Chapter 11: Wake Up, Get Out There!

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August 20th, 22:30 pm PST

On San Jose, somewhere inside an office building, there are Zlocan Knights working in each post, likely checking the status of the railguns and other activities. Guns and other equipment are stacked next to the walls and some boxes. Not to mention, Zlocan banners displayed in the windows. Everyone present in the room all goes to their business like is something usual for them ever since the invasion.

The door opens, causing the ones present in the room to stand up, staying firm with the arrival of a Zlocan with green eyes, white groomed hair, short beard, and a mustache, with a finesse black, ironclad armor to boot. A man as old as the deepest military tactics ever known to the Universe, a warrior of any principle.  He walks straight to one of the windows while the Zlocans bow down before him.

Raven is present in the room as well, likely being the CO of the area as well.

"Well well well, I guess the so-called Phantom General has arrived with his grazing reputation among us, any recent inconvenience general Kedris Horiq?"

"Quite nothing Commandant Raven, except for the recent events that happened to you and your inquisitors, everything is going smooth and well."

"Indeed. As long as the wall is operational, Humanity won't further advance into our territories and with the sinking morale, we'll be victorious."

"Yes indeed. Yet, I've heard of something that's been disturbing your own group, isn't it right?"

"You mean the Earth Warriors."

 "Earth Warriors? Quite an odd yet catchy at the same time. How dangerous are they?"

"Didn't you hear it already, Kedris? Beale Air Force Base and the facility fell because of these warriors...and yet, it seems that they're not together for too long now."

"What? What do you mean?"

"We've carried out an operation, one deadly enough to make the Humans blame the alien for what they did thanks to their own nature. You may not worry about them for too long."

"Very well...but are you truly sure they're divided now?"

"If they were they could attack us at any moment and they're not, so it's unnecessary to think about it."

"Could be, but still.  One cannot underestimate the valiant efforts a race can have in wars. One must be vigilant in their actions at any moment or else it will come back to bite you hard. You could understand."

"For me, I don't consider it applicable to Humanity, it's just a waste of time."

"Remember, Raven. Don't try tempting it."

"You still need to understand more."

"I think the same for you...moving on, are you going to stay here?"

"Negative, my inquisitors have other matters to handle in their hands, I do not wish to be part of two operations at the same time. But still, I wish you the best of luck, Kedris, if anything happens. And don't forget to use the tactic."

Kedris can only stare in silence from Raven's words, breathing in a hard way as well as clenching his fists.

"Something  of that matter?"

"No...still, thank you for your time, commandant."

With such words, Raven simply nods then moves to the door of the other side, leaving the room while two nearby knights prepare to escort him out of the building.

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