Waiting for us? What the hell? How do they know who we are? We stared at the grey haired man, stunned by what he said. Newt was now even more cautious, keeping hold of my arm and sticking close to my back. Thomas and I glanced at each other, before the three Cranks from before ushered us into the club.

Booming music, lots of people, disgusting smell of alcohol. It was all familiar, yet I couldn't remember how. Cranks were on the dance floor, literally rubbing bodies with each other. My head was pounding from the unnecessary loud music. Different coloured lights flashed everywhere, mostly in the beat with the music.

"What the hell are we supposed to do now?", Brenda hissed at Thomas. He really didn't think this one through. We couldn't possibly stay here. But we can't just leave through the front door.

"Just play along", Newt butted in, looking around with a suspicious expression.

I saw that the three Cranks weren't behind us anymore, but standing at the wall, not looking away from us. The gun that blondie held was still in his hand, but he kept it away from sight. It still frightened me though, so I looked away and focused on what's at hand.

"I want you to stay in font of me", Newt said in my ear. "I'm goin' to stay behind you, holdin' your arm. No walkin' away through this bloody place alright?".

I looked back at him, and saw how serious he was right now. I nodded, and turned back to the large crowd. A man, who seemed to be quite Gone already, walked up to us while holding four drinks. He grinned and held them out to us.

"Have some drinks kids, some good stuff", he said in crackled voice. I shrunk back towards Newt, not wanting to drink the suspicious brown liquid inside the cups. The stench coming from it was awful, making me loose any sense of drinking it. What I really need is some plain water. My throat was still burning, I was already dehydrated.

"Umm no thanks. Can we just get some water?", Thomas asked hopefully.

"Nah this is much better. Drink up", the man said while pushing the cups closer to us.

"No really, we just want-".

I then felt cold hard metal press itself against the back of my head. I froze, knowing exactly what it was and gulped. The gun was right in the back of my head. My eyes went wide, and I shivered all over. Any movement could make my brains get blown out. Newt's hand tightened around my arm, and I could tell he was glaring at the Crank holding the gun.

"Tommy.....", Newt called. Thomas turned and gasped at the sight of the gun in the back of my head.

"Go on, just one cup", the man continued with an even creepier voice.

Thomas hesitated, before he grabbed the cup and gulped it down. Brenda did the same, before Thomas started to cough from the unappetising liquid. The man then turned to Newt and I, holding the other two cups.

"You two as well", he said.

Newt immediately snatched it away and gulped it down without hesitation. I shook as I grabbed the cup, and slowly drank it. My throat started to burn even more, making me burst into a fit of coughs. Luckily, the gun was removed from my head and I could actually breathe again. Newt chocked at the liquid but maintained himself enough not to cough like Thomas and I were doing.

"There, not so hard. Now you can go party", the man then walked off happily, with a sway in his step.

The room around me started to spin, and my head was pounding even more. Man there was definitely something in that drink. I fell back against Newt and he gripped both of my arms. He turned me around and then put both his hands on the sides of my face. He was trying to talk to me, but his words were blurring.

"Hey Mickey! Snap out of it!", he said. I grumbled and felt my feet fall from under me. Newt's arms flew around me and caught me before I hit the floor.

"Mickey!", he called and shook me in his arms.

Then, I fell into darkness.


I woke up with a small jolt, making me hurt my stiff neck. Uhh where the hell am I? I went to rub my face, when I could move my wrists or arms. I looked down and saw that my hands had been tied to a wooden chair. Same with my feet, and I started to panic. Duct tape was stuck to my mouth, preventing me from screaming. I didn't recognise this room, and I started to breathe heavily. Where am I?!

The room I was in was like the building where we met Jorge and Brenda, stone plain walls and the Sun outside was shining in from a glass-less window.

I looked to my left and right, and saw that Newt, Thomas and Brenda were beside me. In the same state I was in, except Thomas didn't have any duct tape on his mouth. Brenda had just woken up, and started to mumble while struggling in her seat. Newt started to groan, and look around confused. He pulled at his restrains and looked at me with a panicked look.

The door to the left of us opened and the three Cranks from before walked in. Thomas hadn't woken up yet, but the Cranks came in smirked at us.

"Seems you guys finally woke up", the woman said while twirling her screwdriver around her fingers.

Newt glared at them, and his fists tightened. Veins could be seen around his neck, making me think differently of the sweet caring Newt I know. Thomas finally woke up, and looked around confused and in panic.

"Ah Thomas finally woke up too. We wanted to ask you some questions...", the older man said while crouching down in front of him. Thomas looked to his sides and saw that we were in the same situation.

"I don't know anything...", Thomas said.

The woman Crank walked over to Newt, and jabbed the screwdriver into the side of his neck. Newt glared viciously at her, but she kept the deadly tool right at his vein. Thomas seemed to notice and gulp.

"Why is your name all over the city? Where did you come from?", the man asked.

"I-I came from WICKED. My friends and I came through a Flat Trans. And now we have to cross the Scorch to complete a trial...... that's all I know...", Thomas said with his chest heaving.

"What makes you so important huh? You and your sister just appear in the Scorch, march through like you own the place, and then say this is a trial and that you came through a Flat Trans?! Those things are only used by billionaires!", the man said while blondie walked over to Brenda, and pressed the rusty gun against her head.

"Now I'll ask you again.....", the man stood up and twirled his knife through his fingers. "Where did you come from?".

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