Newt and I searched for Brenda and Thomas, frequently talking to each other to reassure our presence. We decided to keep the flashlights off so that we couldn't be seen by Cranks. But that also means Thomas and Brenda couldn't see us. But that was just bad luck. I'm sure Thomas and Brenda would have their flashlights on, so we'd be able to spot them if we did come across them.

And true to my word, I didn't let go of Newt's hand for one second. No even to push my hair out my eyes, to cover my mouth when I coughed of sneezed. Since my other hand was holding my flashlight, I just used my wrist for anything. I was too afraid to let go of his hand for any reason. I didn't want to loose him again. I've worried him way too much already. No more separation. No more worrying. No more arguing. No more.

"Wait...", I heard Newt say as he stopped walking, causing me to stop also. I looked through the dark and looked at his figure questionably. "Listen".

Even though it was hard to listen to small noises with only one ear, I could hear quiet voices coming from a room near by. They were whispers and made me paranoid once again. I clutched Newt's hand tightly and he squeezed it back reassuringly.

"It sounds like.... Tommy and Brenda...", he said, before speed walking again. He turned on his flashlight, making our sight a whole lot better.

"Newt, I don't think this is a very good idea....", I said while following him cautiously.

"Don't worry. If anythin' comes, I'll beat the shuck out of it", Newt said while continuing to walk. I stayed quiet, trusting Newt with my life now. He seems to know what he's doing..... I hope.

We came down one last tunnel, and stopped in front of one door where the whispers continued. Newt used his hand holding the flashlight to put his hand on the door knob and was just about to open it. A hand flew out of no where and clamped itself down on my mouth. I squealed as I was pulled away from Newt, bringing my hand out of Newt's clutches. I was pulled away from him completely and I struggled against my attacker, desperate to get away from him/her. Newt whipped around and looked in horror and worry as I was pulled away from his clutches.

"Hello Miss. Nose".

I stopped and froze in my place. I started to tremble as I remembered the voice all too well. It was the Gone Crank before, the one with no nose. A deep, hideous chuckle came from him as he kept his hand clamped on my mouth and held something to my neck. I couldn't see it, but it was sharp and was definitely threatening to me. A knife.

"MICKEY!", Newt yelled out while pointing his flashlight in my direction.

"Don't move lover boy. I just want her nose", the Crank said with a hideous tone in his voice. Newt had the look of shock and hate in his eyes, clenching the flashlight with fear and hatred.

"Let.her.go", Newt said with his face changing to a stone cold expression.

I started to hear sounds coming from the door behind Newt, but I couldn't pay attention to that now. I could feel so much fear on my chest, making my breathing increase. I had no visible way to escape, or this guy will surely slit my throat.

"I don't think so. Let me have her nose, then I'll go", the Crank then raised the knife up, and I was able to see Newt's flashlight shine on the blade. It touched the tip of my nose, making my heart rate accelerate even more.

Just as he went to dig it into my skin, Newt pulled his arm back, and threw the flashlight towards us. The aim was perfect, and it hit the Crank square in the head. He pulled his hands up to cover his eyes that may have been shone on by the bright torch. I was able to step away from him, and rush back to Newt's side. He immediately took me in his arms and hugged me tightly to his chest. I still trembled and felt a tear roll down my cheek.

"It's okay Mick, it's okay", Newt soothed while squeezing me tightly.

The Crank got up while rubbing his face, before glaring viciously at Newt. He picked up his knife again, and charged at us while yelling a battle cry. Newt pushed me out the way, and caught the man's wrist which held the knife. Newt grunted and leaned back against the wall, trying to push the nose-less man off him.

"You took away my nose!", the man screamed while trying to push the knife into Newt's chest. "My precious, beautiful nose!".

I had to do something! Fast!

I saw the flashlight on the floor, rolling from side to side. I quickly got up and grabbed it, before rushing over to the Crank. I stood behind him, and held the flashlight above my head. I took a deep breath, and swung my arms around. The hard plastic collided with the Crank's head, and the Crank finally crashed to the floor with a bloody wound on the back of his neck. Newt kicked away the knife and panted while stepping away from the body.

"Thanks", Newt said while still puffing.

I felt my eyes brim with tears, before I quickly ran over to Newt and captured his lips with mine. He had to steady himself, before he without hesitation, kissed me back. His arms wrapped around my waist and I wrapped mine around his neck. It had been so long since I had kissed Newt, but it felt so good to finally have his long-lasting love again. Our lips moved in sync, while I shook off the thought of crying again.

We soon pulled away and I looked up at his dirty, sweaty face. He looked relieved, and put a smile on his lips. He leaned forward and pressed his forehead against mine, looking down at me with eyes full of love and relief.

"You don't know how bloody long I've been wantin' to do that..... but looks like you beat me to it", he said with a small chuckle. I couldn't help but smile back.

"Newt? Mickey?".

We turned our heads and saw Brenda and Thomas walk out from the room that we were going to enter. So it was them. I reluctantly removed my arms away from Newt's neck, and looked at them.

"Where the hell have you two been?", I asked.

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