Everyone now was sitting on the ground, infront of force field surrounding the Ratman. He still sat in his chair, reading his book as if we weren't even here. I sat cross-legged between Newt and Minho, while Thomas sat at the front. Everyone was waiting patiently, yet the Ratman just kept reading.

"For shuck sakes! Are we really goin' to sit here and wait for this shank to speak?!", Minho said in frustration.

"Maybe we're supposed to do something....", I suggested but trailed off.

"And do what exactly?! Why don't I just break the glass-".

"Slim it! He's gonna speak!", Newt yelled, making everyone look at the Ratman who had put his book down and gotten a file out from under the desk. We all became silent again as he flicked through the pages, and stopped on one. He then looked up at us, his nose wrinkling at the sight of us.

"First off, I wanted to congratulate you all on completing Phase 1 of the trials. It is certainly an achievement, an important part in our blueprint. Now, it is on to Phase 2, the Scorch trials".

Everyone looked around, confused. Something clicked inside me, making me jerk up straight. Those words..... blueprint....Phase 2......Scorch. They were all familiar. I held my breath, and images started to flash through my head. A woman explaining things to me, about Phase 2. An important part of blueprint needed to find the Cure.

"Mickey? You okay?", Newt asked while putting his hand on my shoulder.

"Y-Yeah....", I said while slouching slightly and my stiff shoulders relaxing.

"You've been doin' that a lot lately. Blanking out, then being nervous and you stutter", Newt said while looking at me concerned.

"I'm fine..... just confused....", I covered up before looking back at the Ratman.

"Unfortunately, all of you have already caught the Flare, meaning you have a limited amount of time before you go past the 'Gone' phase. You have 2 weeks to cross the Scorch and reach Safe Haven where you will be rewarded with the Cure to the Flare. Variables will be thrown at you, and you must survive them and save humanity", the man was getting more and more bored by the minute. Seemed like he had repeated this thousands of times.

"Wait what?! The Scorch?", a random Glader asked. Ratman glared at him, before nodding.

"Yes, the Scorch. Must I explain the Sun flares again?", he asked obnoxiously. Everyone was silent again, making Ratman get the message and he continued his speech.

"Tomorrow at 7 am, a Flat Trans will appear at this spot. It will lead you into Phase 2 of the trials. The Flat Trans will then disappear at 7:05 am, meaning you have 5 minutes to pass through it. If you do not pass through, you will executed immediately".

Silence continued, but everyone had shocked expressions on. Somehow, I knew what a Flat Trans was. A portal that could transport you to a different destination. How I knew this? I don't know.

"WICKED wishes you good luck in Phase 2, and hope to see you all at Safe Haven. And remember, WICKED is good", Ratman said before standing and disappearing through the wall behind him. The desk and chair faded like hologram and the force field vanished. Everyone stood up and stepped forward cautiously. Once they realised Ratman was completely gone, they looked around, once again, confused.

"Seriously? The Maze was just Phase 1?!", Frypan asked.

"Seems like it", Minho mumbled while feeling the wall Ratman disappeared through. He then turned around, and clapped his hands together, gaining everyone's attention. "Right, everyone set your watches to a little before 7 am. We're gonna wake up, grab what we can, and leave through this apparent Flat Trans. Make sure you shanks grab food".

Newt beside me, groaned and rubbed his temples. Minho snapped his head at him and glared at the Brit.

"Problem Newt?", Minho asked. Newt's head snapped up and looked surprised.

"Course not. Just admiring your bloody leadership skills", Newt said while fake smiling. Minho glared at him again, before pulling down the collar of his shirt, revealing his tattoo.

"What does this say huh? Leader?", Minho asked with sassiness dripping from his words.

"Yeah Yeah.." Newt said while waving his hand. Minho sighed and stood up straight.

"Frypan, your in charge of food. Clint, your in charge of any medical supplies we need. Mickey and Newt, you keep everyone together. Thomas.......smile for once", Minho ordered. I stifled a laugh at my brother as Thomas raised an eyebrow.

"Alright, I'll be goin' then", Frypan said while walking back over to the table and grabbing food and water.

"Wait do we really know what we're doin'? Oh and by the way-", Thomas pointed at his face, a creepy smile spreading across his face. "-I do smile, just not around you".

Minho rolled his eyes, while some Gladers laughed.

"Yes I know what we're doin'. There's nothin' we can really do to prevent this. I want to get out of this place as soon as possible", Minho stated before walking back down the hall and into the bedroom. Thomas sighed and followed him, along with other Gladers.

"Mickey", Newt called and I turned to him.

"Are you ready for this?", he asked me, while bringing his hands up and cupping my cheeks.

"I don't have much of a choice....", I said honestly.

"That's true, but just know that I'm here okay?", he reassured and I nodded. Newt smiled, before kissing me softly on the lips.

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