Chapter 29 - Acceptance

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Flashback - 20 days before the meeting, Bumblebee Creek

In a lush and green day in the forest, Amira was sitting near a flowing river. She saw most of the fish swimming alongside the flow of it. From such a simple sight, it sure caught her interest as she continued to gaze her focus on the flow of it. It's almost like if she was expecting something surprising to come out.

She kept on with that until...

"Don't you think you've seen enough of it?" a familiar voice said.

This question made Amira jerk her head back to see the direction of the one who asked her. It was none other than Varris himself, all sporting a smile on his face.

"Hey Varris, you should be more polite when greeting someone who is unaware," she replied. "Also, there's so much to expect in this place from what you expect."

"Oh, you think so?"

"You can sit with if you like, brother Varris."

He chuckled in response before he sat down near the river alongside Amira, waiting for something surprising to come out from it. Nonetheless, still a good time between two siblings to enjoy.

"All of this makes me wonder...of how such beautiful creatures could survive from Humans for so long," she said.

"I-I honestly...honestly, I really don't know. This puzzles me."

"How so?"

"The number of things that I've heard from the species and yet looking at this sort of makes me wonder..." 

"Then, maybe we haven't seen enough of them from what they told us."

"That's too early to tell, sweet sister," Varris retorts then got up from the grass, "there is no need to think many of the committee would be ever mistaken from their report on this planet. It must be some sort of way that enables them to continue to breed more for their killing intents but still not sure how."

"But...isn't that contradictory on studying further on a species?"

Varris stayed silent for a moment, thinking of what Amira told her. He then closed his eyes let out a long sigh.

"The're right. But that's just one case for now, We must hope that the case on Terra and the Humans is not mistaken. And knowing their status, the Zlocu may not even try to go here."

"But what if they-" Amira replied but she's cut off by Varris.

"No IF. Even the Zlocu won't be crazy enough to go here to face some creatures worse than their own ambitions."

Such words made Amira turn away from Varris. Such harshness was something that always turned her off since it meant it could forbid her to do some interactions beyond the wildlife of Earth. Noticing this, Varris sat down once more with Amira while also putting his hand on her arm.

"Sorry, didn't mean to snap...I know you want it and I know we could try to talk more about it...but there are other matters to attend to."

"Oh right... I'm going right away," she said as she gets up and accompanies her brother away from the river. But before they left any further, some splashes were heard from the nearby river, making the sibling turn their focus back to the river. What they saw was so surprising they stood still at such sight. The sight was none other than one of some flock of fish leaping out of the water. This sight made Amira smile.

"See what I told you? There were really surprises in there!" Amira said with giddiness in her voice.

Varris could only smile and chuckle for a bit from his sister's discovery. Even if they may not see it always, good surprises would always come when they least expect it.

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