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Earth Warriors (Undergoing Revision) by LuisPetrizzoRengel
Earth Warriors (Undergoing Revisio...by Luigi98
It is the year 2026, an alien race called the Zlocu are waging war across the stars, believing that the era of peace was slowing down the next step of universal evolutio...
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Could Christians Believe Theistic Evolution? by RajRichard
Could Christians Believe Theistic...by Rajkumar Richard
Could Christians believe that God guided the evolution? What are the ramifications of theistic evolution? Here...
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The End of the Road by ashburkholder99
The End of the Roadby ashburkholder99
Extra Credit project for Humanities Quarter 3
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Spencer Revisited by 0utlyr
Spencer Revisitedby 0utlyr
Evolutionary Pyschology
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Darwin's Game: A Father & Daughter Adventure: 达尔文的游戏:父女历险记 by checki18
Darwin's Game: A Father & Daughter...by Checkina H. Coulibaly-壽曦鏗
In this story arc, Peter and Meg are forced into playing a messed up game called Darwin's game in which players will kill each other for money, power, and control. Whoev...
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Darwinism by Pockyy14
Darwinismby Pocky&Yukiko
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Decent, Upright, Savage by SovietVajHound1985
Decent, Upright, Savageby SVH'85
It's the year 2071, the effects of climate change and the subsequent rise in ocean levels has been greater than anyone had imagined 50 years ago. Economies have collapse...
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Evolution Deceit by adnanoktarenglish
Evolution Deceitby adnanoktarenglish
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Nebula [working title] by vallbea
Nebula [working title]by vallena
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Questioning Evolution by RajRichard
Questioning Evolutionby Rajkumar Richard
Evolution is not a perfect theory. Here are some fundamental questions evolution is yet to answer...
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Breed The Secret Design To Maintain Racial Inequality Among The Despised Classes by Williamchasterson
Breed The Secret Design To Maintai...by Williamchasterson
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Social Darwinism by HenryMein
Social Darwinismby Henry Miller Mein
What would happen if all the warning labels were removed from everything? Could humanity survive?
Why Do Scientists Reject Darwinian Evolution? by RajRichard
Why Do Scientists Reject Darwinian...by Rajkumar Richard
You are wrong if you think that all scientists believe in the Darwinian evolution. You are very wrong if you think that scientists who believe in God and Creation are th...
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Evolution by soupsandwichh
Evolutionby Soup Sandwich
Essay on evolution, natural selection, mutation, and Darwinism.
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The Mystery of Loup Gris (A Miraculous Ladybug Fanfic) by Kai-shiro
The Mystery of Loup Gris (A Miracu...by Kyle Chapman
It has been a year since Marinette and Adrien received the Ladybug and Cat Miraculouses, a year that has seen them grapple with their new identities and the machinations...
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