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unspoken words  by lexmartinezz
unspoken words by alexia
a collection of my texts, poems and quotes, which may be very bad, but i wanna share with the world anyways. cover by @silverwarren 08/08/2019 - #28 on poems 08/06/2019...
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Earth Warriors (Undergoing Revision) by LuisPetrizzoRengel
Earth Warriors (Undergoing Luigi98
It is the year 2026, an alien race called the Zlocu are waging war across the stars, believing that the era of peace was slowing down the next step of universal evolutio...
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13 Shades of Innocence by TheStupefying
13 Shades of Innocenceby TheStupefying
When I was between ten to twelve years old, I went through an intense I-can-write-earthshaking-poetry phase. My poems had everything, philosophy, humor, loss, love. Of c...
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Serenity by itsbrindyyy
Serenityby Brindyyy
Random of the times when she sat in silence. ✨💙
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Adolescence and Loss by jonathanbbrunson
Adolescence and Lossby J.B. Brunson
A small collection of poems procured in between the ages of 16-19.
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2am Thoughts by Romii44
2am Thoughtsby Iamromii
These are my raw, honest emotions.😫
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A Handful of Silt and Whispers by morellathereader
A Handful of Silt and Whispersby morellathereader
Just some poetry. Nothing special.
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Dreamwalker by Phantasm1313
Dreamwalkerby Mint
I've spent my entire life craving more than I can have, weighed down by silent yearning and desperate denial. No more. The minute my chance presents itself I swear to ta...
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My Utopia  by saraaah486
My Utopia by saraaah486
This is my first poem that is full of imagination and fancy it just for fun and hope you will enjoy and support me Thank you 🌼🌼
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HIJAB by chocolatecoffee213
HIJABby chocolatecoffee213
The story of a young muslim girl, named Mahnoor, who thinks that covering up, in Islam, is a form of oppression, imposed by the male dominant society. However, As she m...
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Poetry and Musings by Suhana_simran
Poetry and Musingsby Suhana_simran
Here's a collection of short poems that would soothe your aching heart, usher in a wave of joy or maybe, give vent to your unrequited fervour...
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The Metaphorical Key Book I- Call of the Raven by AM-Morning
The Metaphorical Key Book I- A.M Morning
Twelve years ago, things changed... The world is broken. The idea of school has become obsolete since the war started twenty years ago, and chaos is possibly the only...
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A Ray of Moonlight by utopiandream60s
A Ray of Moonlightby utopiandream60s
Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer had a powerful influence in my life. I owe him my romantic and idealistic vision of the world. He died very young, in poverty. In these really...
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SINISTRA by ellamaria1290
SINISTRAby ellamaria1290
Sometimes it feels that what we went through in life is headed for a certain moment. A moment which we cannot imagine 'cause it's something that we are clueless about. W...
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Mindgams Podcast: Chief Keefe: Deleuze-ional 8: Deleuze and Hegel by AndrewMeintzer
Mindgams Podcast: Chief Keefe: Andrew Meintzer
Chief Keefe A. K. A. Tim Keefe is back to talk about the essay on Deleuze's thoughts about Hegel in the book called Deleuze's Philosophical Lineage. We also discuss Heid...
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Conneticut by MeganAynLambert
Conneticutby Megan Ayn Lambert
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