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Capture (Book 1 in the Wolfen Brethren Series) by Layla-A-D
Capture (Book 1 in the Wolfen Layls_
In the year 2890 the planet earth has been overturned by supernatural species, werewolves to be exact. The revelation of a race other than humanity came with it the impr...
  • pregnancy
  • resistance
  • family
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His Worst Behavior by Monstreph
His Worst Behaviorby Lissa
Chloe Mars is taken captive by a lethal Alpha who refuses to let her go - and she's about to see him on his worst behavior.
  • intimate
  • dangerous
  • luna
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The Gilbert Sister // The Vampire diaries [2] { Not edited} by Miatmk
The Gilbert Sister // The Miatmk
• 2nd book of The Gilbert Sister series • (S2) Torn between what right and wrong Damons choices might just get some he loves killed. Determined to protect Elena, Stefan...
  • humanity
  • love
  • blood
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The Gilbert Sister // The Vampire diaries [1] by Miatmk
The Gilbert Sister // The Miatmk
In a small town called mystic falls Nina Gilbert , her twin brother Jeremy and her older sister Elena are grieving over the loss of their parents. Nothing ever happened...
  • wattys2017
  • fun
  • elenagilbert
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Blue Roses. by ilovereadingstoriess
Blue ShamaKhuvahish.
Ranked #02 in spiritual. 18/09/16. Alhamdulillah "Please don't." I said taking few steps back and he clenched his jaw. "Why not?" He was literally co...
  • allah
  • ammar
  • humanity
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Finding Humanity by NinaMarks
Finding Humanityby Nina Marks
It started in an elevator. For Emily, every day of the last two years has been a blur. She keeps her head down, taking her college courses online and only going out to...
  • scary
  • romance
  • death
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TO BE HUMAN ⇝ a roleplay  by nafragous
TO BE HUMAN ⇝ a roleplay by 𝐎𝐋𝐈𝐕𝐄𝐑
  • rebellion
  • rpbook
  • humans
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Your Saviour | Stefan Salvatore by cerqent
Your Saviour | Stefan Salvatoreby ♡ holly ♡
❝How can I save you if I can't save myself?❞ Stefan's long-gone best friend returns to Mystic Falls to help him turn his humanity back on. But when the oldest flame is s...
  • ms17
  • mysticfalls
  • featured
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Feral  by anonymous_freak
Feral by anonymous_freak
NOT YIUR ATYPICAL STORY, JUST A HEADS UP -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:- She was a goddess, they were her worhshipers, and they ruled the wood Her pack is feral, feral packs...
  • feral
  • war
  • humanity
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The Human Reservation by DeGrey29
The Human Reservationby
Some dream of a cure, others for hope, and while humanity waits, its footprint becomes overshadow.
  • aliens
  • humanity
  • rebel
Cruel Intentions by saviorselves
Cruel Intentionsby Emjae
A burden boyfriend, an abusive father and an illegal side interest, Max (the girl) has the most negative outlook on life. Seeing things more animalistic than human, she...
  • abusive
  • pleasure
  • pain
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The Strength of Humanity (A Naruto Fan Fiction) by Insomniac_Lullabies
The Strength of Humanity (A Insomniac_Lullabies
Cashile Kuroki has discovered the Frailty of Genius, the shortcomings of prodigious talent, the weakness that comes with strength. Standing alone she fell, with no one t...
  • aiden
  • sensei
  • panicattacks
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Into The Rift by Renegade_Russkiy
Into The Riftby Renegade_Russkiy
Jerome is at the height of his career as a United Nations Operative, his noble job has his life placed on the line in classified operations all over the globe. Regardles...
  • veteran
  • humanity
  • magical
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Moving On. by listen-to-the-Khan
Moving The Female Khan
This was not supposed to happen, they were not supposed to meet. An angry young Pashtun with his ego problems was not supposed to fall for the Americanized version of a...
  • urdu
  • marriage
  • pakistan
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Humanity~Damon Salvatore by NYCitygirlKk
Humanity~Damon Salvatoreby Kassandra Klein
Sahara is complicated. Irrational. Funny. Sarcastic. Irresponsible. Questionable. Drop dead gorgeous. She is a wild vampire, with no conscious of killing. No humanity. U...
  • lovestory
  • tvdfanfic
  • humanity
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Depth of Me •••#Wattys2018••• by KimxSimon
Depth of Me •••#Wattys2018•••by Papillonner
"I'll write for what was left within the ashes; for the depth of me when all else is gone." cover drawing by: Carolina Roda
  • poems
  • truth
  • teens
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Volirus by jnurwin
Volirusby jnurwin
Jace is now preparing to leave for a life of his own with a promising scholarship to New York university to study philosophy things are looking good, but when he wakes u...
  • vampire
  • multiverse
  • human
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THE DEAD ZONE  by CaptainAndrews
THE DEAD ZONE by Amanda Andrews
What happens when the dead don't die? Alone, in a world overrun by the reanimated dead, Mira thought she had already lost everything. Up until she met the trio Flynn Br...
  • race
  • lgbt
  • wattys
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Sheer by sprinkleofhayat
Sheerby sprinkleofhayat
When Lahar's best friend decides to host his bachelor party at a brothel, Lahar has no choice but to go. He's just unwillingly locked in a room with a prostitute for fou...
  • muslim
  • tgba
  • srilanka
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Humanity by laughing_moonlight
Humanityby C H E L S E A
"I'm a monster, I'm not capable of loving you." ~ Anastasia only wanted a mate to love her, but a change of plans when she meets the heartless Sabien who...
  • wolf
  • heartless
  • attack
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