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Everyone woke up early the next morning, and took turns in the shower. Who knows when we'll able to shower properly again? We ate a small breakfast and then wrapped up some food in our bed sheets. Some water bottles were passed out, but we didn't have enough for everyone, so we had to share. I shared with Newt of course, while Thomas shared with Minho. Aris shared with Frypan, who wasn't too happy about it.

We now stood in the hall where the food was last night, and waited for this apparent Flat Trans to appear. We stared at the wall, waiting for something.

"Mickey, do you have some food?", Newt asked me with a concerned gaze.

"Course I do, don't worry", I replied while smiling at him. He nodded, before he turned back to face the wall.

Suddenly, the wall that was once there, moulded into a grey, wavy wall. It rippled and made a slight 'blop'ing noise. I gulped and waited for someone to say or do something.

"Alright, we have 5 minutes to get through this thing. I'll go through first, and if I don't come back, follow after", Minho instructed and everyone nodded. "Thomas, you go last and make sure everyone gets through".

Thomas nodded and I grabbed hold of Newt's arm and hugged it to my chest in fear.

"See ya' on the other side", Minho joked and slowly disappeared through the wavy greyness. It swallowed him whole, and we waited for him to return. He didn't, so we found it at the clear. The guys started to pass through the Flat Trans, when it came to Newt and I's turn. I had to admit that I was scared.

"Mickey", Thomas called and I turned to him. "Don't worry, I'll see you on the other side okay?".

I gulped again and nodded, before I felt Newt grab my hand and pull me towards the Flat Trans. Newt stepped forward and lead me through, and I felt a wave of coldness. But it was only for a second, before it disappeared as fast as it came. I clutched Newt's hand tightly, before I was created with the sight of darkness.

"N-Newt?", I called out.

"Still here. You okay?", he asked while gripping my hand tightly. I could sense that he was right infront of me. And I could feel his breath on my face.

"Yeah, just..... blind", I stated while trying to find any source of light.

"Don't worry, just stick close to me and you'll be fine", Newt said, before starting to walk forward. I followed slowly, careful not to knock into anything.

"Is everyone here? Thomas? Where are ya' slinthead?", I heard Minho call out.

"Yeah, I'm back here", I heard Thomas say back.

"Alright everybody sound off", Minho instructed and people started to count from 1.







"Okay we're all here. I'm guessin' we're in some sort of hallway. Everyone just walk forward, nice and easy", Minho said and started to walk. Everyone began to follow, making sure to have someone close by them while they did. I clutched helplessly on to Newt's hand, petrified of getting lost. But I doubt he minded. I think he was also glad he had someone with him.

"Woah, woah wait a sec....", I heard Thomas say and everyone stopped walking. "Listen closely".

Little whispers were then heard all around us. It sounded like an old man talking, but his voice was haunting. Everyone listened to try and make out the words, but as soon as we heard it, I regretted it.

"Turn back now".

"It's your last chance".

"You will die if you go further".

I squeezed Newt's hand and stuck close to his side. He took his hand out from mine and wrapped his arm around my shoulder, pressing me against his side. I felt safer, but couldn't block the sounds of the whispers that kept passing right by us.

"What the shuck? Should we go back?", one of the Gladers asked.

"Maybe this wasn't such a good idea...", Frypan said, before the whispers stopped.

"No, we have to keep goin'. This is a trick to see if we quit on this. It's all a test", Thomas said.

"Shuck-face is right, we have to keep going", Minho said, before everyone started to walk again.

Boy do I hate this feeling I have.....

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