After we checked that Thomas and Newt were okay, we started to walk again. The land was still as dry and hot as before, and nothing seemed different. No sign of WICKED again. No sign of any Cranks. God I was relieved there weren't any Cranks. I don't like them at all. I stuck with Newt, scared of loosing him again. We held hands, in-twined fingers as usual. My arm was feeling better, not burning or stinging. I saw that Thomas was deep in thought for our journey and I was wondering if something happened while he was on the berg.

"Hey Newt", I called and he looked my way. "Did.... something happen while on the berg? Thomas seems real worried right now".

He seemed concerned for a minute, almost like he didn't want to tell me. But he sighed and looked down at the ground, thinking it over in his head. So something did happen.

"Tommy and I heard some scientists takin' while we were sleeping. They said some stuff about us being important and having certain good candidates for the trials. Apparently the gun wasn't supposed to be in the city, and Tommy and I gettin' hurt wasn't part of their plan. They said they weren't goin' to save me, just Tommy.... but apparently I was important for someone..... I was important to you", Newt explained before lifting his head up to look at me at the last part.

"If I died, you would probably follow me. They know you Mickey, they know your intentions. So they can't have me dieing, otherwise you'd die and Tommy would probably follow you. And that would ruin the trials....", Newt said while creasing his eyebrows.

Ruin the trials? Why am I so important? Oh right, for Thomas. I was rethinking all the information, and suddenly felt extremely bad for him. The only reason WICKED want him alive, is so that I don't go and freak out and kill myself. He wasn't important to WICKED, just another subject.

"Newt... I-".

"Who the shuck is that?!".

I turned my head and saw a whole bunch of people running towards us, all holding deadly weapons. But the strange thing was, that they were all girls. Is this Group B? I gulped at the sight of their sharp wooden poles and broken bits of metal. A sharped piece of building was even seen. We stopped walking, and the girls quickly surrounded us, pointing their weapons at us. Aris looked around at his fellow group, shocked at their actions. Some girls held bows and arrows, pointing them at us threateningly.

"What the shuck?", Minho exclaimed while looking at the surrounding girls.

"Teresa?", Thomas asked while looking at one particular girl, standing with a wooden spear. Now that I see her, she does look familiar. She had a blank look and held her spear high.

"Shut up", she simply said. Woah, okay....

I raised my eyebrows at her and her eyes snapped to me. My breath hitched in my throat at the all too sudden move, and locked eyes with her. Realisation seemed to hit her, but she didn't show much. But I could see it in her eyes. Newt's tall figure blocked my view, as he stepped in front of me, blocking my vision of the one called Teresa.

She then started to move forward, brushing past Newt, Minho and myself until she came across Thomas. She stopped in front of him and met the stare of a glaring Brenda. They held a look, before both looking away in disgust. Teresa looked up at Thomas and he opened his mouth to say something.

"Teresa, what's-".

"Shut up", she said again.

"But what-".

She then brought her spear back, and swung it at Thomas's cheek with the butt of it. I immediately sprung into action and rushed forward, pushing past any Gladers that stood in my way.

"HEY!", I yelled and she quickly whipped around.

Before I knew it, the spear collided with my cheek, making me fall back on to my backside in shock and pain. I held one hand up to my cheek, feeling the stinging pain worsen slightly. Newt came over to my side and quickly helped me up, pulling me to his side by my arms. Teresa turned back to Thomas, and Newt went to possibly smash her in the head, when Minho grabbed his shoulder. He pulled him back and shook his head with a knowing stare. Newt grumbled and took a step back, deciding to watch instead.

"You okay?", he whispered while placing his palm on my stinging cheek. I nodded and looked back at Teresa who was standing over Thomas.

"Is your name Thomas?", she asked.

"Yeah....", he answered unsurely. Teresa then raised the spear and pointed it at his chest.

"Your comin' with us", she said while backing away. "And if anyone tries to stop us, the arrows will start flyin'. Including you".

She looked at me specifically, making me scoff slightly. I don't like her. No matter what she did in the past and how I remember her, she seems like a little twat right now.

"No way! Your not taking him anywhere!", Minho said in protest, glaring at Teresa. She didn't look very effected and basically ignored him.

"I'm gonna count to three, and for each count you don't come with us, we'll shoot one of your friends", she said.

Thomas's eyes widened and he shot to his feet immediately. What is he doing?! Is he insane?!


Thomas pushed out from our group and went over to them. He stopped and didn't even glance back at us.

"Thomas! What the hell are you-", I was cut off by him whipping his head around, glaring at me.

"Remember what I said Mickey!", he yelled back.

I was confused. What he said? I had to think for a minute, until it finally hit me. When we were in the car, saying that he needs to pay the price of putting us here.

My eyes widened and I watched as Thomas willingly let the girls put a brown bag over his head. They then  tied his hands together, before they started to drag him along the desert floor. They kept their weapons raised, and I watched as they soon became smaller and smaller, dragging Thomas along with them.

"Are we really just going to let them take Thomas like that?!", Frypan yelled in disbelief.

I couldn't believe it either. Does he really not care what happens to him?

"Of course not, we're gonna follow them. But we're goin' to keep a distance", Minho said while starting to march forward.

"Couldn't agree more", I said as I followed.

Your not dying Thomas, not today.

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