For the first time ever, I had a dream. A real dream, but not one of made up imagination. One that seemed like..... a memory. A young girl was sitting down on a white couch, with white walls around her. She was no older than 11 years old, and she looked depressed. She was pretty, with a long brown hair and a flawless face. It was then that I realised.... that it was me. A younger version of me.

"Mickey?", a voice called and she turned her head to the door. A older man was standing there in a white lab coat. Even the door was white, hardly separating from the walls.

"Hm?", she or I... whatever responded back.

"There's someone who wanted to see you", he said as he pushed the door open wider and stepped aside.

I wasn't sure if I was in my younger self's point of view, or if I was watching this from a different point of view, but I was shocked to see a small boy walk in. But he looked very familiar. It was an 11 year old Newt.

"Newt!", my little self called before shooting up and running over to him.

She wrapped her small arms around his shoulder and snuggled into his chest. Newt grinned and hugged myself back. He was so cute. His hair was a little orange now, but was on it's way to being the dirty blonde it is now. He was a lot shorter, I only barely met his eye level. But it was visa versa now-a-days. The other man left the two, with a small smile on his face.

"Are you eating alright?", Newt said while pulling away. Even then he was worrying about me.... I also realised his British accent was more stronger at this age, which made him even more cuter.

"Course I am", my little self said. But her smile faltered slightly, making Newt remove his smile completely.

"Mickey.... your not eating enough are you?", he said while taking my small hands in his.

"It's not like I don't want to.... it's just.... I don't trust these people. I haven't seen Mummy in forever....", she said as she sat down on the white floor. Newt followed after her and crossed his legs under him.

"I know it may seem strange, but we'll get used to it. Tommy always says that we're here because our parents want us to become smart. And I know Tommy's never wrong", Newt said while smiling.

Wow, the tables must of turned when we grew older. Now, Newt hardly ever believes Thomas.

"I guess so....", mini-Mickey said. "I am kind of hungry now...".

"Then let's get food!", Newt said while grabbing small me's arm and pulling her up to stand. Newt turned around and pulled me out the room, and disappeared down the hall.


I woke up with a startle, before calming down once I realised we were still in the same room of bunk beds. The Gladers were sleeping, some snoring and it seemed like it would be about an hour before the sun rises. I heard a small groan and shuffling, coming from behind me. I stretched my neck around and saw Newt was lying beside me, his arm wrapped tightly around my waist. I pictured his younger self like in my dream, and saw that he had grown up quite a bit since then.

He shuffled again, before opening his mouth slightly to breathe better. He looked really cute, almost like his younger self. I didn't move from my position, in case I woke him up. I was going to turn my head back around, until I saw his eyes crack open, before closing again.

"Your awake too huh?", his voice was crackly, but somehow sexy.

"Oh... yeah", I answered, while turning my full body around so I was facing him. He kept his eyes closed while he wrapped both arms around my and hugged me right into his chest. I squeaked slightly when I was suddenly suffocated into his chest, while I heard him chuckle and his chest vibrate.

"Newt.... I just had a dream...", I said while trying to look up at him. He didn't move, just cracked one eye open at me before closing it again.

"Oh yeah? What was it about?", he asked.

"About.... us when we were younger", I said while gripping the back of his blue pyjama shirt. Newt's steady breathing stopped, and he pulled away from the hug and looked down at me.

"Seriously?", he questioned. I nodded. "What happened in it?".

"Well we were about 11. I was in a white room and you came in, asking if I had eaten anything. I lied and said I was fine but you knew about it and told me that we were sent to this place because our parents wanted us to be smart. We then left the room to go find food", I finished while fiddling with Newt's shirt button.

"That's it?", he asked. I nodded again. "Interesting.  Maybe this could lead to us finding a clue. Remember that dream okay?".

"Okay...", I replied while looking at him. Newt nodded back, before hugging me again, burying my face into his chest.

".......Was I cute?", Newt asked. I giggled and looked up at him.

"Yeah you were. Much shorter though", I replied back while poking his nose with my finger. He smiled before kissing me softly on the forehead. I closed my eyes again, and fell asleep after a while.

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