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Life as Aaron Carpenters Daughter by FuckItsAnna
Life as Aaron Carpenters Daughterby Anna Nicole
  • aaroncarpenter
  • love
  • romeo
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Playing The Emotions  by Simontini0905
Playing The Emotions by Simontini Dasgupta
Simitry Jones, a girl with many dreams to fulfill. She had seen too many ups and downs in her life. Still somehow survived with the help of her childhood bestie Claire. ...
  • friendship
  • confusions
  • love
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In Your Love... {Eternal Ishq #1} by abdofRahman
In Your Love... {Eternal Ishq #1}by abdurRahman (Gudi)
UNDER MAJOR EDITING {Eternal Ishq Series - Book One} A well known surgeon, a wannabe model, a would be Aalim, and a simple girl. ~The fate that links these four ~ the c...
  • ship
  • peace
  • wattys2015
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The Fight Club Academy  by highfoxes
The Fight Club Academy by ye
The FCA, an academy that creates the best fighters all around the country, is now attended by Skylynn Harris, a girl with a horrible past. She decides to become a strong...
  • war
  • hate
  • romance
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Glenn Rd| Jahking Love Story by a71002
Glenn Rd| Jahking Love Storyby a71002
Alessia moves to a suburban neighborhood. So new school,new friends and new crushes maybe? Alessia has never had a boyfriend. EVER! She meets a guy named Jahking, who l...
  • truth
  • boy
  • peace
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the Angry Girl by MIonthia
the Angry Girlby Astrid Anamsteel
some things are better off unsaid but they were tossed in my head so i decided to scream. Original content. Lowercase intended throughout the book. Previously titled &qu...
  • teenager
  • peace
  • life
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Freedom by Beginning2live
Freedomby Yasmine
  • death
  • humanity
  • peace
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Me ; by Sightness
Me ;by イノ刀イ
  • peace
What We Need by AlbionaJS
What We Needby #Purpose
How and What we need to do. 🙏❤ God wants the best for us and the best for us is to have His love that will lead us in the right direction.
  • love
  • lovewins
  • peace
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THE INVASION by aararjey
It was 3027, I wasn't born yet. A worldwide tragedy started, extra terrestrial creatures planned to invade the earth. It was a war between us and them. Humanity vs Alien...
  • invasion
  • thriller
  • sciencefiction
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When Two Worlds Collide <LITERATE Group Rp> !!!ALIEN INVASION!!! by Kim_knifeblade
When Two Worlds Collide !!! Kim_knifeblade
No one had ever thought that this day would come, never in their lifetime. Everyone ignored the signs and warnings they were given, pushed it aside as just news to scare...
  • humans
  • peace
  • soldiers
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Taken prologue by Btrixlament
Taken prologueby Btrixlament
  • hunger
  • joy
  • government
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Ferguson Verdict and the Protesting of Shameful Injustice by RhondaFrost0
Ferguson Verdict and the Rhonda Frost
  • brutality
  • station
  • ferguson
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Love  by _hai_w
Love by Gingy
Love, cliché isn't it?
  • peace
  • pain
  • savior
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Apocalypse by SelJKoo
Apocalypseby Selina Koo
This is the second book following 'Do You See The Real Me?' Cecile De La Maurve is entering her sophomore year. It should be good but nothing really is. Each strand of t...
  • family
  • love
  • war
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That Girl Got Me by AlienOfNowhere
That Girl Got Meby Weird Alien Troubleprone Nerd
I'm not Pretty, I'm not sweet, Definitely not caring, I don't like People, I'm allergic to noise, and I care not for anyone, I'm not perfect, yet.. I got him. Wait. How...
  • silence
  • hatred
  • peace
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Why the Grass Was Red by climb_away
Why the Grass Was Redby Lauren
Junen's government is known for being ruthless towards its people, committing hideous war crimes, and picking a fight with anyone who doubts its strategies. The nation i...
  • junen
  • peace
  • philosophy
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Peace by Joyowei
Peaceby Joy Owei
Finding Peace
  • peace
  • love
  • tranquility
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