Newt stepped into the pod and slowly disappeared into it, along with Minho. I climbed up the side and flinched when a flash of lightening sparked right beside the pod. I hurried inside and stepped into a watery substance that was murky. Minho and Newt sat down with their knees to their chests and only barely fitting. It was a squeeze, but all three of us fit. I sat down beside Newt, hugging my knees and cowarding beside my boyfriend. Minho grabbed the door and pulled it shut to protect us from the lightening. A green light shown from under the water, providing light so we could see each other.

“You shanks okay?”, Minho asked while puffing.

“Physically”, Newt replied while eyeing the murky water with disgust.

“I’m fine”, I said while looking around the pod.

A loud booming was heard from outside, causing the pod to shake.  I whimpered and clenched my eyes shut, not very fond of this lightening. I felt two arms around me, hugging to their chest. I opened my eyes and saw Newt was hugging me to his chest. I felt him lay his cheek on top of my head, just as scared as I was.

“I hope the others went into the pods as well”, I said while hugging Newt’s waist.

“I’m sure Tommy did. Better of brought Brenda and Jorge with ‘em”, Newt said.

“I hope that Teresa didn’t”, Minho muttered while leaning back on the wall of the pod.

“You really don’t like her huh?”, I exclaimed while looking up at him. He scoffed.

“Don’t go actin’ your best buds. I know you hate her too”, Minho said while pointing one finger at me accusingly.

“I don’t like her either. Supposed to kill Tommy? Not very bloody friendly to me”, Newt said.

Another loud booming was heard, making me squeeze Newt’s waist in fear. The pod shook and steadied itself. A familiar humming sound was heard outside, causing us to look at each other in confusion.

“Isn’t that..... a berg?”, I asked while looking up at the door above us.

“Sounds like it”, Minho said while starting to stand up. He pushed the door open again and rain started to pour in.

“It is!”, he exclaimed before he crouched back down. “Come on! We need to get inside!”.

And with that, Minho jumped out from the pod and was already running towards it. Newt helped me stand and jumped out to follow Minho. I did the same and saw that true enough, a berg was perched about 100 metres away from us. It’s shaft was open, meaning that we could just walk in and away from the lightening.

“Let’s go Mick!”, Newt yelled while grabbing my hand, and starting to run.

“What about Thomas and the others?!”, I yelled while trying to keep pace with Newt. For a guy with a limp, he was pretty fast.

“They can take care of themselves! We need to save our own bloody skins!”, Newt yelled back while still running.

By now, we were already drenched from the rain, making some of the dirt wash off but make my clothes stick to me. My fringe stuck to my forehead, making it a nuisance. I looked around and saw that many of Group B and some Gladers were lying on the floor, not moving. I still saw some of the creatures fighting against people, desperately trying to kill us. Lightening was still crashing down, frying the ground and even some people in the process. I wanted to help, but I knew that Newt wouldn’t allow it.

All I could really think now was where Thomas was?! He better not be dead!


Speak of the devil, I looked behind me and saw Thomas was running behind us.  I couldn’t help but smile at the sight of his alive self, but quickly whipped it off when I realised it wasn’t the time for smiling. I turned back around and saw that we were just in front of the berg. We ran up the slope and collapsed on to the metal ground, puffing. Only Minho, Newt, Thomas and I were the ones that were now on the berg. The others were still outside, either now running towards the berg, or still fighting off the creatures.

“COME ON! THE BERG IS SAFE!”, I yelled out to anyone that was left alive.

Some heads turned our way, but many couldn’t hear me over the sound of booming lightening and gushing winds. More people had jumped into the berg, all puffing or groaning over their injuries. A girl jumped on, only barely making it with a gruesome leg gash. I rushed over to her, and crouched down beside her.

“Hey it’s okay! I’m going to help you okay?”, I asked while she panted and winced in pain. I remember that she was the one that stood beside me when we saw the Safe Haven flag. She had dark skin and had curly brown hair. She was actually quite pretty.

I ripped off the bottom of her trousers, and started to tie around her wound. She groaned in pain but slowly calmed down. I tied a knot and saw that she had stopped groaning, now only sweating a little.

“Thank you...”, she muttered.

“No problem”, I said. “I’m Mickey by the way”.

“Oh you’re the one who’s with the British right?”, she asked.

“Uuh yeah... how did you know that?”, I asked her.

“Thomas told me when we were supposed to ‘kill him’. Said you were his sister and that you were in love with the blonde, British boy”, she said while lying her head back. “I’m Harriet”.

“Nice to meet you, but I need to go help the British boy so I’ll be going now okay?”, I asked. She nodded and I jumped up, before looking around for Newt. My heart stopped when I realised that I couldn’t see him anywhere.


Still no sign of him.


I started to run around, trying to look for him. I then dared to look outside the berg, to see if he was out there. I spotted him, helping Jorge kill a creature.

“NEWT! GET BACK HERE!”, I yelled out to him.

He turned his head towards me as Jorge finally exploded the creature, by bursting the last of it’s bulbs. Newt and Jorge then started to run back to the berg, trying to dodge any lightening or harsh attacks from the creatures.

The berg then started to hum again and rise up from the ground. No no no! Newt’s not on the berg yet! His limp was now starting to effect him, and his running was becoming slower. The berg was about a metres of the ground, making people sprint for their lives and jump up on to the berg.

“HURRY NEWT!”, I yelled while I crouched down and held my hand down for him to grab. Jorge was able to jump up and make on to the berg, but with Newt’s bad leg, he wouldn’t be able to.

Newt grabbed my hand and was now hanging in the air, three metres off the ground. He was too heavy, so I had to use both hands to hold his. I could feel myself slipping off the edge, not able to get a good grip.

“Mickey! Your slippin’!”, he yelled while trying to pull himself up. “Let go!”.

“I’m not going to let you go Newt!”, I yelled while trying to muster up all my strength to pull him up on to the berg. “Your too heavy!”.

“Mickey...”, his voice now began weak and he looked up at me with a sad expression. “Just let go”.

I saw how sincere he looked right now, asking to be left behind so I didn’t fall as well. But I couldn’t let go. Not even if I wanted to. I love Newt with all my heart, and if I let him go to fall to his death, I would surely follow after him.

I then felt hands on my legs and slowly started to pull me backwards, pulling me back up on to the berg. Newt was now finally up on to the metal shaft, lying down on the metal floor. I turned around and saw that Thomas had been the one to grab my legs.

“You okay?”, he asked while sitting on his knees.

“I’m fine”, I replied before rushing over to Newt.

He sat up and enclosed me in his arms, squeezing me tightly. To think that my arms were going to give out and we’d both fall to our deaths, made me so relieved to be in Newt’s arms. I wrapped my arms around his waist and hugged him tightly, feeling tears leak from my eyes from the fright and panic that I just felt.

“I’m okay, we’re okay”, I heard Newt say as he didn’t falter to squeeze me tightly.

“I could of never let go Newt....”, I said while burying my face into his t-shirt. “You know that I wouldn’t”.

“I know...”, he said. “I knew you wouldn’t....”.

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