Chapter 5.2 - New Friends, New Foes

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The travel is taking several minutes so far. Inside, Tany is sleeping while Logan and Amira are awake, waiting for the ride to end.

"Logan..." Amira says.

"Yes, Amira?"

"Yesterday, you told me that maybe the scientists who experimented on my uncle likely regretted what they did, tell me, how can you be sure of that?"

"Well, you see, Humans for years have tried to know the meaning of their actions, thinking if they were for the good or for the worse. Something these actions might take their morality to the limits. Things like the treaty of Versailles and the invention of the atomic bomb were proofs of such behavior."

Amira can only tilt her head from side to side, trying to understand what Logan just said.

"Were threatening discoveries or events?"

"Many say they were. And yet, others find something of value of them."

"But your curiosity really that benign at all?"

"Our curiosity in trying to discover and prove new things has been a good trait for all humans, or it was supposed to be. But still, Humans can know their mistakes before and after such events, and might know how its curiosity and its limits when pursuing them."

"That's...nice. But, what if they don't regret it?"

"Maybe they are not pure enough and power and selfish wishes consumed them, but we humans want to do good for the most inner parts coming from our hearts. We must wait first before reaching conclusions. After all, you will learn more about our nature, Amira."

"Let's hope so Logan." Amira then hugs Logan by his shoulder, with gentle warmth and tranquility all present with her.

Logan looks a bit uneasy on her. After all, it's just one day after the encounter and they don't know anything from her. Strangers are really rare to know regardless of personality, not even truly sure in how they can think of them.

But yet, Logan feels something special about her.

Just who is she? I never thought I could meet a being as gentle as someone I can meet one day. It's hard to tell even in war...and is she actually telling us the truth? I'm just wondering...

40 minutes later

The radar of the truck starts to blip many times, meaning that life forms have been found.

"We get new signals! Life forms found!" Seiner says.

"Alright! Finally some new friends for this great group!" Tania exclaims.

"CHROME TRUCK RETURN!" Seiner yells again, this time the truck became wire-frame again and later a chrome box again. The four heroes land on the ground, all while keeping their surroundings in check.

All clear for now it seems.

"OK, now where are those people?" Seiner asks.

"Maybe these are the ones we are looking for! Wait..." Tania replies in a confused manner while looking around back and forth on each side. At least until she spotted something peculiar, which made her curious smile to drop.

A pack of troops appears to walk by in the forest, looking somewhat familiar...

"Zlocan Knights?" Amira whispers. Even with all the powers that she gained, she could only wonder if she feels worthy enough to take them down in one go, least of any previous knight she just encountered.

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