We continued our journey to get Thomas back, I noticed that these girls were heading towards two large mountains. Why we're they going through here? Isn't it easier to go around them? Then I realised that they probably need a place to camp for the night, possibly in between the mountains for safety. I was worried for Thomas. This group is meant to kill Thomas! How can I not be worried.

"We're goin' to need to camp out of Group B's eye sight. If they see us, Thomas will be shucked for good", Minho said.

"What about we go around one of the mountains and camp there. That way, we can keep up with them in the morning", I suggested.

"Good idea, let's go", Minho said while starting to head diagonally towards the side of the left mountain.

"Hey Mickey...", Newt said while looking at me.


"What did Tommy mean when he said 'remember what I said'? Cause I bloody know that you knew what he meant", Newt said while catching me in the state of shock.

Damn, I forgot about that....

"It's nothing", I lied while looking down at the floor, avoiding eye contact.

"Mick", he grabbed my shoulders, making me stop and turn me towards him. The others didn't notice, so they kept walking. "What did Tommy mean?".

I took a breath, giving up on trying to hide it. It can't do much to lie to Newt, especially if it's got to do with Thomas and I. Newt cares. He cares too damn much. I hate it that he cares so much.

"Thomas.... made me promise that if he for some reason, dies, that I would follow you and Minho no matter what....", I confessed while finally looking up into Newt's eyes.

He pulled a blank face, not letting go of my shoulders. Newt then creased his eyebrows, before slowly letting his hands go loose and fall back to his sides. And before I could react, Newt wrapped his arms around me, bringing me into his chest with his face in the crook of my neck. It was a loose hug, but it was heart warming. I wrapped my arms around his waist, and closed my eyes at the blessing feeling of being safe. The hot Sun was blocked by Newt's figure, making me sweat a little less.

"He doesn't need to bloody say that, because he's not diein', not now", Newt said in a soft voice. "WICKED may see you as Mickey, but we see you as Nina and Mickey. And Thomas knows that. You don't need to be told what to follow".

Newt's words hit me hard. He remembered my real name. He feels the same way about Thomas, about him not dieing any time soon. Newt really knew what I was feeling, and it broke my heart to think about how I can't imagine what he's feeling right now. I felt terrible for not being able to feel his emotions right now. He knew me too well, but I didn't know him at all.....

"I-I'm sorry Newt...", I whimpered into his chest.

"Sorry for what?", he asked.

"You know me so well.... you know exactly what I feel and what I think. Yet, I can't even picture what you must be feeling....", I said weakly.

"You don't need to worry 'bout how I'm feelin'. I'm fine, as long as your around", he caressed the back of my head, calming me down. "Please don't waste precious time on me, I don't need it".

I didn't say anything, just nodded. I knew that he got the message, and carefully pulled me away from him so that he could look at me. He had a soft smile on his face, making my heart skip a beat as usual.

"Hey", he said. "We should catch up with the others. You know how bloody cranky Minho gets when we're lovin'."

Cranky..... I had to stop myself from feeling sick. So similar to the word Crank. I had to push it out of my head immediately, and nod again. Newt took my small hand in his and started to walk again, gently puling me along to catch up with the group.


Once night fall came, we had reached the side of the mountain, and made our place to sleep. It had gotten colder, so I snuggled up to Newt that night. Jorge started a fire, but it only gave out a small amount of heat. I laid my head on Newt's broad chest, and draped one arm over his waist. His arm went around my shoulder and used his other arm to use as a temporary pillow for himself, but putting it under his head.

"Get some sleep, I promise that we'll get Tommy back tomorrow", Newt said while looking up at the sky. I glanced up at him, and slowly let my eyelids fall.

"I love you..", Newt said.

"I love you too.... so much...", I mumbled before falling into a comfortable darkness.

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