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Just Breathe by LeeannaMorgan
Just Breatheby Leeanna Morgan
Kelly just wants her business to succeed, and getting involved with a bodyguard is not part of her plan - but he is the only one who can keep her safe... ...
The Dragon Chase: A Tale of the Everburning City by Arveliot
The Dragon Chase: A Tale of the Arveliot
There is no night in the Everburning City. There can never be. ***** For four hundred years the Eve...
Unbecoming Humans by BeeKienitz
Unbecoming Humansby Rian Ó Rós
This is the completely rewritten second edition of Unbecoming Humans. It's bigger, it's gayer, it's everything the first edition deserved to be. Please note that this r...
Hukum Sa's Ligress - ✓ by YoursMagic
Hukum Sa's Ligress - ✓by Ramandeep Kaur
Story of a true king and his beloved Rebel ❤️ ***** "You remember your Dada Hukum always said that a true king never bow's down infront of anyone other than..."...
His Worst Behavior by Monstreph
His Worst Behaviorby Monstreph
Chloe Mars is taken captive by a lethal Alpha who refuses to let her go - and she's about to see him on his worst behavior.
The Last Hope Of Mankind (Kamen Rider X Record Of Ragnarok)  by HGloveways12
The Last Hope Of Mankind (Kamen Luke Riders
The Gods of all Faith has voted that humanity is not worth giving them another thousand year so has decided to exterminate them. however the thirteenth Valkerys doesn't...
The Gilbert Sister // The Vampire diaries [1] by Miatmk
The Gilbert Sister // The Miatmk
In a small town called mystic falls Nina Gilbert , her twin brother Jeremy and her older sister Elena are grieving over the loss of their parents. Nothing ever happened...
When All is Lost by NinaMarks
When All is Lostby Nina Marks
Trapped in the last pocket of society that hasn't fallen to the apocalypse, Kate will have to choose how much she is willing to sacrifice to not only survive but to find...
Overflow [Bayverse!Transformers x OP!Child!Reader!] by peacockdragon12345
Overflow [Bayverse!Transformers Creativity_Juice
Truck-kun strikes again only to send a over powered child to the world of Bayverse!
Kalyug - As told by Krishna by Ak_Mzhr
Kalyug - As told by Krishnaby MZHR
Kalyug, the final age of human generation, the destruction of the Earth- the book will tell you everything that you're wishing to know about the end of the world.
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Your Saviour | Stefan Salvatore by cerqent
Your Saviour | Stefan Salvatoreby ♡ holly ♡
❝How can I save you if I can't save myself?❞ Stefan's long-gone best friend returns to Mystic Falls to help him turn his humanity back on. But when the oldest flame is s...
Record Of Ragnarok: The Savior Of Humanity by Son_Mono
Record Of Ragnarok: The Savior Son Mono
Many people choose to not believe in mythology or really anything but that's their choice many people choose to love God and many choose to hate him for some reason a lo...
The Gilbert Sister // The Vampire diaries [2] by Miatmk
The Gilbert Sister // The Miatmk
• 2nd book of The Gilbert Sister series • (S2) Torn between whats right and wrong Damons choices might just get some he loves killed. Determined to protect Elena, Stefa...
Klaroline ►Crazy For You ✔️ (1) by klarcline
Klaroline ►Crazy For You ✔️ (1)by 𝒂𝒍𝒊𝒄𝒆
h "Oh my, brother. Caroline Forbes will be the death of you. And you know it." ~ ~ After Caroline's mother passes away, she turns off her humanity. Stefan cou...
Fall and Rise by ElaheKarami
Fall and Riseby Elahe Karami
"Show me," he whispered and pulled her closer to his body and buried his face in her neck, inhaling in her soothing scent that he had come to love. "Show...
If, and Only If || (Xiao x Reader) by kuroos_possession
If, and Only If || (Xiao x Reader)by Kuroos Possession
Xiao, the Guardian Yaksha that serves for Rex Lapis was conquering demons on the West mountain. That seems to connect to the heavens and stars. And there lives a goddess...
Record of ragnarok by hellhound2356
Record of ragnarokby hellhound2356
this is a version I've made with my own OC's as the Human combatants.
Titanic x tvd : wtm by hybrids201324
Titanic x tvd : wtmby hybrids201324
Nelanie was the sister of the Salvatore brothers who went through a traumatic experience that left her shattered as she turned her humanity off not able to deal with the...
یەڪەمین ڕوناڪی by SH_E_NE
یەڪەمین ڕوناڪیby 🥀🍒
ئێرە ئەو شوێنەیە ڪە وێنەڪان دەدوێن و هەمـوومان بەیەڪەوە فێری خـۆشەویستی و ڕێزگرتن و ئارامگری و میهرەبانی و سوپاسگوزاری دەبین.. -وەرگێڕدراو لە ڪتێبی یەڪەمین ڕوناڪی فۆتۆگر...
War of the Worlds by marine325
War of the Worldsby General Marine
We always thought if we face any kind of alien incursion they would come from the skies. We were wrong they came from the Oceans instead. Man-Eating Giants invaded our c...