I woke up a few hours later to see that the Gladers were still asleep. I was snuggled into Newt's chest, while he was still asleep. I didn't have another dream, but I didn't forget the other one. I wonder if anyone else here had a dream. I'll ask them later, when everyone wakes up. I then heard weird noises coming from the window that was covered from the curtains at the wall. What the hell could that be? I carefully slipped out of Newt's hold, and quietly walked over to the window. I slowly pulled away the curtain, and chocked on my own spit.

"I'm a Crank! Kill me! Kill  me!".

A man, or should I say creature, was at the barred window. He had no hair, only scabs and raw skin in it's place. He was covered in scabs and red patches of blood all over his body. He had a lunatic gene in his eyes and he was truly frightening to look at. I stepped back from the window and continued to stare at the terribly ill person. Maybe..... this was what the Flare did to people.

"Who the shuck is making all that noise?", someone groaned and sat up. It sounded like Frypan, and he hadn't yet seen what I was staring at.

"Mickey? What are you-", I heard him stop and stand up from the bed, obviously now seeing the man.

"What the shuck is that?!", he yelled, waking up the other Gladers.

"Frypan, why the shuck are you screaming so early?", Minho groaned before getting down from his bunk bed.

"There's someone..... here to see us", I said while tearing my eyes away from the man, to see the Gladers.

They turned and finally saw the screaming lunatic at the window, and all looked at him in disgust. The man kept on yelling out "I'm a Crank! Kill me!". Almost like he didn't know any other words. The man also kept on clawing at the bars, wanting to get through the window and into the room. Even though I had a feeling we would be safe from the bars on the window, I still felt insecure with the sick person waving his hands about and screaming his head off.

"Mickey", Newt called and came over to me. "Go get changed in the bathroom. Make it quick".

I nodded and grabbed the clothes WICKED had left for me, and ran into the bathroom. I quickly changed into the clothes and still heard the man's screams from outside the bathroom. I then rushed out and saw that the Gladers had already dressed and were waiting for me. I saw Thomas was looking at the man in disgust and fear.

"Hey... Minho what's that on the back of your neck?", Thomas said while pointing at Minho, who turned to him confused.

"What? Nothing. I didn't see anythin' there last night. What is it?!", Minho said while turning around in circles, trying to look at his neck.

Everyone ignored the man at the window for a minute and rushed over to see what was on the back of Minho's neck. Newt pulled down Minho's collar and saw that black, bold writing was tattooed on his neck. It said:

Property of WICKED.
Group A, Subjects A7.
The Leader

Newt read it out, and everyone was confused at what the hell this was doing on his neck. Did WICKED do this during the night? Could they have put something in the pizza to make us have a deep sleep?

"Woah Newt you've got one too!", Clint said while pointing at the back of Newt's neck.

"What?", Newt said confused. I went behind him and pulled back his shirt back, to indeed see he had tattooed words aswell.

"Property of WICKED. Group A, Subject A5. The Glue", I read out.

"The glue?", Newt repeated confused.

"Maybe it means your the person that holds us together. Like the one that everyone relies on", Thomas suggested.

We found out that everyone had a tattoo on the back of their necks. But most of them only said the 'Property of WICKED. Group A, Subject' whatever. Only certain people had something named for them. Newt said I had one too, that said:

Property of WICKED.
Group A, Subject A4
The Mother

"The mother?", Minho repeated before bursting out into laughter. I glared at him and he continued his laughing for a little longer.

"I see what they mean by mother. Your like the care-taker for the group....", Thomas stated while shrugging.

"Thomas.... you've got one too", Frypan said while going behind his neck.

"What does it say?", he asked.

"To be killed by Group B".

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