The creatures continued to advance towards us, while we watched in horror as they slowly closed us in. Only Group B had weapons, the Gladers and I didn’t have anything but our bare hands. I turned my head and saw Newt was looking at the creatures, with a face of fear and worry. I watched as his facial features turned into the most frightful expression I’ve ever seen him wear. I grabbed his hand that was clenched at his side and he turned his head towards me. His breathing rate slowed down and he no longer looked so frightened.

“We’ll both take one”, I said to him. He hesitated, before he nodded and squeezed my hand.

“Thomas”, Minho called and Thomas turned his head to him. “What do we do?”.

“We fight ‘em”, Thomas simply said. “Do the best we can”.

“Sounds good to me”, I stated while eyeing the creature directly in front of me.

“Let’s do it”, Newt said. “We’ve got nothin’ to bloody loose”.

And with that, everyone charged at the terrifying creatures. As soon as they saw us charging, they let out horrific cries before they charged at us with just as much force. And the fight began.

Each person of Group B and the Gladers, took on one creature. If one person was having trouble, someone would try to help out. But it was difficult since the creatures were much bigger and harder to beat. Yells and wind slashing was heard from people and the creatures. Many were injuries, a few were already dead. Beating these things seemed impossible at the moment.Newt and I worked together at fighting one creature. We each dodged the thing’s attacks, but we needed something to fight with. Some sort of weapon. We couldn’t beat this thing without any attacks.

“DUCK!”, Newt yelled while throwing his head down, just missing the creature’s sword. I quickly did the same, ducking my head down. I felt the sword only lightly brush against my hair, cutting off small strands. I looked back up and saw the creature was thrashing it’s sword around aimlessly, hoping to cut through Newt and I.

I jumped to my left as the sword cut down to my side, only barely missing me and plunging itself into the ground. I got back to my feet and saw Newt pick up a rock from the ground, and throwing it at the creature. It hit the creature in it’s demented shoulder, bursting one of it’s huge, freakish bulbs. The creature let out a cry in pain, letting go of it’s sword that was in the ground.

The bulbs! That seems to be it’s weakness. I eyed the sword that was in ground, and quickly rushed over to it while the creature cried in agony from it’s blood-pouring bulb. I grabbed the handle and pulled it out from the ground, before whipping around to fight. I only just turned around when the creature jabbed it’s leg out and kicked me straight in the stomach. The impact was harsh, making me fall back on to my butt, clutching my stomach.

“MICKEY! GET OUT THE WAY!”, Newt yelled while trying to run over. The creature started to walk over to me, ready stab it’s other sword into my stomach.

I had no time to move, so I watched as the creature pulled it’s arm back, only seconds away from ripping through my stomach.
A sword’s blade appeared through it’s stomach, appearing from behind it and blood gushed out immediately. The creature fell to it’s side and landed on the ground with an agonising cry. I jumped to my feet and scrambled away from the creature. Newt dropped the sword that was in his hands, and came over to me. He put his hands on both my arms, looking over me for any injuries.

“I’m fine”, I said, but he had to make sure.

“You sure?”, he asked and I nodded.

The wind around us started to pick up, making my hair fly out of my face and blow behind me. Both Newt and I looked up at the sky and saw that clouds had started to gather, making the sky grey. Dust started to fly around and cause me to squint slightly.

Another storm.

Rain started to pour down, and the wind was getting stronger. Lightening clashed against the dry ground, leaving black patches.  I watched as the creature that Thomas was fighting, got electrified and was left with nothing but a bloody mess.

“Come on! We need to help the others!”, Newt yelled over the gushing wind.

We went to help out the Gladers, when the creature that was laying on the ground, got to it’s feet and started to thrash it’s remaining sword around. Newt and I jumped away from each other, avoiding the sword’s sharp blade. I grabbed the sword that was on the floor, and held it in front of me.

My heart was beating so fast. I was so scared. So confused. So worried. How could I possibly defeat this thing? I could hardly defeat the Grievers. Hell I lost my freaking hearing in one ear! I’m not cut out for this. Any of this. These trials aren’t meant for me. I’m only important for Thomas’s well-being. If I die, he dies. I’m not special like Newt, or Thomas, or Minho. I’m just the girl who was sent to Group A and basically caused the Glade to crumble in on itself..................

Newt is the glue, the carer for the Gladers.

Thomas was the important, smart one.

Minho was the leader.

Me?.... I was nobody compared to them....

“MICKEY! THE BULBS! CUT THE BULBS!”, Newt shouted while trying to keep himself from falling over from the strong wind.

The creature went to slice me right down the middle, when I slammed the sword down on it’s arm, cutting it only to the bone. I had to at least try. The sword was not going to move any further, as if metal was stopping. The creature turned towards me, and slammed the butt of the sword into my cheek. Pain shot up and caused my cheek to sting. I jumped back and put my hand to my cheek, feeling a cut stretching across it.

“Oh Geez...”, I muttered and winced slightly.

Newt appeared beside me and took the sword out of my hand, running at the creature. He swiftly dodged the creature and fought with it. They clashed swords multiple times and Newt was able to dodge most of the creature’s attacks. Newt was then able cut down on one of the bulbs on it’s arm. The bulb sliced open and blood gushed out, causing the creature to cry out again. It stumbled back and Newt stood in front of me, stepping back. The lightening around us started to clash down closer to us, making me jump slightly at the loud booming.

“How.... when did you learn that?”, I asked in disbelief. He was surprising skilled at sword fighting.

“Don’t know if you noticed, but I always had a machete with me in the Glade. I used it for anything to wood choppin’, to fighting off Grievers in the Maze”, Newt said without turning his head to me. “Grab the other sword, quickly would be awesome.”

I saw that the creature had dropped it’s other sword, leaving it on the ground in front of Newt. I rushed into action and took the sword, standing beside Newt, holding it up. I then noticed that Newt was now staring at me, making me turn to look at him.

“We’re doin’ this together”, he stated. I looked into his brown, soft eyes and saw he was pumped to kill this thing. I nodded.

“Together”, I repeated.

Newt and I both turned our heads back to the creature who had gotten to it’s feet and started to charge at us again. Both Newt and I raised our swords, and sliced down. We cut down on two of it’s bulbs, and the creature started to burst into gushes of blood.
Soon enough, the creature was completely destroyed. Left was a puddle of blood and traces of it’s loose, gross skin. I turned to Newt, and felt relief fill up in me. We actually killed it.

“We did it...”, I stated dumbly.

“Yeah.... we did”, Newt replied and stared down at the puddle.

“NEWT, MICKEY! GET INSIDE ONE OF THE PODS! THE LIGHTENING IS GETTIN’ TOO DANGEROUS!”, I heard Minho yell out as he started to run to one of the pods.

“Come on! Let’s follow Minho!”, Newt said while grabbing my hand that wasn’t holding the sword, and pulled me towards the pod that Minho was getting into.
Cliff hanger.... again :D

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