Thomas's face paled and his face glistened with panicked sweat. Group B? Is there another group here with us? We all looked at each other, confused and concerned for Thomas as he stood still in his place. No one really wants to be told who their killer will be. Suddenly, more screams were heard from the window, making everyone turn towards the screaming man. Now a woman had joined him in screaming her head.

"We need to get out of here", Newt said while walking over to the door, and turning the handle. It didn't open the door, just stayed still and wouldn't unlock it. "Uuuh it's locked!".

"Wow Newt, how could we live without you. You'd think bein' named after Isaac Newton, you'd have a brain in that head of yours", Minho said with his hands on his hips, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Slim it Minho, this isn't the bloody time for jokes", Newt glared at his friend, before turning to a fire extinguisher that was on the wall. "Jack, hand me that fire extinguisher".

Jack went to the wall and took the red metal container, before handing it to Newt. He then lifted it up, then slammed it down on the handle of the door. It took him three tries, before the handle fell to the floor with a clutter. Newt put down the fire extinguisher and cracked the door open. It was now dark outside, there were no lights on at all.

"I'll go out first. Everyone follow after me", Minho said while walking over and opening the door wider. He was obviously taking his new role as leader seriously.

Newt came beside me and grabbed my hand in his, in-twining our fingers for the umpteenth time. I squeezed his hand back, before turning back to Minho who had disappeared into the darkness. Thomas then stepped out and followed him, then Newt and I. It was pitch black. Newt and I stayed close together, not wanting to separate. It absolutely reeked out here! Like something rotten. I then heard a grunt.

"Watch out, there's something hangin' from the ceiling", I heard Minho said, making everyone slightly crouch in case we hit what he did. I then heard another grunt from right beside me, scaring me slightly.

"And tables. Watch out for tables", It was Newt, making me laugh slightly. He pulled me along what seemed like the hall, gripping my tightly. I then heard a small clank, almost like metal.

"I found the light switch!", Newt called, before a switch was flipped and the lights all turned back on.

I saw the Gladers looking around, before something caught my eye. Something was hanging from the ceiling. I looked up, and saw a horrific sight. Bodies. Bodies were hung from the ceiling, swaying slightly. I used my other hand to cup my mouth, holding in a shriek at the sight. They looked like they've been hanging there for a while. Purple tongues hung out their mouths, making them look even more dead and frightening.

"What the shuck is goin' on?!", Thomas said while staring up at them.

I kept staring at them, wanting to throw up from the smell and scene. Newt cupped my cheeks, pulling my face away and making me look at him and only him. He looked uneasy, scared. But tried to put on a tough look, for my sake I presume.

"Mickey, it's alright. We'll figure what all this is 'bout okay?", Newt said while looking into my eyes. I gulped before nodding.

"That's mah girl", he stated and smiled, before taking his hand out of mine and wrapping his arm around my shoulder. The Gladers started to walk again, trying to ignore the dead bodies still lifelessly hanging.

We soon made it to a door at the end of the hall, and stopped infront of it. Minho glanced at Newt, before grabbing the handle and twisting it. It was surprisingly open, and he pushed it forward. It looked like our room from before, yet smaller and only one bunk bed inside. Minho pushed it open and we all went inside. I stayed beside Newt, squeezing myself against his side with his arm still clenching my shoulder.

I then heard a toilet flush, and a sink water start to run from a sink. We all turned to the bathroom that was attached to this room, and waited for the stranger to come out. The door opened and a young boy walked out. He was about sixteen, and had black hair that swept to the side of his forehead. He wore the same clothes we wore to bed, and was shocked to see about 19 guys and 1 girl in his room.

"Who the hell are you?", he said.

"Who the shuck are you?", Minho said back at him.

"I asked you first!", the kid said while backing up.

"Well there's more of us than you, so start talkin' kid", Minho said while crossing his arms over his chest. The boy obviously saw he was out numbered and started to talk.

"I'm Aris....", he said unsurely.

"How did you get here?", Thomas asked him.

"Well some people called WICKED took us from the Maze and brought us here. I then woke up and went to the bathroom, before seeing a bunch of random strangers in my room", the kid said while shrugging.

Maze? WICKED? We?! There's more people here? Is this some kind of sick joke WICKED are pulling?

"What about you sticks? Where did you come from?", the boy said while pointing a finger at us.

"We...... came from the Maze as well", Newt said while being as confused as the rest of us.


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