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It had been five minutes, and we were still waiting for Thomas. Small chatters were heard amongst the Gladers, but everyone was worried for Thomas who we hadn't heard from in a while. I was playing with the golden chain that was still around my neck, and realised that it somehow had a sense of familiarity to it. I know that it's Newt's, and that he didn't know where he got it from, but I for some reason remember seeing it somewhere.

Suddenly, it hit me. A scene started to play through my head, and it was almost like another dream/memory. Newt and I were young again, possibly 10 years old. We were in a small living room, and Newt was lying down on the couch. I was sitting on the end where his feet was, and we were watching T.V.

"Newt, Mickey?", a voice said and we turned our heads to see a young Minho standing at the door way with his arms crossed. His spikey hair was hard to miss and I immediately knew it was Minho. "Do you guys know where Thomas is?".

"No, sorry", I said while ruffling my short brown hair. Newt shook his head and Minho sighed.

"I'm so sick of being here! I want to go home and away from these creepy ass scientists!", Minho said frustrated and sitting down on the floor in front of the couch. I was surprised by the language he was using for a 11 year old, but I figured it being Minho, it was expected.

"You shouldn't talk like that Minho! You could get in trouble", Newt said while sitting up and looking worried for his friend.

"I agree with Minho! I want to go home....", I said while crossing my arms in a childish pout.

"See?! We need to get out of here, some way, some how", Minho said while turning around. Newt sighed.

"Well then what do you propose we do then?", Newt asked while raising his eyebrows. Minho was going to say something, when he stopped himself and was deep in thought. He then sighed also.

"I don't know....",  Minho said in a defeated tone.

"Exactly", Newt said before sitting back in his seat. Minho got up grumpily and left the room. I then turned to Newt.

"Don't you miss your parents Newt? Do you want to go back?", I asked and Newt turned his head at me and looked slightly depressed.

"Of course I do. I'd like nothing more than to go back to them. But I don't see any way in getting out of here. I'm not going to waste my time in trying something that could get me into more trouble.....", he said while looking down at the floor solemnly. I then watched as Newt reached into his shirt, and pulled out something from around his neck.

It was the golden chain.

"What's that?", I asked while staring at it. Newt blinked before looking down at the chain.

"Oh, this was the last thing my parents gave me before WICKED took me from them. I always hid it from WICKED because they'd probably take it off me when they find it", Newt said while shrugging, but I could see he found the chain important to him.

"They took away my favourite teddy bear that Mummy gave me.....", I said while pouting. Newt turned his head and hugged my smaller self around the shoulders.

"Please don't tell anyone I have this. I don't want to loose it....", Newt said while looking down at me with a pleading look.

"I promise".

The scene ended and I was back in reality. Back standing next to older Newt. I remember now. Newt had this necklace when we were younger. I suddenly didn't feel right having it around my neck. Newt doesn't know how important this really is to him. I looked down at the chain and was about to turn to Newt to give it back to him, when Thomas suddenly came rushing out the building.

"Geez Tommy, what took you so-", Newt was cut off when Thomas rushed right past us and started to head North, out of the city.

"Thomas!", I yelled after him but he didn't stop.

What the hell is wrong with him?!

"Come on, let's follow the shank", Minho said while starting to run after Thomas. Soon, we all followed and started to follow Thomas back into the desert land.

He soon stopped and we all caught up to him. Thomas suddenly look frightened and confused. We all were suspicious to what happened between him and that girl.

"You slinthead! Don't just run out like that!", Minho yelled. Thomas seemed to snap out of his state, and gulped.

"S-Sorry.... just... didn't think for a minute", Thomas said while shaking his head.

"Yeah that's you most of the bloody time. What the shuck happened in there?", Newt asked. I peeked out from behind Newt, and immediately caught eyes with Thomas. He looked like he wanted to tell me something, but couldn't at this very moment.

"Well, I followed the girl inside. But she was actin' real weird. She said somethin' about WICKED havin' a second group of girls, who are headin' out to kill me. She then said stuff about her bein' controlled and she screamed for me to leave and take Mickey with me", Thomas said while looking down at the dry floor. Newt and Minho glanced at me, before turning back to Thomas.

"That's weird....", Frypan stated.

"That's not the weird part....", Thomas said.

"What? It's not?", Newt asked while raising his eyebrows, just like in the scene before. Thomas paused before taking a breath and looking up and locking eyes with me again.

"....... I knew her..... and so did Mickey".

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