Thomas came over and knelt down beside me, and carefully took my bandaged arm in his hands. Newt left to go help Minho with the announcement of using the bed sheets as shades from the boling hot Sun outside. Thomas wiped away the last of the tears on my face, and then examined my arm.

"We can't really give you anythin' to help it heal. You'll just have to let it heal with this bed sheet on alright?", Thomas said with a look of sympathy. I nodded and he helped me to stand. I looked over and say Winston looked even worse, with the bleeding scarpes on his head and face. Clint wrapped his face in a bed sheet to cover up the horrifying wounds. Winston was whimpering in agony, and made my injury look like nothing.

"Alright shanks, everyone pair up with someone and empty out your bed sheets to protect ya' from the buggin' hot Sun", Minho instructed and everyone started to pair up. Thomas turned back to me and said he'd go with me, until Newt came along.

"I'll take care of Mickey. You go keep Minho the Slinthead in control of his own bloody actions", Newt said and Thomas nodded.

"I'll be near by if you need me okay Mick?", Thomas made sure and I nodded once again. He then left to go share bed sheets with Minho.

"Your stuck with me now Mick", Newt joked and I cracked a small smile. I appriciate his effort of trying to keep my attention off my ruined arm.

Newt emptied his bed sheet carefully and took out the water bottle. He then took his arm holding the water bottle, and wrapped it around my waist sercurely. He used his other hand to hold up one side of the bed sheet, and I held up the other side.

"I want you to be in my eye sight the whole time okay? I'm not findin' you hurt again", Newt said and I obeyed without hesitation. We then turned and watched as Minho opened the door fully. The Sun beamed through and Minho leaded us out the dark hall and into the instant heat. I was already sweating, and the bed sheet around my arm just added to the strong humidity.

"Alright we'll walk during the night, then sleep during the day. Today, we'll walk and we'll walk tonight. But tomorrow we'll sleep during the day. Got it?", Minho asked and everyone agreed.

We walked for hours, barely moving anywhere. Well, that's what it seemed like. The pain in my arm was still distracting and I couldn't hear anything that Newt said. He was on the side of my deaf ear, so I couldn't hear him. We couldn't swap sides because my bad arm would have to hold the bed sheet, so we just had to walk in silence.

I felt a tap on my shoulder, and I turned to see Newt looking at me. He didn't speak since he knew I couldn't hear him, but he pointed at my bandaged arm with a concerned look.

"It feels a little better now....", I said while trailing off. Newt nodded, before turning back his head and looking a head.

We walked at the back of the group since Newt's limp was even more noticable now, and I guess the Gladers thought he needed to walk at his comfortable pace. Thomas glanced back at me every now again, and I nodded at him saying I was managing.

A water bottle appeared into view, and I saw that Newt was holding it out for me. I gratefully took and whispered a thank you. I wasn't sure if he heard it, but I took a small sip anyway. I then went to hand it back, when Newt put his hand out to stop me.

"Drink more, you need it", I was able to hear his clear voice. The sound somehow was able to travel around to my good ear, which made me a smitch more happier. I obeyed and took another relieving sip, before handing it back to him with another thank you. Newt smiled and nodded, before wrapping his arm back around my waist, and pressing me against his side.

The sky was now getting darker, and I was releaved to feel the heat start to die down through this waste land. But everyone continued walking, all in hope of finding Safe Haven and a cure.

Through the Scorch.

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