Screams started to reach my ears, and I cringed at the piercing voice. It sounded like a guy, so I'm guessing it was one of the Gladers. Everyone stopped walking and tried to find who was the one screaming. Newt's arm tightened around me, before I felt his hands press against my ears, barely blocking out the screams. They didn't do much, but it was the thought that counts.

"Who the shuck is screamin'?!", yelled Minho.

We soon found the source of the screams and Thomas bent down in front of the person who was now on the ground, screaming his head off. I heard from Winston that it was Frankie, a guy who I hadn't met before. But I know that he was a Slicer, just like Winston. Suddenly, the screams were cut off instantly. Almost like a door had been shut right in front of Frankie's mouth. Newt's hands were then pulled away from my ears and he slid his arm back around my shoulder, for security.

"What happened to 'em Tommy?", Newt asked. Thomas didn't reply for a minute, before I heard a gasp and something metal bounce against the marble floor. It seemed round since it rolled away and hit the wall.

"Thomas? What is it?", I asked through the darkness.

"H-His head..... it's gone", Thomas stuttered.

"Gone?", Winston questioned.

"Y-Yeah..... one minutes it was there.... then I felt a metal.... ball in the place of his head....", Thomas said in fear. I then felt something hit me in the back, causing me to yelp and stumble forward.

"Mickey? What's wrong?", Newt asked in a rushed tone.

"Something hit me in the back", I said while putting one hand on the place where it hit. It hurt, but only a bruise will form.

"Somethin' must be flyin' around here. Come on, we need to keep movin'...... fast", Minho said and everyone agreed. We started to run to the never ending darkness.

I heard more screams from other Gladers, and I figured that this metal ball of whatever must be shooting past us and hitting us. I made sure to stick close to Newt, and dodged anything that seemed to fly right past me. Newt now held my hand tightly in his, and we dashed down the hall way.

"STOP!", I heard Minho yell and everyone stopped while puffing.

"What's wrong? Why did you stop?", Newt asked.

"Cause I just broke my shins on somethin'. I think it's a stair case", Minho said while starting to walk up the steps. Everyone started to follow, and the flying metal balls seemed to stop hitting anybody. I then heard a grunt and few curses followed.

"I think we reached the top", Minho grumbled while everyone stopped at the top of the stair case.

"There's a door here", Newt said while grabbing what sounded like a doorknob ( Don't know what a door knob sounds like :I ). He then turned it and pulled the door open.

A bright light was shot to everyone's eyes, and it blinded us. I threw up my arm and shaded my eyes from the burning light. People yelped and Newt shut the door quickly.

"What the shuck is that?! A shuckin' desert?!", Frypan yelled.

"Well Ratman did say the Sun flares were brutal", Minho said.

"Everyone shield your eyes. We're gonna open the door slowly so we can get used to the light", Thomas said who had moved beside me. I braced myself for the blinding light, and the door was opened again, but only half of it.

"Woah woah watch out!", Winston yelled and everyone turned to his direction.

I followed his gaze and saw he was looking up at the ceiling, which had a strange, silver, gloopy liquid hanging from it. It started to drip into a large tear drop, before it fell and stopped in mid air. No one said anything, before it rushed towards us, and struck Winston in the face. He screamed, and fell down the stairs. He gripped his face as he fell, and Thomas rushed after him. The liquid was now stuck to his face, and started to spread across his forehead. He continued to scream, while Thomas tried to pull it off from his skin.


I was about to look up, until the silver liquid had shot out from the ceiling and landed on my forearm. Straight away, I felt a burning sensation that caused me scream in pain. I fell back on to my butt and Newt rushed to my side, kneeling down. I saw the silver liquid started to spread down my arm and was slowly getting closer to my hand.

"GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF!", I screamed in pain and helpless tried to pull off the liquid like Thomas was doing. Minho appeared on my other side and tried to grab hold of the slowly spreading liquid.

"Newt! On three we try and pull it off okay?!", Minho yelled and Newt didn't hesitate to nod. I continued to scream in pain and tears were now streaming down my face.

"One..... two..... three!", Minho and Newt pulled on the liquid and it caused more pain. I screamed more, until the liquid unwillingly ripped off and landed on the ground in a blob. I whimpered in pain, and looked to see the skin had been torn right off my forearm. A ghastly wound was left, with blood and terrible red marks. It made me sick to look at it.

Hands popped into view holding a part of someone's bed sheet, and I flinched back when they tried to wrap it around my arm.

"Hey it's okay. I'm just gonna cover it up okay?", Minho said softly, while looking at me with sympathy. It was actually one of the rare moments where Minho wasn't being sassy or sarcastic.

"Mickey", Newt called and I carefully turned my attention to Newt who looked at me with the same expression as Minho. "Just bare through it okay? It will make it better".

I gulped and nodded while sniffling. Newt grabbed hold of my arm above my elbow and I watched as Minho carefully covered my arm with his bed sheet. I hissed in pain, and Newt other arm wrapped around my waist. Minho then started to wrap it around my arm, making it a bandage and tied to the ends together. I could no longer see the wound, but some blood was seeping through.

"Is that okay?", Minho asked concerned. I wiped my eyes with my other hand and nodded. Minho smiled and stood back up, and went to help Winston who's hair was torn off his head, and was left with bloody scraps everywhere on his face. I then turned to Newt, while he looked extremely worried. I sniffled and he wrapped his arms around my shoulders, and hugged me to his chest. I carefully hugged him back, trying my best to ignore the stinging pain in my arm.

Thomas is going to flip.....

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