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A loud, screeching boom was heard from outside the door. We all snapped our heads towards the noise, shocked and confused to what it was. The three Cranks looked at each other with worried faces, before the older man turned to Thomas again. He grumbled and pulled the knife away from him, while the other two Cranks stepped away from Newt and Brenda.

"We need to get out of here", the woman said while putting her screwdriver back in her pocket.

"Hey wait a minute! What's going on?", Thomas asked while trying to move his wrists. The Cranks glanced at him, before they headed to another door that I hadn't noticed on the other side of the room.

"HEY!", Thomas yelled after them.

The other door then burst open, making everyone snap their heads back to that direction. The person that I least expected came through, the usual grin on his face.  He looked scratched up, but very much alive. The others followed him inside, looking injured but walking fine.

"Minho?", Thomas asked shocked.

"That's right shuckface. Here to rescue your asses", he said while running over to Newt first. Frypan came over to me and peel off the duct tape on my face. I sighed once it was off, finally able to breathe better.

"Hey Mick, how ya' holdin' up?", he asked while untying the restrains on my wrists and ankles.

"Neutral", I replied while rubbing my sore skin. Frypan cracked a smile and went to untie Brenda and Thomas.

Some of the Gladers held knives and sharpened pieces of wood and metal. Not very high-tech, but certainly deadly. But it surprised me to see blood on the end of them, meaning they had already injured people.  Hopefully it was Gone Cranks and not some innocent, infected people like that Kevin kid who was with Jorge back in the building where we first met. Newt came over to me and squished me against his chest. I squeaked in surprise, before hugging him back.

"Are you hurt?", he asked.

"No, I'm fine", I replied while pulling away. He looked extremely concerned, but it seemed to disappear once he heard I was alright.

"Are you okay?", I asked him. He nodded.

"Couldn't be bloody better", he said mockingly.

Count on Newt to be sarcastic at this situation.

But for some reason, my mind was distracting me back to his little outbursts. The time when he growled and glared furiously at the Cranks, just made me shiver. Newt was becoming more and more unlike his self. His eyes weren't the same anymore, and it worried me deeply. I don't want him to be a Crank. I don't want him to go crazy. I want him to survive this and get a damn cure. I don't care about myself, I just want him to live.....

"Come on, Jorge and Aris are waitin' outside for us", Minho said while tugging Thomas out the room.

We followed after him and walked down some stairs to appear back in the club we were in before. Except bodies lay on the floor, half of them were sleeping, snoring loudly, while the other half looked as if they were dead. They weren't moving, and it worried me to think that the Gladers had done this. I know that they must of attacked them, but it just didn't seem right to me...

"How did you find us?", Brenda asked while stepping over Cranks on the floor.

"Your friend seemed to know this city like the back of his hand. He led us here", Minho said while opening the door and going back up the stairs that led us into the alley from before.

We walked out and found Jorge standing with Aris outside. We met up with them and Jorge hugged Brenda, actually worried for her. I remember Brenda saying that Jorge was like her trusted Uncle, since he helped her when her father was killed. I wondered if I ever had a family. Ones that are possibly infected with the Flare. Do they remember me? Are they worried about me? About Thomas?

"We need to start heading to Safe Haven again", Jorge said while standing in front of all of us.

"I'll drink to that, let's go", Newt said while grabbing hold of my sweaty hand again. He didn't seem to care one bit, so I clenched his tightly. We all turned around, and started to head towards the desert.


We stopped and turned around, seeing the same blonde Crank from before. He held the rusty gun in his hand, and was aiming it directly at Thomas. Before anyone could react, he pulled the trigger and a bullet plunged itself right into Thomas's shoulder. He fell to the ground and Brenda rushed over to him, calling out to him. He was already starting to pass out, until the blood started to pour out from the bullet wound. I was frozen in my place, shocked at the sudden events.

Blondie then aimed it again, until it was directly in front of me. I widened my eyes, and the sound of gunfire filled the hot, dry air. I shakily looked down, and saw no wound at all. No pain. I looked up confused, and saw someone standing right in front of me. I chocked on my breath, knowing exactly who it was.

Newt then fell to the ground, grunting with a gash in his stomach.

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