The New Parents

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Midoriya Izuku

[Name] woke up late, her eyes have bags under them. She stayed up all night long because Ichika kept crying. She even took Ichika out from the room, not wanting to bother her husband.

[Name] rubbed her eyes and stood up. She looked at her daughter, who was still sleeping. Then, she went out from her room. She was greeted by a wonderful smell when she wlaked out.

"Izuku?" She called out as she walked to the kitchen.

"Good morning, [Name]! Breakfast is ready!" Midoriya grinned at her. [Name] stared at the breakfast on the table.

"You made this?" She asked.

"Mm-hm. You should wash your face before you eat your breakfast. Don't forget to brush your teeth. Oh, I already did the laundry. Let me hang them outside." Midoriya fumbled with his apron and took it off.

Before he walked past [Name], she grabbed his hand and hugged him tightly.

"I love you, Izuku."

Midoriya's face was redder than any tomatoes in the world to the point he started to shout nonsense.

Bakugou Katsuki

Bakugou groaned in his sleep. He was having a dream about himself shouting at no one. Strangely, he was bothered by his own loud voice. Then, his eyes suddenly shot opened and he realized it wasn't a dream. Someone was really crying right then.

He groaned again, annoyed by the loud voice. Another annoyance for the day was how he was feeling cold. Usually in the mornings, he would feel warm because someone will always be beside him. But today, she was gone.

"Please stop crying... You'll wake up your dad." Bakugou heard his wife's soothing voice.

"So noisy..." He grumbled. "Who is fucking crying inside the house at this time?"

"Oh, you woke up. It's Katsuya, you moron. Who else would be crying like this? Me?" [Name] sighed.

"... Who the hell is Katsuya?"

"For God's sake, he's your son!"

Todoroki Shouto

That day, Todoroki has a boat load of work to do. He was exhausted. Not to mention the constant yellings of from his father. He sighed as he rode the last bus to home. He was alone inside the bus, spacing out. The driver had to call him three times when they arrived.

Todoroki dragged his feet to his house. Inside his mind, he was complaining of all the work he has as a pro hero. He really wished he has more time to spare with his family.

"I'm back." He quietly murmured when he arrived at his house.

It was already late, but the television was still on. Todoroki took off his shoes and walked into the living room.

"Welcome back, Shouto!" [Name] greeted him with a smile when he walked in.

Todoroki blinked at his wife. She was watching the TV with Shouya in his arms. They were watching a DVD for children. Shouya turned his head toward Todoroki and he smiled brightly.

Todoroki wondered how a simple sentence from [Name] made his exhaustion go away immediately. And seeing his son's smile made him want to smile too.

Todoroki finally smiled.

He really loves his family.

Iida Tenya

[Name] sighed for the third time. She was tired from her husband's constant rambling about discipline and such. She really didn't expect that he would be like this if he becomes a parent.

"[Name], please don't put this here. Books should go straight into the bookshelf." Iida said while cleaning up the table.

[Name] hummed in response. She watched Iida as he went to play with Yuki. He talked to her as if she was in the same age as him. He used formal and difficult words just like he usually does. But, at least he loves his daughter. That's enough for [Name].

"[Name], I told you not to give Yuki this doll. Its fur might fall off and get the crib dirty."

[Name] abruptly stood up from her chair. She stomped toward Iida and snatched the doll from his hands. Then, she walked out from the room with an annoyed expression.

Because there are times when she couldn't stand his attitude.

Kirishima Eijiro

"Mommy is out to buy fruits, she'll come home soon." Kirishima tried to stop Ryuu's cries.

"What should I do to make you happy?" Kirishima scratched his spiky red head.

"Here, your favorite toy." Kirishima gave a toy dragon to Ryuu. The baby shook his head, still crying.

"Then, do you want to play with planes?" Kirishima gave a toy plane and Ryuu pushed it away.

Kirishima did everything he could to stop Ryuu's cries. He brought out all the toys, he made funny faces, he raised him up, but Ryuu didn't stop.

"I'm back- Wow... What happened here, Eijiro?" [Name] asked, walking into the room with a shopping bag in hand. The toys were scattered all around the room. Eijiro was leaning on the sofa, with Ryuu sleeping on his laps, probably tired of crying.

"Being a parent is hard." Kirishima commented while [Name] tidied up the room.

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