Chapter 15: Scales of Inner Anger

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August 21st. 23:45. PST

Amira's sitting on a metallic chair near a table, looking down with her fingers crossed. Ever since what she's been told by Logan, she thought of her second chance to be proven worthy of Humanity itself. Regardless of who may come, she will try hard to not lose her composure this time, least of causing yet another ruckus in the base. Yet for all this, she feels very distant to everything around her ever since being taken into custody, something lifeless isn't always a safe environment for someone like her. She relished on the open environment which is what she went for most of her life, something that could fill her heart and mind so much to feel something alive. But in a closed room...who can? Perhaps getting used to it will be sufficient enough for her.

A beeping sound is heard outside, indicating that the door's been unlocked. Slowly opening, a woman with hazel colored hair, tanned skin, and black eyes slowly walks in. She is wearing a white coat and a pair of glasses as well, probably who was the one to test on Amira but couldn't and now she can, likely expecting for her being more talkative to other Human beings for now. She sits in one of the metal chairs near the table, all while Amira slowly looks up in front of her. Her eyes almost narrow and a bit sleepy.

"Good evening, Amira...Dhorian. I am Doctor Rubi Corazon, a specialized psychologist for people, or if you like to be in general, living beings who are in need to be more evaluated with their psyche. Don't worry, I will just try to be as patient as I need to be and as well trying to study more of you, well, for a new Alien at least."

Amira simply leans her head back and forth while keeping her gaze on her, with her mouth almost hanging open. 

"Ehm, you know what I mean, right?"

" mean, knowing more of me?" Amira asks.

"Exactly. But in this case, to suit the patient's needs, I'll let you pick three of the following tests that will test your psyche and emotions. One is the empathy test, the word association test, and the anger test. One of them will let me know how much your mental health is and depending on the severity, I'll think of solutions for the well-being of yourself. Want me to explain each of them briefly so you can understand?"

"I think...I'll pick empathy."

"Empathy, I see. You want to prove that Aliens can feel, or just yourself?"

"Just...I just want to try. Just want to."

"Hmm...better get started then."

Rubi then checks up some papers near her bag, finding the ones suitable for the test. She grabs a handful, three or four to be exact, stapled together and puts them on the table. 

"I'll ask you this set of 60 questions reserved for the test. If you hesitate for more than a minute, then I'll have to stop it in the question you've been asked. That'll mean there's something in this question that may trouble you or something. But still, you'll keep it cool, OK?"


"Good girl. Now please pay attention to it. #1. You are in a forest, drifting around the place in all bushes around it and-"

"Excuse me?"

"What is it?"

"What's the forest? Is it a familiar one?"

"Just a hypothetical question, the place doesn't have any relevance to the question in any sense."

"And why am I in there?"

"Who knows, exploring, trying to be alone, discover a fancy treasure, whatever you think when you go there. You look down and see a hawk, slowly trying to get on its feet to-"

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