Chapter 25: Kill or Die

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The battle in the stadium rages on as all three groups fight each other with every drop of courage that they have to fulfill what they need to do.

A battle to determine the course of the war.

On the upper stadium seats, D and H are running as fast as they can while they notice the incoming reinforcements on their side.

"So, it took us long enough for this?" H asks.

"You should expect more of this you know," D replies.

"But this is a stadium in the open, not a freaking cave!"

"What's the difference?"

H only groans from what she says, which in turn, makes her giggle for a bit as they continue their pace.

But just as they continue to run, a bullet grazes near D's feet, causing to step back and stumble upon H's from the sudden impact of it.

They turn around to see the direction of the shooter. And it's none other than Valy herself, having entered to one of the floors alongside Celina.

"So they turn up just now, eh? Better be ready, my fellow," D says as she holsters one of her guns from the holster.

"Come on, really?!" H asks in frustration.


"NO! I'M A MAN!" he replies at the top of his lungs as he unsheathes his knife and rushes alongside the chuckling girl, D, to battle the G.o.D girls while running between the seats around them.

Meanwhile, Celina and Valentina do the same as they take out their weapons for their "melee" mode to face them head-on, all on equal ground for a battle like this.

"You sure brought the A-game for this, darling?" Celina asks.

"How bout if we find out now?"

"You got it."

They get near for the attack, as D jumps in the air to give some lead to Celina, only for her to swiftly block the bullets away with her sais. She also grins from what she just did in front, perhaps to give them more of a challenge to give from any taunt.

"You may reject bullets, but can you reject THIS?!" H says as he tosses three small balls towards the running duo. Said balls have some spikes emerging from many holes. But before they can explode, Valentina swiftly rushes beside Celina to use her dual Katanas to slice them apart in many pieces.

"Can't take any more rejections then?" Valentina quips.

"OK, maybe just this once," H replies as he draws two knives from his belt, while D clenches her fist for the battle, her gloves suddenly taking a metallic appearance.

Valentina leaps forward to strike against H, using the double-katana stance to slash him in some parts of the body. H quickly puts his arms near the chest where Valentina would strike, using his two long knives to block them. In spite of this, Valentina smirks from his move, perhaps for seeing an action never to her level of courage.

Celina tries to stab D's arms but the latter quickly moves her hands near the direction of the sais that is pointed towards her. Looks like a bold and risky move, but with her hands looking metallic, it means something from her strategy. Just as the sais try to impale her hands, they just impact to it while D punches them away. Nonetheless, Celina managed to get their grip on them in time, all while she raised her eyes to show the whites while still keeping a battle stance.

"Metallic hands...this is gonna be fun," Celina says as she prepares another flurry of strikes against D. Yet D still stands firm as she readies to block with her hands.

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