I had another dream again during my nap. It was another one of the past, but it was when I was a little older. Maybe 13. I was sitting at a desk in  what looked like a school classroom, only it didn't look like a... natural school. Everyone on the walls had the normal ABC's and 123's. But there was some sort of...... un-natural feel to it. It seemed like it was a set up school. Not actually teachers, just people teaching from one book or too. There was about 20 kids in the class, and they all looked bored to death while the teachers blabbered on. It was in 3rd person point of view again, so I was watching this from a corner of the class.

My eyes landed on a 13 year old me in the back of the class, in the corner. I was staring out the window, not interested to learning anything. I seemed in deep thought and looked far away from this particular world.

"Mickey! Are you listening?!", the teacher yelled.

I didn't respond, only blinked and kept eye contact with something outside. Some kids in the class turned around to look at me, and I was able to spot the 13 year old Newt. He was still adorable, his hair now blonde instead of it's light orange colour when he was 11. Newt was sitting 2 rows away from me, while twisting his body around to stare at me. I also spotted Minho, sitting on the other side of the class, sleeping with his head down on the desk. Typical Minho....

"Mickey! Answer me!", the teacher yelled. I blinked again, then my face turned to an angry one and slowly faced the teacher.

"Stop.calling.me.Mickey", I said in low voice. The teacher raised her eyebrows and looked taken back, before going back to her angry stance.

"You must pay attention Mickey, you need to learn this!", she said while waving a ruler around. I snapped again and glared at the old hag.

"My name is not Mickey god damnit!", I yelled, making the teacher fume in anger.

I saw that Minho had woken up and looked across his row to see me at the end. He looked shocked from the outburst, but still looked sleepy. I switched my eyes to Newt who also looked shocked, and started to shake his head at me, hoping to signify to stop talking. I seemed to ignore, and continued to glare at the teacher.

"My name will never be Mickey! My name is Ni-".

"RIGHT THAT'S IT MICKEY! OUT IN THE HALL, I WILL SPEAK WITH YOU AFTER CLASS!", the teacher screeched while pointing to the door that I presume lead to the hall.

I stood up from my seat with a scowl on my face, before walking down the row of desks. Newt blinked and was going to say something to me, when I past him and stormed out into the hall. Newt looked disappointed and crossed his arms, leaning them on the desk and then leaning his chin on them.

"Right, now that we've sorted that out, we shall continue the lesson".

I decided I should follow myself and walked out the class, and saw that I was sitting against the wall with a sad look on my face. I now looked weak and fragile, while I had my knees up sitting down, looking like the smallest thing in the world. I never thought that I would be so rebellious in my past.


Both me and my smaller self turned our heads and I saw a younger Thomas walking down the hall, and stopping near by. He looked surprise to see me, but softened.

"Sent out again?", he asked. I looked down and nodded with a solemn face. Thomas walked over and sat beside me. "What you do this time?".

"They keep callin' me Mickey, it's annoying. That's not my name... it never will me......", I grumbled and Thomas cracked a smile and slung his arm around my shoulder.

"Your gonna have to get used to it Sis. Nina or Mickey, your still the same little sister of mine", Thomas said.

Nina?! Sister?! What the hell is going on?!

"I guess.....", I said again while leaning my head against Thomas's shoulder.

"So..... how did Newt react to your little name outburst?", Thomas said while smirking. I snapped my head towards him and raised an eyebrow.

"Newt? Why you asking?", I asked confused.

"You know why. What did he do?", Thomas asked again without removing his smirk. My face then turned to a disgusted one.

"Ewww Thomas! You boys have cooties! I would never like him! That's gross!", I squealed while shaking my head. Thomas laughed at my reaction.

"Oh come on! Don't be such a prude! We're not 5 anymore! You need to start thinking about your love life A.K.A Newt!", Thomas said.

"No way! I don't like him okay? I will never like someone!", I said and shrugged Thomas's arm off. Thomas seemed to give up and stand from his place, and sigh.

"Whatever you say Sis. But just remember that Newt.... has a major crush on you", Thomas then ran down the hall, and disappeared.

The dream then faded and I was now in darkness.

Thomas is my...... brother?

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