"NEWT!", I yelled while rushing to his side immediately. He laid on the ground while putting his hand over the gun shot, wincing and groaning. I put my hand over his, pressing against it, just like Minho did for me in the Maze. I was so afraid right now. I didn't even care what happened to the blonde Crank, I just wanted to stay with Newt.

"Hey stay awake Newt! Come on! Don't die on me now!", I said while tearing up. He was already dozing off, which can't be good. He squinted up at me and cracked a weak smile, making my heart ache.

"Don't worry... I'm goin' anywhere.... not bloody yet", his voice was strained and just brought more darkness to my heart. I can't handle this. I'm too emotionally unstable right now.

"Newt...Hey Newt!", his eyes closed and his head rested on it's side. "Newt! WAKE UP NEWT!".

The tears finally streamed down and I kept on shaking his head. Please don't go Newt! I need you! I kept on shaking him, until an arm grabbed mine and pulled me up to my feet. I struggled and tried to get myself out of them, yelling for Newt. But the person was stronger than me, and pulled me away and into their own embrace. I knew from the muscular arms, that it was Minho. He kept me locked in his arms and I cried my heart out into Minho's chest.

"It's okay Mick, Jorge can help him. Thomas as well", Minho said.

"He doesn't deserve this Minho... Newt doesn't deserve any of this....", I whimpered into his shirt.

"I know.....", Minho said solemnly.

Frypan volunteered to carry Thomas while Aris carried Newt. I was gratefully that Aris was being genuinely caring and knew that he didn't quite fit in with us, but he was trying his best. We started to walk back through the dessert, leaving the city behind and on our journey to Safe Haven. I stayed beside Minho like a lost puppy, knowing that he was the only one here who I trusted completely after Thomas and Newt. Minho didn't seem to mind at all, which relieved me a little. But my shoulders were pilled up with the worry of both Newt and Thomas. Jorge said he can get the bullets out of them, but he'll need a fire and a solid metal rod.

Night fall came, and we started a fire with the dry sticks laying around aimlessly. Aris and Frypan laid down Thomas and Newt beside each other, and I didn't leave their sides. I sat down beside Newt, sitting on my legs and watching them. Jorge heated up the metal he had and went to Thomas, asking for Minho and Aris to hold him down. They did so, and Jorge pulled out the bullet from his shoulder. Thomas started to yell and squirm in pain, but Minho and Aris had a firm grip on him. Next was Newt.

"Mickey, hold down his shoulder for me. Minho, hold down his legs", Jorge said while positioning the metal. I gulped and did what I was told, firmly holding his shoulders. Jorge took a deep breath, before he carefully put the metal in the bullet hole.

The cries that came from Newt, made my heart slice in two. I wanted to cover my ears, block out his cries of help. I saw that Minho looked hurt at the sight of his best friend in such pain, and he winced when Newt's cries started. I was tearing up again, and Jorge was concentrating on getting the bullet out. Newt wouldn't stop. He tensed up his shoulders and sweat formed on his forehead.

I then felt Newt's screams blur, making them less piercing. Someone was covering my ears. I looked to my side and saw Brenda, having her palms pressed against my ears. She had a blank expression, but her eyes showed sympathy. I was shocked, but was ever so thankful.

"Almost there!", Jorge said over his screams.

I couldn't take anymore. Just then, Jorge removed the bullet that was now covered in blood. Newt stopped screaming and was now panting. Minho sighed in relief and let go of his legs. Jorge walked off, to dispose of the bullets, while Minho replaced his spot and bandaged up Newt's wound with extra care. Brenda took her hands off my ears and I turned to her, still surprised.

"W-Why did you do that?", I stuttered. She looked down at Newt.

"I know how much you like him, and I saw how hurt you were, so I decided to help you out. What you have with him is special and I don't want it to be ruined by some bastard Crank who shot him", Brenda said while sitting on her legs. I was indeed surprised by her thoughtfulness, and felt bad for thinking those bad things I thought when I first met her.

"Thank you....", I whispered. She cracked a smile and stood up on her feet.

"Don't mention it", she said before walking over to Jorge. She looked solemn as well, and I knew it was for Thomas. She cared about him a lot, I could see it. And now that Brenda has become a little more friendly to me, I didn't really mind.

I looked back down at Newt, and saw that he was now only sleeping. He still looked sweaty, so I ripped a part of a my shirt off, and wiped it away for him. Once it was gone, I pulled his head up and placed it gently on my lap. I was glad he was okay. His heart was now beating calmly and my worries were slightly decreasing. I looked over at Minho, and saw he was sitting by the fire with a depressed expression. I'm sure that he's as broken as I am. I saw Frypan put a hand on his shoulder and started to comfort him, which I was grateful for.

Newt started to groan, and his eyes cracked open. He looked up at me with a pained face, but it faltered when he looked into my eyes. I was glad to see he was awake.

"Told you I wasn't goin' anywhere", he whispered.

"You scared the crap out of me.... you know that?", I said back. He cracked another smile and reached up his hand, and placed it on my cheek.

"Sorry", he said while his thumb softly caressed my skin. I softened once again and leaned in towards his cold, but somehow warm hand.

"Your still really pretty..", he stated.

"Thanks.....", I said, reliving the moment in the Glade when he said I was pretty.

"No....", he stopped and I stopped as well, curious to what he meant. "You really are.... beautiful...".

And with that, he closed his eyes again and drifted into another relieving sleep.

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