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After a long explanation, I found out that Brenda and Thomas were just attacked by a Crank as well. But they said that they were able to kill it and get away. I was amazed that the two were actually able to get rid of both me and Newt. I wasn't sure if they were trying to do it on purpose or not, but forced myself to believe that they wouldn't do something like that. Well, Thomas wouldn't anyway.

"Are you okay?", Thomas asked while looking at me concerned. I nodded.

"I'm fine too Tommy, thanks for asking you shank", Newt said while crossing his arms over his chest with a small glare. Thomas realised that he missed out his best friend, and apologized with a nervous rub at the back of the neck. Brenda looked between the two, before looking down the end of the tunnel for any Cranks.

I'm sorry, but I no longer trust this girl. If she was able to loose both Newt and I, and not even say sorry, then I don't want to waste my trust on her. She seemed dodgy from the start and she wasn't doing herself any favours right now. I could tell Newt felt the same way, since he kept on glaring at her and not even sparing her any words. It seems that Thomas is the only one who kind of trusts her now.

"We're near a ladder that can lead us back up to the Scorch surface. It's probably night by now, so we'll have to be careful", Brenda said while only glancing back at Thomas.

"We should of been careful from the very start.....", I mumbled under my breath.

Luckily, Brenda didn't hear it. Or she chose not to acknowledge it. Either way, I don't really care. Brenda started to walk down the tunnel, while Thomas followed. I reluctantly followed, not before grabbing Newt's hand and dragging him along with me. I know how stubborn he's being right now, so I'm gonna have to be stubborn as well.

We soon reached a steel ladder attached to a tunnel that lead up to what looked like a metal sewer lid at the top. Back up to the desert I guess. Brenda went first, then Thomas. Newt ushered me up next, which I did and Brenda pushed off the top of the tunnel. The bright Sun immediately shone through the hole, making me squint at it's harsh rays. So I guess it's not night like Brenda predicted. When Thomas got to the ground, he held out his hand for me which I gratefully took, before he helped Newt out.

"Does look very dark to me...", Newt said while looking around while squinting.

"Okay, so I got one thing wrong", Brenda said with a roll of the eyes. "Big deal. We need to start looking for Jorge and your friends".

One thing wrong? One thing? One freaking thing?!

I had to use all my will power not to burst into insults and facts at Brenda. And I could feel Newt tense with anger as well. I sighed and tried to calm myself. I brushed my hand against Newt's hand, as a signal of not going berserk on Brenda, like I know he would. He glanced down at me, softening a little, before sighing.

"You are so bloody lucky I love you so much", Newt said before grabbing my hand and following after Thomas and Brenda. I couldn't help but smile at what Newt said and walked after them, Newt leading me.

After a few hours of walking and searching, the sky finally turned dark. Brenda said it can get very Crank-infested around here at night. We didn't want another encounter with Gone Cranks, so we had to look for a safe place to sleep for the night. We came across an alley, that had a car parked at the end of it. It looked abandoned and rusty. But it looked like it had comfortable enough seats. We headed down the alley, and opened up the doors.

"It looks secure enough. We'll stay here, just for the night", Brenda said while sitting down in the passenger seat. Thomas took the driver's seat, and Newt and I took the back seat. The seats were comfortable, just enough to get a good sleep.

Brenda and Thomas started to chat about Brenda's past, how she met Jorge and things, while I zoned out. I was afraid. Very afraid. It sunk in deep of the fact of doing these trials. Will we ever actually find Minho and the others? Are they even alive? It really frightens me to think about loosing the only thing we have worked hard to gain, each other. I know that Newt must be feeling terrible right now, seeing at the fact that he the Gladers way before Thomas and I did. I also know that we probably don't even feel half as bad as he does.....

"Newt...", I called. He turned his head and raised an eyebrow.


"You should sleep...", I said while grabbing his shoulders, and gently pulling him down so he laid his head on my lap. It was the same as the bus ride to the Scorch, except I was the one being taken care of. I was worried for Newt, so I wanted make him feel cared for as well.

Newt looked up at me with small amazement, before he blinked it away and wore a small smile instead. He reached up his hand and cupped my cheek, stroking his thumb against my dirty skin.

"Even through all this, your still worryin' for me as much as you were back in the Glade?", Newt asked while referring to the time when he got hit in the head with the piece of wood thrown by Gally.

"Well what do you except? Your usually lost without me", I said jokingly with a smile.

Truth is, I'm lost with out him.....

"We'll be alright....", Newt said, while resting his hand against my cheek, leaving it there. "I'll bloody make sure of it".

And with that, he feel asleep with his hand falling back down till it lay on his stomach. He was out cold. I slowly felt eyelids closing also. I let my head fall back against the head rest, and fell asleep despite the uncomfortable position.

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