I woke up with a jolt from the dream, and saw that I was still on Newt's bed. Newt himself had laid down beside me and had my head on his chest, with his arm around my shoulder. He was awake, and was just staring at the bed above us. He was  rubbing my shoulder comfortingly, and looked  in deep thought right now.

"Newt....", I called and he switched his gaze to me.

"Oh your awake. Did you sleep well?", he asked . I nodded and laid my head back down on his chest, leaning my deaf ear near his heart beat. It always calms me down.

"I had another dream...", I stated.

"Was it about the past again?", he asked while raising his head a little to look down at me.

"Yeah..... but we were older. About 13 and..... we were all in a classroom. Minho and you were there. Along with Thomas...... and....", I stopped for a minute.

"And what?", he questioned.

"Thomas....... is my brother....", I said while lifting my head and looking back up at him. Newt's eyes widened and he looked shocked.

"W-What? Are you pullin' my bloody leg?", he asked, astonished. I shook my head.

"No.... he called me his little sister and he also called me Nina. I think it's my real name...", I confessed.

Newt was silent for a minute, before moving and sitting up. I followed after him and was sitting beside him.

"You should probably tell Thomas. He's with Minho, searchin' for a way out of this bloody place", Newt exclaimed.

"Okay, I'll tell him when he comes back....", I said and Newt nodded.

"So you think your name is Nina?", he asked.

"Yeah. While we were in the class room, the teacher started to tell me off and calling me Mickey. Apparently I didn't like being called it and wanted to be called Nina. So I can only assume it's my real name....", I explained and played with my fingers while talking.

"So do you want me to call you Nina?", Newt asked. I thought for a minute, before shaking my head.

"No, cause it won't be fair if you call me by my real name and I call you by your fake name....", I said. Newt chuckled and took my hands in his, squeezing them.

"I'd rather call you Mickey anyway. I think it suits you better", Newt confessed while in-twining our fingers together.

That's...... exactly what Chuck said to me when we met.


"I remember my name, it's Mickey".

"Oh wow really? Mickey.... it suits you".

-end of flashback-

"Mickey? You okay?", Newt asked while looking at me concerned. I blinked and nodded.

"Yeah.... just.... thinking about Chuck...", I said. Newt raised his eyebrows.

"Oh.... yeah. I miss that shank....", Newt stated while looking down at our hands.

We stayed silent, until I heard the door open and turned my attention to who walked through. Thomas and Minho had come back and shook their heads in denial of finding the exit to this place. Some Gladers sighed and groaned in annoyance. Thomas noticed me and came over, and sat on the edge of the bed.

"Hey Mick, how'd you sleep?", Thomas asked. I ignored his question as Newt got up and left us to talk, sibling to sibling.

"Thomas.... I had a dream", I stated and Thomas looked a little shocked.

"You get 'em to huh?", Thomas asked. I was surprised by his question, but continued.

"Yeah. I had a dream of us when we were little.... and you..... you said something to me that is pretty important", I said and I could see Thomas was getting more interested by the minute.

"Really? What did I say?", Thomas asked.

"You..... called me your little sister", I stated. Thomas stopped for a minute, before blinking.

"As in.... like friends right? Like a protective thing?", Thomas asked. I shook my head.

"No Thomas.... you were serious. We're.... siblings", I said.

Thomas's eyes widened, just like Newt's did and he looked down at the floor. I could tell many thoughts were running through his head. I was the same. I mean, I just found out that my brother was with me the whole time. In the Glade, through the Maze. That connection that Thomas and I thought we had, was a sibling connection.

"I..... can't believe it", Thomas said, still in shock.

"I know..... silly thing huh?", I joked.

"I... have a sister", Thomas said, before grinning suddenly. It startled me to see him so happy about it, before he lunged at. I was taken back and squeezed into a giant bear hug.

"Your my sister Mickey! I actually have family with me. I'm so relieved....", Thomas said while squeezing me tightly. I softened and hugged him back.

I guess it does feel good to know that you have someone with you that is extremely close to you. Sure Newt is close to me, but I have someone that I know I can rely on besides him all the time. A brother, someone who can protect me and support me through this.

We pulled away, and Thomas still had a genuine smile on his face. I smiled back, before turning and seeing that the Gladers were staring at us in confusion.

"Guys.... Mickey and I are brother and sister. She had a dream of the past and found out that we're siblings", Thomas stated. The Gladers smiled and congratulated us. Newt came back over and put a hand on top of my head, and running his fingers through my hair.

"Woah woah woah hands off my Sis!", Thomas said while pulling me away from Newt. Newt looked surprised and I couldn't help but laugh at Thomas's suddenly brotherly instincts.

"What? You just found out your bloody siblings and your already going big brother mode on her?! I was her boyfriend before you were here brother!", Newt said while putting his hands on his hips.

"What?! You shank! We were blood related before you can say 'Oh let's be boyfriend and girlfriend'. So that means I get to be her brother first", Thomas said while standing up from the bed.

I was laughing so hard at these two, I had to hold my stomach. Even some of the Gladers started to laugh along, all cheering on one of the two. Minho was going for Thomas while Frypan was going for Newt. It was just too funny to see the two fight over a stupid thing.

I guess it will be good to have a brother around, along with an adorable boyfriend.....

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