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Minho ordered everyone to go to bed early that night, so that we could wake up in time for the Flat Trans. Newt wanted me to sleep with him again, since Aris needed a place to sleep as well. But before I got to bed with Newt, Thomas had a little conversation with Newt. He asked to meet him outside the room, privately. I couldn't help but be curious to what they were discussing, so I stood just by the door, and listened in to their conversation.

"Newt... I just wanted to talk to you about Mickey", I heard Thomas say in a shushed whisper.

"Yeah, I gathered that. What is it Tommy?", I heard Newt say. Thomas paused for a little while, before talking quietly again.

"I'm real worried for Mickey during these trials. They seem real intense for everyone, but I think their effecting Mickey the most. You notice that she keeps spacing out, and becoming more nervous. It's making me paranoid about her well-being", Thomas confessed.

"I know what you mean. I'm also becomin' scared for her. She's already deaf in one ear, and she's seen some things she shouldn't have to see", Newt said while I heard him trailing off.

"Exactly. So since she seems to really like you, and you seem pretty committed, I wanted to ask you to..... protect her. I mean..... she's the only family I know I have and.... I want her to be safe", Thomas said sincerely. I could feel my heart aching at his words.

"Course I will. You don't need to ask for that, it's bloody automatic for me. But I want you stayin' alive Tommy. Mickey's already lost Brayden, along with Alby and Chuck. If she looses her own brother too, she might just loose it for good", Newt said softly.

"I'll try my best", Thomas said. "And by the way, no funny business tonight".

Oh for the love of god!

"I'll try my best", Newt repeated with a smirk hinting in his voice. I face-palmed and felt my face go hot. I heard the two start to get nearer to the door, so I quickly rushed away and hid behind the first person I saw. Sadly, that was Minho. He turned around and looked at me over his shoulder.

"What are you doin'?", he asked while raising an eyebrow.

"Hiding", I said while carefully watching Newt and Thomas walk back into the room.

"Why?", Minho asked.

"Because....", I trailed off, while I watched Newt lay down on his bed and stared at the bed above him.

"Because?", Minho asked.

"Never mind", I said while walking out from behind Minho and over to Newt, leaving Minho confused.

I stood beside Newt's bed, and he turned his head in my direction and smiled. I love that smile. So much. It looks so good on him, better than the frown he used to wear frequently. It always made me smile back, and feel more happier about the situation I was in.

"Hey Mick, lie down", Newt said while shuffling over, making space for me. I laid down and laid my head back on Newt's chest that was 'conveniently ' in the perfect position for my pillow. Newt's arm wrapped itself around my waist and he pulled up the covers with his other arm, and covered the both of us.

"Nice and warm...", Newt said randomly with his British accent. I laughed and he looked down at me strangely. "What are you laughin' at?".

"Nice and warm?", I questioned. He still looked confused and blinked cluelessly

"Yeah.... what your not warm?", he asked.

"No it's not that, your just so cute. The way you said it was adorable", I stated. Newt then grinned.

"You think so?", he said while keeping his grin. I nodded and 'hm'ed in response.

"Then I say things like that more often", Newt said while squeezing me against his chest. I laughed again, before feeling my eye-lids drop quickly.

"Goodnight Mickey".

"Night Newt".

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