I sat in Newt's arms for god knows how long. I didn't know what else to do. I was so close to loosing him, how could I not be so relieved? Newt leaned his back against the wall of the berg, keeping his strong arms around me. His breathing had calmed down, making his heart rate slow down to a relaxing beat. I did what I always did when I hugged Newt, I pressed my deaf ear against his chest. I let myself close my eyes and actually relax.

"Who are these people?!".

I opened my eyes and turned my head, to see a man standing there with red hair. He was pointing at Brenda and Jorge, who were sitting down on the floor. They looked terrible. Shivering and injured, comforting each other. No one spoke as the red head looked around at everyone of us, trying to look for an answer at why two Cranks were in here. I looked over at Thomas, expecting him to say something. He looked as speechless as the rest of us.

"Answer me!", the man yelled. No one seemed like they were going to say anything, so I did.

"We found them in the city. We promised them the cure if they helped us through the Cranks and dangers. I think they deserve to be here", I exclaimed while moving out of Newt's arms, and sitting in-between his outstretched legs. I leaned back against his chest, already feeling just as comforted.

"Yeah, we wouldn't be here with 'em", Thomas said, gaining the courage to speak.

"You two always find a way to break some rule, without there being any rules! Siblings for life huh? Well it doesn't matter, they shouldn't be here", the man then pulled out his gun from his belt, pointing it at both Jorge and Brenda. Thomas shot to his feet and looked at the man with anger.

"They are just as important as we are! We did what we had to do to survive!", Thomas yelled. The man raised his eyebrows, rethinking the situation before sighing.

"Fine... you can keep one of 'em. The other dies", the man said while pressing the gun against Brenda's head, talking as if they're animals.

I was just about to stand and teach a lesson to this ungrateful git, when Newt's arms slithered around my waist and kept me in my sitting position. I was going to turn around and argue, until Newt started to talk in my ear.

"Let Tommy handle this one, he knows what he's doin'... at least I bloody hope", he whispered while putting his chin on my shoulder. I decided to trust Newt on this one, and see what happens.

"Wait!", Thomas exclaimed. "You can't possibly make me choose!".

"I'll give you three seconds to choose", the man said without moving. "One".

I watched Thomas as thoughts seemed to rush through his head. His eyes were flicking back and forth between Brenda and Jorge, frightened to pick one. I wanted to help out, tackle the man to the ground or something, but I knew that Newt wouldn't let me help. I knew that Thomas could probably handle this, but I can't help but think 'what if'.

"Two", the man counted.

"Kill her", Thomas said while pointing at Brenda.

It shocked me. I really thought he would pick Jorge or tackle the man to the ground, but nope, he chose Brenda. I then noticed that Thomas's hand was shaking, meaning he was nervous or afraid. Then it hit me. Reverse phycology. By saying that he wanted Brenda to die, he hoped that the man would kill Jorge instead, thinking that Thomas really cared for Jorge. WICKED always seem to want to hurt us in the most evil way possible, so killing the one you seem to care about would seem the evilest. But Thomas was being logical here.

The man stopped, before he put his gun back into his belt. What the...? The man then grabbed Brenda, before pulling her to her feet by clenching her shirt. He then walked towards the still open hatch, that revealed the raining air and lightening clashing.

I stiffened and watched in fear as the man dragged Brenda towards the open hatch, now wanting to badly help out. I wanted to stand up and punch the hell out of the guy, but Newt wouldn't allow me to stand. He kept his arms firmly around my waist, not letting go. Not the best time to have an over-protective boyfriend!

Thomas then sprung into action and tackled the red head to the ground. I stopped struggling and watched in amazement as Thomas pressed his forearm against the man's neck, while reaching for the gun that had been knocked out of the man's hand. Teresa had grabbed Brenda before she fell backwards, and pulled her back into the berg.

"No one dies. Not anymore", Thomas said while panting. "If we haven't done enough to pass your shuckin' test, then we all fail. The lies are over".

I was amazed at Thomas's sudden heroic act. I leaned back again on Newt's chest, relaxing again. The man seemed to soften and wiggle his way from Thomas and over to the wall beside the hatch. He pulled down on a lever, making the hatch start to close completely.

"My name is David", he stated before standing back up. "And your right. The tests are over. No more lives shall be taken and no more lies".

"Yeah we've heard that before", Minho stated, rolling his eyes mockingly.

"And this time, it's true. The trials are over, you will all receive the cure. We're now heading to safety, real safety. You don't need to worry", David said while brushing himself off. Everyone's faces were filled with shock, and suspicion.

"All of you deserve a long sleep and some food. It'll be a while until we reach the headquarters", David said while standing up.

"Why should we believe you?", Newt said while standing up from his place, grabbing my hand along the way and pulling me to my feet as well. He stepped forward so that he was beside me instead of behind me.

"Because I'm sure you'd much rather get some sleep than be abandoned back out in the Scorch", David said while walking to a door that none of us had noticed and opened it. "Now follow me so that we can get you guys some food".

We all looked at each other, before Thomas was the first to follow. Teresa then followed, then everyone went to follow the David guy. I stayed with Newt, clutching his hand from behind him.

Never did I want to be separated from him again.



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