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The next morning, we skipped breakfast since their wasn't enough food left, and headed back to walking. We couldn't see Group B, but we figured that they were ahead. No sign of any buildings of Safe Haven, and I was beginning to think that there was no Safe Haven. No cure, just more Cranks and Flare infections. But I had to be optimistic here. Everyone had to. That's all we had now, hope.

"Are you hungry Nina?", Newt asked. I turned to him confused.

"You.... just called me Nina?", I asked/said confused. He looked at me strangely, before speaking again.

"No I didn't", he replied still confused. Minho looked back at us confused.

"No he didn't Mickey. Newt called you Mick", Minho stated before turning to look straight again.

I looked back at Newt, and saw him still looking at me confused. Did I hear him wrong? Did my good ear not pick up the sound of my name? But.... why did I hear Nina?

"Oh.. sorry... no I'm not hungry", I shook my head from side to side, before looking down at the ground.

"You okay?", I heard Newt ask. I breathed a deep sigh, before shaking my head again.

"No..... I'm not....", I whispered truthfully. "I'm worried as hell. Thomas could be dead for all we know, there's no sign of Safe Haven, and I'm freaking hearing things like a Gone Crank!".

Newt stopped me again, before he turned me to face him and cupped my cheeks with his hands. His brown, soft eyes looked into mine and he looked worried and concerned. I had no choice but to look straight at him.

"Mick, Tommy isn't dead. And if he bloody is, I'll bring him back to life for you. If Safe Haven isn't there, then what does it matter? WICKED have lied to us anyway, it wouldn't be a surprise if they've done it again. I'd rather stay here with the other Cranks, then be one on the side of the people who created the bloody Flare. And your not a Crank Mick, your not crazy. Your just over-thinkin' things. Never will you be crazy Mickey, not to me", Newt's eyes hadn't left mine, and it made my stomach churn at his words.

"I promised that we'll save Tommy right? Then that's what I'm gonna bloody do", Newt finished and slowly leaned down, gently placing his lips on mine. It was a soft kiss, and still made my legs weaken.

"I love you, so bloody much that it hurts.... stay strong for just a little longer okay?", Newt said while leaning his forehead against mine.

"Okay.... I'll try", I said. Newt smiled.

"That's mah girl", he said. "Come on".

Newt grabbed my hand again and started to follow the others. But they had already stopped, and girls had started to entwine with the boys. Group B were here, just standing there, staring at something in front of them. Newt and I looked at each other, before pushing our way to the front, where Minho was standing with another dark skinned girl.

"What is it Minho?", I asked as he stared down at something on the ground. I followed his gaze, and saw a stick was stuck into the ground, with a piece of flapping material was placed. Black, bold letters were printed on it.

"You've gotta be kiddin' me", the dark skinned girl muttered.

Safe Haven.

That was written on the material. Flapping furiously in a small gust of wind, with nothing behind it. Nothing but the same dry desert.

"Thomas, your here".

I turned and saw Thomas standing beside Minho, staring down at the flag. He looked fine, but that wasn't my intention right now. I stared down at the pointless flag, in shock and disappointment. This it..... this is the thing we've been searching for?

Before anyone could say anything, a rumbling sound begun to occur. Everyone turned their heads, and saw the ground was shaking, and slowly collapsing. A hole began to form in the ground, and some type of metal pods shot out from it. They looked.... familiar. Then it hit me.Griever pods. Several pods appeared from the hole and surrounded us, all hovering off the ground. We all stuck close together, making a circle and looking at the pods.

"Grievers?! Here?!", Frypan asked in disbelief.

"They couldn't possibly survive in this heat right?!", I heard Teresa say.

So she's still here huh? Shame...... I mean! Wait!.... No still a shame.

The pods had lids that suddenly appeared, and opened. Nothing happened for a minute. Then, the pod in front of me had noise coming from it. An arm suddenly appeared, and a hand gripped the edge of the pod's door. The hand wasn't Human, that's for sure. It had giant bulbs on it, and the skin of the hand was melted and hideous to look at. It pulled itself out from the pod, and a ghastly creature was in the pod.

All covered in bulbs, with melting skin. No hair, no mouth or eyes were seen. It was taller than an average Human, and nearly made me throw up from the sight of it. Others started to pull themselves out from the pods, and step on to the ground while stretching out their limbs.

"Oh..... shuck", Thomas said while staring at the creatures that had appeared.

Once they were out of their pods, swords started to appear out from their arms, legs and shoulders. They pulled them out from their skin, and grasped them in their hands, ready to fight.

I gulped and watched at the creatures started to walk towards us, slowly moving theirs swords.

This was another variable... another Griever to defeat.

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