Walking Wet Dream by sweetsnowy
Walking Wet Dreamby Susette Sweetsnow
An ordinary girl falls for an extraordinary soldier.
  • nursing
  • romance-friendship
  • -friendship
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OO-RAH! by forest_in_her_soul
OO-RAH!by forest_in_her_soul
After deciding to work on the family farm in Jameson, North Carolina instead of going to college like her older sister, Daisy, Hayden Alistair's life took a turn for the...
  • marines
  • southernlove
  • toughgirl
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Love at First Letter ✔️ by megaannicolee
Love at First Letter ✔️by Megan Nicole
Hazel Tate has spent the last three years of her life avoiding all things military. After the unfortunate deaths of her parents, she wants nothing to do with them. So sh...
  • love
  • lovestory
  • newadult
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Finding Sunny by Shelby77gt
Finding Sunnyby Shelby
Nichole James has been medically discharged from the Marine Corps. She was in a ambush overseas. She is a heartless, ruthless killer. She is a soulless human being. She...
  • jazz
  • battle
  • war
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Saving Alessandra by raethom
Saving Alessandraby raethom
Alessandra Drew is a pacifist. Raised by a hippie single mother, she's against war; however, she doesn't believe in the peace her mother does, and her mind is easily cha...
  • hippie
  • seanopry
  • shaymitchell
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The Nerd Is In the Military by Squarely_Asleep
The Nerd Is In the Militaryby Masha
#515 in Teen Fiction Blair Collins in the nerd of the Hawks High School. She is either ignored, or terrorized by her peers not just for being a nerd but for having 'ugl...
  • school
  • military
  • scars
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I Saved the CEO(ON HOLD) by wolf158
I Saved the CEO(ON HOLD)by Wolfy
Jade Holt is 25 years old and a former Military soldier. She has over to a new city trying to find a new job. After getting kicked out. One day a man sits across from he...
  • kidnapped
  • rivals
  • love
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The Other Brother (Book Three_Project Hellfire Series) by bearmama256
The Other Brother (Book Sadie Torrance
Betrayed by her sister her heart broken Millie Taylor finds she's in a rut trapped in this two bit town with no hope of ever finding excitement or adventure. With her si...
  • lovers
  • romace
  • hacker
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Welcome to Highschool Army girl by VenomFire10
Welcome to Highschool Army girlby BATGIRL
Hurt, afraid, scared. These were all things that Brooklyn Collins had to overcome at the age of 15. Smart, strong, and beautiful is what She has become by the age of 17...
  • highschool
  • badboy
  • rich
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Fighting For You by PjWhites
Fighting For Youby PjWhites
Recently getting a new cell number Harlow kept receiving a call from a number she didn't recognize. Tired of them calling late at night she called the number back to dem...
  • dialogue
  • military
  • phonecall
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The Marine And Her Wolf by X-wild-wolf-X
The Marine And Her Wolfby X-wild-wolf-X
Luna lost her daddy at the young age of 10 he was a united state marine LT After the los of her dad her mom re marryd a real basterd after 6 years of bieng ignored by...
  • werewolf
  • war
  • alpha
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His Secret (A New Start Spin-Off) by lightthecandle
His Secret (A New Start Spin-Off)by T.O. Smith
CAN BE READ AS A STAND ALONE!! Bryce Jennings was an accident his parents had never prepared for. Both of his parents gave up all of their dreams to ensure their son cou...
  • marine
  • marriage
  • marines
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My Soldier (*Completed*) by QuackingDuck
My Soldier (*Completed*)by QuackingDuck
"Do you have to leave?" I say through tears. "I promise I'll be home before you know it." That's a lie. It'll feel longer than what it actually is...
  • deployment
  • military
  • love
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The Neighbor (18+) [COMPLETED] by kristineJulihanns
The Neighbor (18+) [COMPLETED]by kristineJulihanns
"Don't look at me like that...I will tear your clothes off if you try me" The last thing Skyler Blake wants is a man in her life. Not after the last one, at le...
  • neighbor
  • newyork
  • action
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When it's Over #Wattys2016 by SarahLWhite
When it's Over #Wattys2016by Sarah White
Imagine sitting down to write an email to an old woman in charge of an advice column when you need the answer to a very important question. What if just one typo sent yo...
  • teenfictionaward
  • love
  • justinbieber
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Temptation (DireWolves MC #1) (18+ Only) by QueenHoneeBee
Temptation (DireWolves MC #1) ( Queen B
"What's the matter, Sergeant? Never seen breasts before ?" • • • Gage had always thought of her like a younger sister. Had always seen her as off limits becaus...
  • badboy
  • swear
  • humor
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Longshot by europe_au
BOOK ONE OF THE NATTEDYR SERIES Matthew Harris Monroe is a werewolf. A rogue as a matter of fact. He used to be popular - he had to be with his future position as a pack...
  • maleprotagonist
  • wolf
  • manxman
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Military's Girl (editing)(1-7 edited) by KenZ_Dizzy95
Military's Girl (editing)(1-7 KenZ_Dizzy95
I pushed away from the dinner table and stood up really fast, then bolted for the door. I couldn't just stay here and listen to him tell me he was leaving, I just couldn...
  • survive
  • marines
  • abused
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The Stranger (Book Two_Project Hellfire Series) by bearmama256
The Stranger (Book Two_Project Sadie Torrance
Lacy Taylor is doing her best to help her father save the family farm from the evil industrialist that is driving local farmers off their land so he could buy up their p...
  • bad-boy
  • action
  • secrets
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LOGAN by helloyingz
LOGANby marielle
Aphrodite Reid, having a name after a Greek Goddess of beauty and love doesn't exactly make her one of the "it" crowd at school. She's the total opposite of wh...
  • asianinlit
  • brothers
  • 2018
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