Chapter 4.2 - Welcome to the Inquisition

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2 hours later.

Meanwhile, in Big Meadow, while Zlocan activity in there is relatively small, the low presence of military forces from Humans make it a landing place of operations for Zlocan troops into American territory. Walkers, Knights, and tanks are rolling in for action and in preparation for their next operation.

But even then, the warriors of their nation can still be found in some capacity.

Hidden in the bushes, six figures are laying prone, observing a landing Zlocan ship with some troops observing.

One is a man with dark skin, and a pompadour worthy of a cool guy, in spite of a visible scar on his right cheek. Wearing a long purple trench-coat and with a bag-pack, he seems like a man who's ready for anything.

"Sae jackie, ye think thes is the hot stuff we expect? another figure says, with a thick, feminine, Scottish accent.

The man's name is Jackson Bairman, and if you expect the best, he can come up with it.

"Ah, always need that the hot stuff always comes with a great reward for taking out ugly mugs in here," Jack replies with his deep, smooth voice.

Alongside him is Lucy Henderson, a former journalist, and photographer of various magazines around the world. With her ginger hair, pink lush eyes and medium weight body and a bag with a handful of knives inside, she can truly provide some tricks beneath her sleeve.

"Ah, don't be hasty! It's not like we can all grab it one go, or unless you truly own something incredible inside you, right?" Lucy replies back while punching him in the arm. Unfazed, he soon sprouts an amused smirk.

"Heh, you surely still think of it, don't you?" Jackson says.

"Listen to her man, you might get the proper sense in knowing what to do in situations like this, former soldier or not." Another figure replies, this time coming from a man wearing a dirty, wrapped police uniform.

"You think Murph?" Jack asks to Murph. He groans in frustration.

"You and your bleeding mouth..." he replies.

"Well no shit, that's the best we know of him," another man says, this time being one having dark rugged hair, wearing a dark blue leather jacket and with a double-barreled shotgun near his holster.

"Maxie-boy, you that ain't the half of him by now," Luce replies back as she pointed her binoculars at him. This makes him scoff.

"Well, there may be an extra reward if you behave like proper children," another figure says. This time a woman with brown hair and blue jumpsuit, with a huge flamethrower next to her.

"Sure thing Ellen, but you should know that I'm not tolerant of sugar as you think," Jackson replies back with sarcasm.

"Boys as usual..." the final figure replies, is also a woman with brown curled hair and some white robes. Luce only chuckled in response to her annoyed tone.

"Oh Laiya, I was wondering if you could bring the fun right now," Jackson replies.

"OK, that's sure is enough my buddies, keep mouthing off like that and we may spend the next weeks transporting crap to their prisons," Lucy says, this time with an annoyed tone and raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah right...well, where was I? Well, we know that our movements in this war zone are downright limited and thus we can't achieve with it. But if there's one person I can rely on my life and turn the tide, is someone located near the north. Government forces have reunited with others to form some form of alliance to take back our lands," Jackson says while Lucy's taking some photos of the group stationed on the ground, having a conversation with a shadowy figure.

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