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.How could I be so stupid! I lost both Newt and Thomas! Which way did they go?! I whipped around, shining my flashlight at anything that moves. My heart was pounding against my chest, scared as hell from the darkness. Okay, okay calm down Mickey. Maybe if I search, I'll run into them. Brenda said that they're going through the Underneath, so I just need to follow tunnels that should lead me back to the Scorch surface.

I started to walk down a long tunnel, and found pipes and broken wires along the way. Okay Brenda said that this is common in the Underneath, so that means I should be going to right way. I didn't dare call out for Newt or Thomas, in case I crossed a Gone Crank or gain their attention. Even though it could help me, it could kill me as well.

I walked for a while, in hope of finding my boyfriend and brother, but luck wasn't on my side. I've been walking for about 30 minutes and I was becoming truly worried now. Are they looking for me as well? Do they even know if I'm gone?

I heard something coming from behind me, so I stopped in my tracks. It sounded like a light bulb breaking. I turned around and shone my flashlight in that direction. I gulped for the 100th time, and hoped it was rat.

Again, another light bulb broke and glass shattered to the floor. I started to sweat out of fear, and knew that it wasn't a rat.

"Rose took my nose I suppose.....", a scratchy voice called out. "And it really blows".

I froze and watched as a figure stepped out of the shadows, allowing me to see a horrible, injured looking Crank. Way past the Gone he was, and his nose was ripped off his face. I could even see traces of his nasal passages in the terribly mangled skin. His lips were curved up into a snarl, while his eyes didn't leave me at all.

"Get it? It really blows. My nose. Taken by Rose. I suppose", he said while pointing his hand up at his non-existing nose."Funny right?".

"U-Uh.... yeah... f-funny", I squeaked out while shaking tremendously.

Now I really wished I followed Newt and Thomas.

"You have a very pretty nose.... I like your nose....", he said with a low, frightening tone. "And so do my friends".

Suddenly, about three other Cranks stepped out from the shadows, making the blood completely leave my face. The three others were past the Gone as well, and had no noses. One was a woman, the other two were men. I stepped back, with my hand holding the flashlight shaking out of extreme fear.

"Would you mind, little lady.... if we had your nose?", he asked while stepping forward, while his friends smirked.

I then turned on my heel, and ran down the tunnel. I heard the Cranks start to follow, and I had to turn off my flashlight so they couldn't see me. I ran as fast as I could, and turned down multiple tunnels. I was frightened to death, and dehydrated. I panted and started to sweat from the hot atmosphere of this closed in area. I heard lunatic laughs coming from behind me, making me run even faster. But my legs were aching and my lungs were burning. I don't know how long I'll be able to keep this up.

I turned a corner, and collided with another body. I stumbled back, terrified to think it was another Gone Crank. The other person was surprised and stumbled also. Just as I was about to make a break down the tunnel to my right, I was stopped from a familiar voice.


Newt was standing there, fear and worry clouding his eyes. I felt so relieved to see him again, and wrapped my arms around his waist, burying my face into his t-shirt. He was surprised, before he hugged me back and held me close to him. I was so happy to see him, alive and in front of me.

"Where the bloody hell did you go?!", he asked. I then remembered that we were being chased by Gone Cranks, and quickly pulled away from the hug. I put a finger to my lips, motioning him to be quiet. He seemed confused, but stayed quiet none the less.

We stood next to the wall, hoping to be hidden by the darkness while Newt turned his flashlight off. The four Cranks came to the intersection of the four tunnels, and looked around for any sign of me. Newt understood now why he needed to be quiet, and slithered his arms around my shoulders and pressed the side of my face to his chest. I watched as the Cranks growled and headed down the tunnel ahead of them, disappearing from my eye sight. We waited until we were completely sure they were gone, and sighed in relief.

"Where is Thomas and Brenda?", I asked and Newt looked down at me.

"I lost them about 10 minutes ago. I must of gone down the wrong bloody tunnel, so I went searchin' for either you or them. Then I bumped into you. Where the shuck did you go? You scared me to death when we saw you weren't behind us", Newt said with concern sweeping into his brown eyes.

"I lost you guys as well. I tried looking for you, until I ran into those four Gone Cranks. They chased me through here and then I bumped into you as well", I explained.

"Well, we should probably search for Tommy and Brenda", Newt said while looking behind him and behind me in case of those Gone Cranks came back. This time, he not only grabbed my hand, he twisted his arm around mine. So that each of our hands were on the other side of us, facing the other. This way, we couldn't be pulled apart.

"No lettin' go, you hear me?", Newt asked while slightly glaring at me. I guess I have scared the crap out of him too many times.

"Okay, I won't let go".

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