We continued to walk that day, and needless to say I was tired as hell. I still stuck to Newt's side like glue, not really saying much through our walk. I had finally gotten used to the burning pain in my arm, and it relieved me to have one less thing to mourn over. I occasionally talked to Thomas and frequent chats with Minho. He was being real nice at the moment though. I think it was because of my injured arm incident. Minho was right there when it happened, and I guess he saw the tragedy unfold. But I had to admit, I like him a little better when he's being sarcastic and funny. It just brings a more happier feeling to things. Especially in this situation.

So we walked along the desert, nothing really interesting. It was just the same hot, dry land and climate. It was really difficult to entertain yourself with sights. As Newt said earlier, a patch of grass would be heavenly.

"Wait.... there's someone comin' over", Thomas said while stopping the group. True enough, two people were running towards us, from a far away small city that was in the distance.

"Alright everyone, keep together", Minho instructed while moving back. The group crowded together, and it seemed like I was right in the middle. On every side of me, one of the Gladers was standing there, blocking a lot of my sight. I huffed in annoyance and waited for the two people to reach us.

It was a man and a woman. They looked middle-aged, and had full face masks over their heads. Slits were cut out for their eyes, noses and mouths. Their arms and hands that I could see had sores and sickly looking scabs on them. I'm guessing that they were Cranks, but why were they just running through the dessert like this?

"Who are you guys?", Minho bravely asked. The woman stopped and stared at us in confusion.

"Where did you come from?", she asked. I saw Minho's shoulders tense.

"I asked you first", Minho retorted. The man and woman looked at each other, before looking back at us.

"You don't need to know. Where did you kids come from?", the man asked again.

"We don't even know. We were just told to go through a door and we ended up here in the Scorch. That enough for ya'?", Minho asked, his sassiness returning.

"Where abouts?", the woman asked.

"About 10 miles back from where we came from", Minho answered while crossing his arms over his chest.

Before anyone could reply, the man and woman dashed away from us, going back the way we came. The Gladers and Aris were confused, and soon dispersed from our little tight-packed group.

"Come on, let's keep walkin' to that city", Thomas muttered before holding up the sheet with Minho, and walking ahead. Everyone soon started to walk again, and Newt and I stayed silent just like before.

After a few more hours of walking aimlessly, the Sun started to go down, meaning that night was closer. Soon enough, the Sun had gone down and the Moon was up in the sky. Everyone removed their bed sheets and just walked in a much more cooling temperature. Newt then grabbed my hand like he always does, and in-twined our finger together. I smiled to myself, and squeezed his hand as an appreciation for putting up with my silent self.

"Feelin' okay?", Newt asked me. It was nice to hear his voice once again.

"Yeah.... much better", I replied while turning and smiling at him. A wave of relief seemed to wash over him and he smiled back.

"I'm glad you are", He said back and looked down at the ground with the smile still on his face.

We soon reached the small city, and looked around once we entered. It had a spooky aura to it, and it gave me the creeps. The buildings here were old and had giant holes in them. Windows were smashed and the buildings looked slightly slanted. I'm not sure I was comfortable with walking around here at night. Especially with  all the Cranks running around.

"Well, what are we gonna do here?", Frypan asked while re-wrapping Winston's bed sheet on his head. Winston still looked miserable, but at least he wasn't whimpering and crying in pain like before.

"We'll look around for any food or water. Then we'll keep walking North", Thomas said. No one had any better plans, until a sudden scream erupted into the air.

It was a high-pitched scream, definitely a girl. It was an on going scream that made more shivers run down my spine. It didn't sound to far from where we were, but it echoed and travelled far around this place.

"Who the shuck is that?!", Clint yelled over the screams.

"Dunno!", Minho replied while cringing at the sound.

We decided that it would be best to grab whatever we can find, and keep heading to Safe Haven. The girl's screams wouldn't stop for anything. And the more we walked, the louder they got. We didn't find any food or water, which is a pretty big problem for us. Our water supply is already running low, and it's only been the first day of two weeks.

Suddenly, the screams stopped. They were just cut off, as if someone had slammed a door shut in her face. Thomas told everyone to stop walking, and he looked ahead. In between two buildings, was a girl standing. She had her hair down her face, and looked very terrifying. I felt Newt squeeze my hand, and I shuffled closer to him in slight fear.

"Do you think she was the one screamin' her head off?", Frypan whispered. Minho turned and gave him an 'are you serious?' look. He sighed, before turning back around and looking at the girl.

"She was probably torturin' a girl, making her scream her head off. Eatin' away at her flesh, already becomin' a crazy Crank.....", Minho's words made me shiver right to the bone. That was before he clapped his hands together and tuned around to us. "So who wants to meet this lovely young lady?".

The sarcasticness is back. I could feel Newt's shoulders relax and his breathing was less rigid than before. So I guess Minho scared everyone and not just me huh?

The girl then turned around, and walked into the building behind her, disappearing from our view. Thomas looked at Minho and started to speak.

"I'll do it", Thomas volunteered. What? He's serious? Minho's face dropped.

"I was jokin' slinthead", Minho said.

"Well I'm not. Maybe this girl's part of WICKED or somethin'. Maybe she's got somethin' to do with the trials", Thomas said as a matter of fact. He does have a point, but this situation looks real risky. She could be exactly what Minho said, a bloody thirst Crank who was eating someone else.

Okay, now I'm making myself feel worse. I should stop.

"I'll be fine, I'll be right back okay? If don't come back out in 10 minutes, come and find me", Thomas said. Minho glanced at Newt, who nodded his head.

"Alright, but 10 minutes only. 10 minutes and 1 second, we'll be chargin' in with full force", Minho said and Thomas nodded. He glanced at me, cracking a smile, before following after the girl.

We waited outside for Thomas, and I held Newt's hand in both of mine. I kept looking around us, feeling that I have thousands of eyes on us. It scared me so I was pretty nervous. Newt turned his head to me and looked at me concerned.

"You okay?", he asked. I nodded.

"Just uncomfortable with this atmosphere. It doesn't feel right Newt.....", I said.

"I know. But just remember that we're here. Minho can beat the hell out of  anyone who came near us. If we can survive through bloody Grievers, we can survive through this okay?", Newt reassured me and I nodded. He then reached up and cupped my cheek with his palm, and making me look up into his eyes.

"Don't worry, your safe as long as your with me".

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