After explaining everything to Aris, we found out that what happened to him, was extremely similar to what happened to us. He was with a group of girls, which I assumed were Group B. Aris was the only boy and everything started to changing when him and his other friend arrived. He said he had a friend called Rachel who was stabbed by another girl called Beth, who was being controlled by WICKED. Just like Gally. But if this Rachel died, then wouldn't that mean that Thomas should of been stabbed instead of..... Chuck?

"It's the same buggin' experiment", Minho complained. "This is all a set up. The Maze was like a freakin' experiment, and we were the mice".

"So your basically the Mickey of your group?", Frypan asked while crossing his arms over his chest. Aris glanced at me, before nodding.

"I.... guess", he said unsurely. I looked over at Thomas who hadn't spoken much since we met Aris. I'm guessing he was thinking about Chuck and how he should of been killed instead.

"Man this is so confusing. I thought we were actually free from the Maze forever, but looks like more sticks want to kill us", Aris said as he sat down on his bed with his head in his hands.

"Sticks?", Clint repeated. Minho laughed slightly.

"Seems like both groups had our own vocabularies", Minho said while cracking a smile.

"Wait..... if Aris is here with us, then shouldn't I with Group B?", I asked while pointing a shaky finger to myself. Everyone stopped and looked at me, realization hit them like a slap in the face.

"Don't worry, we won't let them separate you from us okay? They'll have to get through us if they bloody want you", Newt said while leaning down and cupping my cheek. I gulped and nodded, still not liking the idea of another group of girls.

"Hey wait..... what happened to the Cranks who were screamin'?", Frypan said while looking around confused. Everyone was silent, listening for any sound of the lunatic screams.

"I'm gonna see if they're still havin' a kill crave", Minho said while walking over to the door and stepping out into the hall again, before stopping. Minho was now looking up at the ceiling, while gapping.

"Holy.....", he trailed off while still staring. I blinked and went from Newt's side, over to Minho's and following his line of vision. I choked on a breath and stared up at the ceiling in shock.

The bodies were all gone! No trace of them left. I looked in every direction, trying to find at least rope left hanging. But no, nothing was left.

"What the shuck?! We were only in there for what 10 minutes?!", Newt said in disbelief.

Minho looked down the hall, then ran over to the bedroom that we were in previously and stopped in the door way. Newt and I followed after him, before stopping and becoming shocked again. A solid, brick wall was built infront of the window.

What the hell is going on?! Am I hallucinating? Am I already going crazy?! Is the Flare rooting into my brain and tearing it apart?!

"Mickey?! Mickey! Snap out of it!".

I was brought out of my panic attack and saw Newt holding my arms and staring at me concerned. I relaxed and blinked away my shocked expression.

"O-Oh sorry.... I'm fine...", I said while blinking again.

"You don't look bloody fine", Newt said while looking even more concerned.

"I....... Newt..... am I going.. crazy?", I asked while looking up at him.

He didn't answer. But he did wrap his arms around my shoulders and hug me to his chest. I loosely hugged his waist, while leaning my deaf ear against his chest. Even though I couldn't hear his heart beat, I could feel the thuds vibrate on my cheek.

"No your not. We'll figure this out, I swear on it", Newt said before kissing the top of my head. I barely nodded and hugged him tighter.

"You should rest Mick. I think we just need to take a buggin' break for a minute", Minho said while rubbing my back, in hope of comforting me.

"That's right. Come on now", Newt said while pulling away and crouching down to look at my face. "You don't need to worry so much. We will protect you. I will protect".

"Hey I will too!", Minho said while pushing Newt aside.

"Not as much as I can Slinthead, she's my girlfriend", Newt said while pushing him back. They then began to push each other, in a friendly fight. I couldn't help but stretch a small smile across my face. Thomas then came over and lead me away from the fighting boys, and over to Newt's bed from earlier.

"Take a nap, and we'll figure it out from here okay Mick?", Thomas said while pulling back the covers for me. I nodded and thanked him, before getting into Newt's bed and relaxing almost immediately. The sheets already smelt like him, making me already feel a bit better. Thomas sat on the edge of the bed, before he reached out and stroked the top of my head. I knew it was more of friendly gesture, so I didn't take it as anything more or less.

And with that, I fell asleep.

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