gesture to the door behind us. I turned around and Newt pressed his front to my back, making me move forward. Thomas and Brenda walked as well, while Thomas casted a worried glance at me.

Newt stuck to my back, as we reached the door and Thomas shakily pulled it open. A staircase was shown, leading down to another door. Brenda walked down first, before Thomas followed. Newt put both his hands on my arms, stopping for a second. I then saw the barrel of the pistol being pressed the back of his head. He widened his eyes and gulped.

"Keep movin' lover boy", the blondie said.

That's two people that have called Newt by the name 'lover boy'.

I walked down the staircase, while I only hoped that Newt followed. Thomas and Brenda were waiting by the door, not able to open it. The woman Crank pushed through us and went to the door.

"Gotta do a special knock", she said while knocking a series of knocks.

The door opened and a old guy, with long silver hair answered it. He looked at us with droopy eyes, before grinning when his eyes landed on Thomas.

"We've been waiting for you Thomas. Along with your sister".

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