Chapter 30 - Reunion and Planning

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Back in the quarters of the warriors, things are looking something almost usual for them. Most of them are tidying up most of their bedsheets and pieces of equipment. While others are looking around for new messages, whether it's through their phones or the news on the radio, that comes nearby to them.  

"Here ya go, Jack." Lucy gives Jack a pistol, his Beretta M9 used on many occasions. "Oh, quite the trusty gun, thanks a lot, Luce," Jack replies while smiling at her.

Andrei can only snicker in response while covering his hand near his mouth. Tany is the one to notice him in first as she turns around to see him.

"Hey, remember the lesson I gave to you, Andreito?" 

"It's small fry compared to the force of the bullets, that's one time from you, you know."  Tany can only chuckle in response as she smacks him on the left shoulder, albeit not too much to produce pain. Andrei can only chuckle from such response too. 

"Hey, shouldn't we try to ask the colonel if there should be some sort of mission that could allow us to prove ourselves worth jack again?" Seiner asks.

"Well, you heard him clearly, his orders are orders and thus, should be followed as such. Well, except this one that could be up to no good know," Malak answers with a frown on her face.

" Still hung up with that?"

"On the contrary, It doesn't feel like a good idea anyway." Seiner then scoffs in response.

"Heh, guessed as much." He then adjusts a bit of his golden gun, checking every capsule available while also seeing some of the ones he hasn't before. He holds these ones with an astute observation, staring and seeing every detail of it up to the smallest of particles in them.

"And to be honest, I asked too because there are these new capsules I've never seen before, not since the battle in San Jose."

"Is it some sort of sentient, analyzing computer or somethin'?" Eddie asks.

"Well, you could say that, but this pretty much beyond from what we, at least from a Human perspective, can understand the current circumstances behind it. So please...there should be something that could be suited for these little capsules."

"Ohhhhh, you and your little toys, Seiny-boy! And I think that if you want to try these new little capsules thingies then you, uh, what is ist....oh yeah! Just watch some of that Bill Nye thingy or so you can test it at home, well this home at least. It would be fun to test out something outside of the meanie combat you know!" 

There's a brief silence as others stare at Tany for her answer. Lucy, in particular, with her narrowed squinting eyes and a tightened face.

"Yer aff yer heid, lil' Tany. Do you imagine being forced to pay all the cost of the damage depending on what those new powers from the lad over there? It almost costs a fortune with all the bloody puke nights, but bloody experiments? On a military base?  Not even the most thousand of millions and billions and trillions and EVEN quadrillion of years should you pull it off."

Tany in response leans her head very but very close to Lucy, close to making eye contact with her eyes widened and a big frown forming on the former's face. Lucy's expression remains unchanged too as she stands her ground. 

"Heya, pretty girls," Jacksons says as he approaches the two girls while holding the two back in the middle of the two. "From what I see, this is not a worthy discussion at the moment, quite stupid-ass to be perfectly honest with you. The better we focus on what we can do next with outmost patience, the better the results we'll get, you got it?" 

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