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The Agent of Rainbow (Division Agent Male Reader x Rainbow Six Siege crossover) by zman6474
The Agent of Rainbow (Division Age...by zman6474
Rainbow needs help within their fight against the White Masks. Can they get the help they so desperately need from a Division Agent? Read and find out... I don't not own...
joy division // l.h by pizzash
joy division // l.hby 핀카
"so let the love tear us apart, i've found the cure for broken heart" © 2014 by pizzash
WWII Male reader X RWBY by Axis_boi
WWII Male reader X RWBYby Herobrine 3030
(this is a reader insert) Your name is (F/N) (L/N) and you are a WWII Soldier that was storming Normandy beach untill the unexpected happened taking you to RWBY, How wil...
Auction by AJShillington
Auctionby AJ
World leaders wanted control. Control of every aspect of the population Mass murders of those who went against what people deemed normal, leading by fear. Today's societ...
Coltar #01 - The Prophecy - [Pokémon Fan-Fiction] by Cavespider_17
Coltar #01 - The Prophecy - [Pokém...by Cavespider_17
The year is 1988 and tensions between the North and South are increasing on a daily basis. The fire at Marsten Hall was the final straw in the relations between these p...
one shot ! hypnosis mic by d0pp9_
one shot ! hypnosis micby jae
just daydreaming and later typing it but enjoy my horrible writing + support hypnosis mic photo credit : @ / 26_3_777
A Sister's Hate  by Woanza
A Sister's Hate by Woanzafaith
"Why can't you just ask my Aunt Beyonce for money. Your sister is a billionaire and here you are struggling to find 2 dollars " I give her a death stare cause...
Division of the Rain by Your-Speaker
Division of the Rainby Another Seker2
Set in the near future, a dangerous rain has set a large part of the world to chaos. There is little order but there is still hope, as small parts of the world hold safe...
The Dark Bond by MileAgo
The Dark Bondby Mile Ago
"You should not prioritise things you can not fathom." She said, her red eyes boring into mine. "I-I thought he was with us." I confessed, tears flow...
Una lunga storia d'amore  (hypmic) by laslitherin
Una lunga storia d'amore (hypmic)by 夢想家
Ramuda non sopporta le frasi che ti illudono che le cose che ami o vuoi primo o poi si avvereranno davvero ,che ti fanno credere che è L amore che come uno spettro ti pa...
Claim of the Wolf by BubblySoccer
Claim of the Wolfby Jayme112234
Life never gives you more than you can handle ft. Iker Casillas [Werewolf]
Earth Warriors (Undergoing Revision) by LuisPetrizzoRengel
Earth Warriors (Undergoing Revisio...by Luigi98
It is the year 2026, an alien race called the Zlocu are waging war across the stars, believing that the era of peace was slowing down the next step of universal evolutio...
Unnoticed By Most : A Macgyver Fanfiction  by angel-At-heart
Unnoticed By Most : A Macgyver Fan...by angel-At-heart
Here's the thing about the future. Every time you look at, it changes - because you looked at it - and that changes everything else.
Lesson One by JadedRein
Lesson Oneby Jadelinn
Watch the trailer/character introductions here! ---> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsS7cuIO3wI&feature=youtu.be To Amanda's favorite new Operative, Alicia, an order...
The Reluctant Heiress by dellie0209
The Reluctant Heiressby Dellie
"I know nothing about you, you know nothing about me. Let us keep it that way, hm?" Secrets, romance and desire unfold... When Marilla Taylor discovers her bir...
𝗢𝗙𝗙𝗜𝗖𝗘  ۪۪۫۫ ༄ؘ ˑ k.doppo by dreamdai
𝗢𝗙𝗙𝗜𝗖𝗘 ۪۪۫۫ ༄ؘ ˑ k.doppoby 🍙.𝖄𝖚𝖗𝖎𝖓𝖆
Little fanfic I wrote for my baby Doppo from Hypnosis Mic enjoy ☁️ Gender Neutral Reader~
Stolen ~ Book #2  by AJShillington
Stolen ~ Book #2 by AJ
Growing up you learn things from everything around you. Your parents, siblings, events, and if you are lucky enough to be aloud to read books, I was not that lucky. I l...
Rose's Promise (One Direction/Nikita Crossover) by arialuv1D
Rose's Promise (One Direction/Niki...by xx aria xx
*April 2007* At 9 years old, Celia-Rose Cooper witnesses Division, a secret black-ops organization setting fire to her house and murdering her whole family. She promises...
Blindside (Hisagi Shuuhei Love Story) by Amaterasu
Blindside (Hisagi Shuuhei Love Sto...by Amaterasu!!!!
For years she has dealt with the hand given to her after a Hollow attack crippled her, both in mind and body. Upon her transfer into the 9th Division from the 11th Divis...