We were told to go get some rest, so we followed a woman who suddenly appeared and was the one who talked to Thomas on the bus. She lead us to a room that was full of bunk beds. We tried to ask the woman questions about why we're here, but she told us it wasn't her job to tell us. So she left us without another word and a shut of the door. We looked at each other questionably, but shrugged and decided to look over the room. A bathroom was attached to room, but it was so glorious to see a working shower and sink with clean water. On each of the beds, was a pile of clothes for each of us.

"They sure are prepared", one of the Gladers mumbled while walking over to a bed.

I walked over to one that had a set of girl clothes on it, and assumed it was for me. It wasn't anything special. Just of course a bra and underwear, with a plain blue t-shirt. Along with cargo pants and socks. They looked clean, and warm. Along side that pile was another pile with a light blue shirt with matching shorts. They were cotton, so I'm guessing they were for sleeping and the other clothes were for tomorrow.

"Who's showerin' first?", Minho asked while sitting down on the lower bed of a bunkbed.

"Mickey should go first. I'll guard the door. Don't want anyone bloody peakin' in on you", Newt said while glaring at specific Gladers.

"Your not the exact saint Newty", Minho mumbled. Newt glared at him and Minho laughed shamelessly.

I rolled my eyes and grabbed the pyjamas, before heading into the bathroom and shutting the door. I sighed and stripped myself of my dirty clothes, before turning and was shocked to see something staring back at me. A mirror, was hanging on the wall, showing a dark brown haired girl with a dirty face and dried blood stuck to the side of my face. I almost forgot about that wound, but now I was reminded of it. I sighed and stepped into the shower, and turned it on. It felt so good to have warm, clean water instead of the cold water back in the Glade.

After my shower of scrubbing myself clean and washing my greasy hair, I was in a towel and stepping out the shower. My left ear was still soundless and it irritated me a little. I washed off all the dried blood that was on my face, and now a 3cm cut was left on my temple. I dressed in the pyjamas and dried off my hair, before brushing it and tying it up. I threw out my other clothes, before stepping out the bathroom.

"You finally done?", Newt joked while leaning against the wall with a smirk.

"Shut up", I said back while walking to the bunkbed that had my girl clothes on it. I heard Newt chuckle before he disappeared into the bathroom.

I sighed and sat down on the bed, putting my face in my hands. This was just all too much for me. We're supposed to save the human race from a disease that I didn't even know about until a few hours ago. We'd lost one of our best friends to a controlled-Gally and had just come back from a vicious battle between beasts.

"Over-whelming?", a voice knocked me out of my thoughts. I looked up and saw Thomas sit down beside me.

"Just a little....", I said while looking down at the floor. "Sorry for doubting you...".

"Huh? Doubting me?", he repeated confused.

"Yeah..... about everything. You lead us out the Maze Thomas. After a years, we are finally out of there", I said while turning to him.

"Oh.... I guess I did huh?", he said stupidly. I couldn't help but laugh at him. He was still as clueless and childish as before.

"Is that really all you can say?", I asked him.

"Pretty much....", he answered while rubbing the back of his neck. I noticed that his face turned red from embarrassment.

"Well thank you for leading us out. I'm sure everyone here can agree with me when I say that we're grateful for helping out of the Glade", I said as I stood up from the bed.

"Oh... uh.... your welcome?", he answered unsurely. I laughed again, until I saw Newt step out from the bathroom. He was in the blue pyjamas except he hair pants instead of shorts.

I walked over to him, and he greeted me with a smile. I smiled back and we took each other's hand, before walking over to Newt's chosen bed. He pulled me to sit down beside him, while he pulled my head closer and looked at my cut on my temple.

"Does it still hurt?", he asked concerned.

"Will you stop worrying about me for a second?", I asked while pulling my head away and lightly glaring at him. He blinked from shock, before putting his hands down on his lap.

"Sorry, guess it's just a habit", he said while smiling a little. I sighed and took both his hands in mine.

"Don't apologize. Just..... worry about yourself for once. You deserve to be happy too Newt", I said while looking into his eyes.

"I do worry for myself... just... not that often", he confessed while avoiding eye contact with me. Newt knows that I can see right through him when I look at his eyes.

"Is that as good as it's going to get?", I joked and he smiled.

"Pretty much", he answered back.

"Fine.... I'm gonna go to bed now...", I said while standing up. Newt stopped me by grabbing my arm, making me turn back around and stare at him questionably.

"Can you..... sleep with me tonight?", he asked with a pleading look. I softened and nodded. He smiled and stood up from his bed, already towering over me with his height, before he pulled back the covers to his bed. Newt laid down, shuffling over so I could fit with him. I laid down next to him, facing my back to him. Newt's left arm wrapped around my waist while his right one went over my hip and gripped my hand that was laying out in front of me. We in-twined our fingers and pulled the covers back up and over the two of us.

"Much better....", Newt said, his breath tickling my neck. I nodded and smiled.

"Yeah.... much better", I repeated, before I fell asleep with my eyes closing instantly.

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