After Thomas had announced the recognition of the girl, everyone looked between him and I. I knew her? How could Thomas know that? Well maybe the dreams he said he was getting had something to do with the girl.

"Did you know her name?", Newt asked.

"I think so..... Teresa seemed familiar", Thomas said while rubbing one eye with his palm.

I admit, Teresa does somehow sound familiar.

"Doesn't sound very familiar to me....", Clint said while looking confused. "Mickey? Does Teresa ring a bell?".

"Yeah.... but a very faint one", I confessed while rubbing the back of my neck. Huh, Thomas and I do seem a little a like now. Rubbing our eyes and the back of our necks. Were we always like this?

"Well... I don't think it really matters right now. We should keep walkin' for the time bein'.....", Minho said while sighing.

"Mr. Leader's right. We need to keep headin' to the bloody city", Newt said while jerking his thumb behind him, back towards the city. Minho glared at Newt, before opening his mouth to say another hilarious comeback, when I sighed and cut him off.

"Let's just go", I said while turning around and walking back in the direction to the city. I heard the Gladers and Aris start to follow after me, and we went back through the city and out the other side and back into the desert.

We began on another hike to the city, and it had gotten pretty early in the morning by now. Probably about 4am, and I was wanting sleep really bad by now. I haven't slept in close to 21 hours. I was exhausted from the heat and my feet ached from so much walking. Now, my arm hardly pained at all. I'm sure it was still badly wounded, but at least it didn't hurt.

It soon reached dawn, and Minho announced for everyone to take a well-deserved sleep. We settled down on the floor, and I laid down beside Newt, who brought the bed sheet over the both of us. He wrapped his arms around the tops of my own arms, and brought me into his chest. I calmed down from the stress in my heart and let my mind just settle down for a minute.

"You feelin' alright?", I heard Newt ask and I nodded without words. Newt didn't reply, which got me curious. So I looked up and saw that he had already closed his eyes and had fallen asleep. I couldn't help but smile and looked back down, and closed my own eyes. Finally, darkness of sleep took over me.


I was woken up by the strong, sandy wind swooshing past right through me. I snapped my eyes open and saw that Newt had squeezed me tightly to his chest and was protecting me from the harsh wind that was as strong as Minho's muscles and Newt's stubbornness. Our bed sheet was tucked around the both of us, keeping it from flying away.

"MICKEY! WE NEED TO GET UP AND FOLLOW THE OTHERS!", Newt yelled over the noise. I nodded and we both helped each other up. We used the bed sheet to cover our mouths and noses, and started to follow the shouting voice of Minho that was ahead.

"COME ON! WE NEED TO GET TO THE CITY!", he yelled while struggling against the wind.

I saw Thomas to the left of me and saw he was struggling to walk. He caught my eyes and dived to my side, and held on to my arm for support. I kept hold of Newt's arm, and squinted through the flying bits of grit, sand and dust.

"WHERE THE HELL DID THIS STORM COME FROM?!", I yelled and hoped that he heard me. Thomas used the bed sheet to cover his head and mouth. I could only see his eyes that were squinting like mine.


I looked to my side to see people being blown over, but they got up and kept walking again. Some of the boy's bed sheets went flying into the wind, and parts of buildings flew in the air. Newt, Thomas and I had to dodge some of them in case we got flattened by them. I could feel my clothes being torn through by the wind, and feel the dirt and grit sticking to me and my left over clothes.

A loud, threatening, thud was heard and I looked up, to see lightening was starting to form in the sky. I widened my eyes and saw that both Thomas and Newt gulped at the sight, and started to walk faster against the strong gushes of wind. I then saw lightening striking the dry ground, leaving a dark, black burnt mark.

"KEEP GOIN' MICKEY! WE'RE NEAR THE CITY!", Newt yelled again while shielding his eyes.

I then saw lightening hit someone just a few metres away from us. I looked and saw it was Jack. I remember he was another Bagger in the Glade. Never really talked to him, but I saw him lying in a small crater in the ground, with his clothes ripped and his skin badly burnt. I started to slow down, wanting to help him in some way. But Thomas and Newt continued to pull me along, away from the poor injured boy left for most likely death.

"LEAVE HIM! WE NEED TO KEEP GOIN'!", Thomas repeated. I could tell that he wanted to help as well, but he needed to keep the people living to safety.

I then saw another lightening strike hit the ground just a few metres ahead of us. It hit someone, and they fell to the ground, groaning in pain and clothes on fire. I was astonished to see it was Minho. Thomas rushed to help him, by throwing sand on to clothes and patting away the flames. Newt kept walking, but was slowing down at the sight of his burning friend.

Minho was soon back on his feet and was unsteadily walking through the storm. Thomas had to help him stumble his way, but we soon reached a building. It was made out of strong concrete so we headed in for safety, and was relieved to find the wind was cut off by the strong walls. We stumbled to the ground and sat down, puffing and wiping dirt out of our eyes. I watched as Thomas helped Minho sit down on the floor, and collapse down beside him in exhaustion.

Minho's clothes were torn, revealing terrible looking gashes and sores from the harsh lightening bolt. He looked exhausted and in pain, lying his legs out weakly and puffing. It pained me to just look at him.

More of boys walked in to the building and collapsed to the floor. I saw Frypan, Clint and Aris. Some other Gladers I never really talked to, but some didn't walk through the doorway. Winston.... the poor boy was lost in the storm. Jack... left probably as burnt as a crisp. I was surprised to see how many we actually did loose through that ghastly storm.

"Thanks slinthead...", I heard Minho mumble to Thomas.

"I don't think your in the place to call me a slinthead", Thomas retorted back while leaning his back against the wall.

"Please. I'm tougher than nails and could still beat your pony-ass like this", Minho said while sniggering weakly.

"I do like ponies, but I sure could eat one right now....", Thomas trailed off before becoming silent.

I felt hands on my cheeks, wiping away the dirt and grit that was stuck to them. I turned my head and saw a dirty-faced Newt rubbing his thumbs against my skin. His hair was a ruffled mess, but didn't look terrible. He rubbed away some of the sand that was stuck under my eyes and some in the few creases in my skin.

".... Thanks...", I mumbled. My throat was soar from the yelling I had to do during the storm. He cracked a smile and stopped rubbing my face, and left his hands on my cheeks.

"No problem...", his voice was roar from the shouting as well. "Are you hurt anywhere?".

"No.... not that I know of...", I said while shuffling back and leaning against the strong wall behind me. Newt came beside me and stretched out his legs. I could still hear the strong wind outside, and the clashes of the lightening. But I tried to ignore it as I laid my head down on  Newt's shoulder. I sighed in relief and closed my eyes, and felt Newt's own head lay on mine.

And for the second time in this trial, I fell into the darkness of slumber.

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