Minho groaned and brought his leg up to his chest, wincing as one of his wounds started to bleed. I was shocked that Jorge suddenly changed emotions like that. Newt's hand was now clenching mine with worried strength. I looked over and saw Thomas was watching with  wide eyes, also surprised from the actions Jorge just displayed. I turned my head and saw the boy who's name was Kevin, was standing there in shock and now had completely forgotten he was holding a sharp piece of threatening metal.

"Apologize Spike head", Jorge said while standing over Minho's in pain figure. Minho didn't reply, just gripped his leg in pain.

Jorge waited, before he brought his leg back and kicked him again. Minho yelped and gripped another part of his leg that started to bleed. I felt anger build up in me, and I was ready to jump over there and beat the crap out of this guy.

"I'm... sorry....", Minho said while clenching his teeth in an angered tone. Jorge 'tsk'ed, before bringing his leg back and was ready to kick him again, when I couldn't take it anymore.

"DON'T!", I yelled out and both Minho and Jorge turned there heads towards me.  I glared at Jorge, and he raised his eyebrows at me.

"Why should I hermana? You want to take his place?", he asked. Minho looked at me with wide eyes, before frantically shaking his head.

"He already apologised. I may be deaf in one ear, but I can tell that he did in fact say he was sorry", I said while stepping a little forward. I could feel Newt's heated gaze on my back, along with Thomas's worried one. Jorge sniggered, before grinning again.

"You are right girly, but no feelin' was put into it. And I always care about feeling", he said.

"I'm sorry...", Minho repeated. This time, he didn't sound angry. He did sound kind of sincere, but I could tell there was so much strain in that apology. So much hate was in it.

"That's better", Jorge said before starting to walk away from Minho.

I was relieved for a minute, until Minho had to go and ruin it. He jumped up from his position on the floor, his face literally bursting with anger, and charged at Jorge. No one could react quick enough, not even Jorge himself. Minho knocked him over and sat on top of him, and started to punch Jorge in the face. I was unsure if I should do something, but what could I do? I'm not strong enough to pull Minho off him. And I didn't practically like Jorge, so what was the point?

I saw the Kevin boy stand there, frozen. I bet he was as shocked as everyone else here. Poor kid.

Finally, Thomas rushed in and tackled Minho off Jorge. They hit the floor and Minho hissed at the pain that shot up from his wounds. Jorge stood up and wiped away the blood that had formed at the corner of his lips.

Suddenly, multiple ropes fell from the hole in the ceiling, and Cranks started to jump down. Newt grabbed my hand and pulled me away from the hole, and took another protective stance in front of me. I saw that the Cranks all had weapons. Sharp pieces of wood, metal, glass, anything. I even saw a little girl, no older than 12, holding a shovel with a sharpened blade. All ages were included in the group. There were about 50 of them. We were now heavily out-numbered. I watched as Kevin disappeared into the group of people and Jorge stand in front of the huge group.

"Oh shuck....", Frypan muttered while standing up and moving behind Newt and I. Minho and Thomas got up, and stood on both sides of Newt.

"Well hermano, bet you regret your decision now huh?", Jorge asked with a smirk. Minho glared viciously at him, while a small growl erupted from his chest.

"I think it's time we taught you people a few lessons", a girl said while stepping out from the crowd and taking a spot beside Jorge.

The girl looked around our age, and had long black hair. She was average height, but had a dirty, cut face.

"Wait Wait!", Thomas said while holding up his hands. "Let us explain!".

"Sorry hermano, you had your chance. Then Spike head decided to jump in", Jorge said while shrugging. I grabbed hold of the back of Newt's shirt and stuck close to him. He glanced back at me and grabbed my hand in his. Newt gave it a reassuring squeeze, before turning his head back to the Cranks in front of us.

"J-Just let me explain. 10 minutes is all I need. Just you and me", Thomas said while pointing at Jorge. Jorge seemed to stop, and think for a minute.

Unexpectedly, he looked at Newt and I. His eyes switching between me and him. What is he doing? Why is he looking at us? Jorge then diverted his eyes down to our locked hands. and his face actually.... softened. He looked back up at me, before turning back to Thomas.

"Fine, 10 minutes. Brenda, if I give the word, let the blood wars begin", Jorge said while turning to the pretty girl beside him. She glanced up at him, before hesitantly nodding. Jorge then turned back to us and gestured his head towards a hallway leading to a door. "Follow me hermano".

Thomas and Jorge disappeared down the hall and through the door. We were left with a bunch of Cranks, holding sharp, harmful weapons. But I was only wondering why Jorge suddenly looked and Newt and I. And the fact that he looked at our hands. Did he remember something and just happened to look at us? Cause I do that a lot and I get embarrassed when I find out I'm actually staring at someone.

"Did you notice that?", I whispered to Newt in front of me. He turned his head around and looked at me through the corner of his eye.

"The little lookin' between us two thing? Yes, I bloody noticed it", Newt said while switching his eyes between me and the Cranks in front of us.

"What are you two yappin' about?!", called out the girl named Brenda. Both Newt and I turned our heads back and looked at the girl glaring at us.

"Nothin'...", Newt said while glaring at her.

"You two together or something?", called another Crank woman at the front. I blinked and watched as the Cranks looked at us with interest.

"So what if we are?", Newt asked while stepping back and pushing me backwards, still gripping my hand in his.

"Just sayin' that Jorge has a soft spot for couples", Brenda said while shrugging her shoulders and keeping her sharp knife raised.

Is that why Jorge was staring at us before?

"That explains why he doesn't notice you guys much....", Minho mumbled to himself while crossing his arms. Brenda's head snapped towards him and she walked over until she stood in front of him. She then raised the knife up to his neck and held the tip at his skin.

"You wanna say that again Spike head?", she asked with deep glare. Minho's Adams apple went up and then down, and sweat formed on his forehead. He didn't answer, making Brenda step away from him.

"That's what I thought", she said while moving back to the front of her Crank group.

I have a feeling that I won't like her....

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