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SHERRY ♡ HAIRSPRAY C.S by missqueensateen
"SHERRY, CAN YOU COME OUT TONIGHT?" ( corny collins x oc ) ( hairspray 2007 ) *coming soon*
Earth Warriors (Undergoing Revision) by LuisPetrizzoRengel
Earth Warriors (Undergoing Luigi98
In the year 2026, an alien race called the Zlocu led under the command of the bloodthirsty Emperor, Malgan Tomentradi, are waging war across the stars, believing that th...
So Many Agoes by marked_a_star
So Many Agoesby Denver Skye
James Allan Walter has lived an exceptional life, though he doesn't quite see it that way. His family pushed him to write this book-a memoir of his days growing up in a...
Welcome Home by redspah
Welcome Homeby Red "redspah" Gavin
Riley, a human orphan with a rough background, is adopted by the Ashers, a family of skunk anthros, all of them learning a lesson on what it truly means to be a family a...
Integration of internet into Education by Ryufath
Integration of internet into Ryufath Soepeno
Education, the needs for people like me to pursue an ongoing fortunate or another case unfortunate events. We are different from the Millennials,Veterans or the baby boo...
Instinctual Variants as Energy Relations by TeaSagittari
Instinctual Variants as Energy TeaSagittari
Contents: What are Instinctual Variants? Why Should IV Focus on Energy Relationships? The Three Variants Defined Society, Contraflow and Synflow The Six Instinctual Typ...
Multiplied by JustAsBrokenAsYou
Multipliedby John Laurens
Let's talk about Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). Here's my story of struggling with DID.
The Book of Random by Pryde7
The Book of Randomby Pryde7
Just as the title says, I am attempting to use this book as a release for at least some of my random energy. No crazy people where harmed in the making of this book...
Somehow Meant To Be (ON HOLD) by Dustin1369
Somehow Meant To Be (ON HOLD)by Dustin J. Love
Kaden White is the lone survivor of the Phoenix pack, over time his depression took over and he became the stereotypical 'emo'. One day that was exactly the same as the...
Sabre Integration by hailey05081995
Sabre Integrationby Hailey Rich
FlightsLogic provides Sabre Integration which is the pre-eminent Global distribution system empowering across the world. Our GDS API XML Integration is an effective and...
Computed World: Digital Objects by TheSilentTree
Computed World: Digital Objectsby TheSilentTree
Objects are everywhere; they are everything. So, with this in mind, Digital Enterprise, a wealthy company, released the following statement: "Under our rule, we sh...
PrestaShop Vs Shopify: Comparison of two modern E-commerce platforms by ERP_Solutions
PrestaShop Vs Shopify: ERP_Solutions
Are you going to start your own online selling store? However, you find it difficult to select between the two major e-commerce platforms PrestaShop and Shopify. This bl...
Best Zoho Integration by zohowhizamet
Best Zoho Integrationby Zoho Whizamet
Zoho is a leading CRM platform used by businesses to stay closer to their customers. Zoho CRM integration that allows to easily export new generated leads from Hunter to...
Olu Campbell | Splunk the Integration Guide by OluCampbell_
Olu Campbell | Splunk the Olu Campbell
Olu Campbell "Splunk collects and indexes data from just about any source imaginable - network traffic,Web servers, custom applications, application servers, hyperv...