I didn't have a dream that night. I was partly disappointed. My dreams could lead to us finding out more about our past. Well, my past anyway. I woke up the bright sun shining through a glassless window. I squinted and groaned as my arms and legs ached. The storm was gone completely, not a break of wind was felt. But the dirt had dried against my skin, making me stiff to move my joints. I looked around and that everyone was still asleep on the concrete floor. I looked to my side and saw that Newt's head was leaning to the left, most likely on top of mine while I slept on his shoulder. I saw that Minho's wounds from the lightening bolt were raw and looked pretty gruesome to look at. Thomas slept with his arms crossed over his chest and his head facing down, snoring slightly.

I stood up from my place, and stretched out my aching limbs. I sighed and looked up at the gaping hole in the ceiling above me, able to see the ceiling on another floor high up. Did a huge asteroid hit this building or something? I shook it off and turned around, to see a flash of brown hair. A grey wall was placed in front of another, making a perfect little hiding place. I saw brown hair behind it, making me extremely cautious and still. It could be a freaking bloody thirsty Crank for all I know. I gulped and went to wake up Newt, and try and get out the building and back on track to Safe Haven.

"Don't move".

I froze and saw that the person had stepped out from behind the wall, and was holding a sharp piece of metal in their hands. A young boy, no older than 15, was standing about 2 metres away from me. He had brown shaggy hair, and was tall for his looks. His green eyes shone brightly, but his face looked more scared than threatening. His clothes were dirty but was stitched up multiple times, as if he's been through a lot.

"I-I'll swing this at you, I mean it. Stay where you are", he said while slightly shaking.

I'm guessing that he's absolutely terrified to find some random strangers. He probably thinks we're a bunch of Cranks as well. I felt a little pity for the young, Flare-infected kid.

"Okay... I won't move", I said while putting my hands up in a defensive stance. His hands shook, but he stabilised himself so he looked tougher. But his eyes said it all.

"W-What are you doing in here? Y-You shouldn't be here", he said.

"We just came out from a storm. We just needed some shelter until the storm settled-", I begun, but was cut off by someone jumping awake.

"Mickey?!", Newt jumped to his feet and ran over to me. He looked at the now even more frightened boy and Newt moved himself in front of me. "Who the shuck are you?".

"I-I live here. Leave! I-I'm not afraid to hurt you!", the boy said while his face turned pale. Newt looked the boy up and down, before reaching back and gripping my hand in his.

I then heard someone groan and wake up, along with others starting to stir awake. Not good. Minho looked around and looked at the poor boy confused. Thomas jumped up and rushed over to Newt and I.

"Who is this kid?", Thomas asked.

"Dunno, just woke up and found 'em pointin' that at Mickey", Newt replied while glaring at the boy and motioning to the metal in his hands.


The boy was cut off by someone calling out some words I didn't catch, and rope appeared down the hole in the ceiling. A man slide down it, and did a flip, landing on his feet skilfully. Newt turned towards him and backed away, causing me to do the same. The man looked middle-aged, tanned skin and had a creepy wide grin across face.

"Hello hermanoes and hermana!", he said all too cheerfully.

"Who are you?", Thomas asked.

"I'm Jorge, and I'm the Crank who rules this place!", he said proudly. He then turned to the young boy and kept the grin on his face. "You did good Kevin".

The boy gulped and he walked around so he was now beside the one named Jorge, and kept the piece of metal raised at us. I eyed him as the colour slowly returned to his face, but still had the look of fear to him.

"How many of you are here?", Newt asked while protectively standing in front of me with a strong stance.

"How many? How many Cranks? We're all Cranks around here, hermano".

"That's not what I meant and you know it", Newt said while glaring at Jorge. He then started to pace the room, stepping over some of the Gladers.

"The government left us here to rot in our disease, kill each other, go completely and utterly insane from something they created. About how there's different levels to the Flare. About how it's too late for you - the ill is gonna catch ya' if you don't have it already", Jorge began to explain, but I cut him off.

"Wait what? They created the Flare?", I asked confused. Did WICKED say it was from the Sun Flares? Jorge looked at me with his eyebrows raised.

"You know WICKED personally hermana? Must of been feeding you lies for a while now. The government created the Flare. Sun flares were a separate thing, as if they weren't bad enough. But then they decided to 'accidentally' release an extremely contagious disease that eats at ya' brain", He informed. Jorge then looked down at Newt and I's in-twined hands, before smiling creepily again. "I see there are star-crossed lovers in your little group hermano. Pretty adorable if ya' ask me".

Jorge seemed to be talking to Thomas, most likely thinking he's the leader. Newt's eyebrows raised, thinking of a way to react, but didn't say anything after a while.

How could they lie like that? About the Flare actually being man-made. Why did they have to lie about it in the first place? I don't think we're able to hate them anymore than we already do.

"Anyway, I'm the one who's curious right now. I wanna know who you guys are, where you came here and what's your purpose. Now", He said while switching his gaze to Thomas, believing he was the leader. I heard Minho chuckle, before shaking his head in amusement.

"I don't think your in the place to be questioning us. There are 12 of us, and 2 of you. Maybe you should start talkin'...", Minho said while cocking his head mockingly. Jorge's face looked slightly surprised but mostly un-effected.

"Did you just speak to me like I was a dog? Spike head?", Jorge started to walk over him, and stood beside him who still sat on the floor. "You have 10 seconds to apologise spike head".

Minho looked like he was in some kind of funny magic show. He smirked and looked at Thomas with a 'can you believe this guy' look. I looked over and saw Thomas looked actually frightened for Minho and I was secretly hoping that Minho would apologise for his words. I turned around a little and saw the young boy from before was blinking confused and had lowered the metal in his hands.

"1", Jorge began to count, his smile removing from his face completely. Newt's hand tightened around my own, and I could see that he was also fearing for Minho.




"Do it", Thomas said but Minho seemed to ignore.



"7". Jorge's voice was rising with every number, making more fear build up in my chest.


"9". It seemed that Minho seemed to realise as well.

"I'm sorry", he blurted but Jorge didn't seem to take it.

"Say it with meaning hermano", Jorge said before he pulled his leg back, and kicked Minho hard in the leg.

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