Chapter 27: Please, Open Up Your Heart...

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20 minutes later. Outside the hangar bay.

Near the path to one of the hangar bays of the base, there is Tany, Seiner, Eddie, Malak and Andrei who are just arriving outside the hangar bay. Their clothing is more or less like their usual ones, except with Malak wearing a purple tank top, Eddie and his cyan button shirt and Tany with her sleeveless white shirt. At times like this, it may seem something for relaxation after a long battle, a long one to say the least.

"Well, we're outside for what, chum?" Eddie asks.

"Ehhh, just some time having fun...I guess?" Seiner replies.

"Well, it shouldn't be that hard, darling," Malak says.

"Don't ya get it, Maly? We ain't seeing any rudder or some pretty red-hot iron around to shoot or even crash. Hell, we'd be as lucky to find some barrels with ducks on them to shoot."

"How 'bout porcupines? I've always hated the little naughty rascals," Tany quips.

"Well, they're less annoying to get rid of their thorns in comparison," Seiner says.

"Compared to who?!"

"...I'll give some of my arrows so you won't get pissy, OK?" Malak says as she holds her back for a bit. She eventually relaxes from Seiner's words yet still had her gaze focused on him.

" 'bout some target practice while we're at it?"

"Didn't I tell ya already, gal?"

"Oh right..." Tany says as she bents her spine and wriggles her thumbs. This makes most of the teammates chuckle from the sight of it, albeit being a restrained one.

"How about any of you try out your weapons so I can see how strong my body is? Well, at least at the moment," Andrei asks.

The others look at each while whispering to those close to them. A bit of practice to a being who can shapeshift their body can be fine, but how much can be needed to test it? It's always a matter of time when somebody needs to make sure a fellow isn't hurt from a well-intentioned training. 

"Come on, no need to be shy!" he says as he gets near a shiny metal pole. "A little bit of metal would do." 

He then touches the metal pole, which makes his whole body turn into metal. The stainless-looking steel from it means that maybe he could make good on his promise.

Eddie steps forward, drawing out one of his magnum revolvers and twirling them around as a notable cowboy would do, all while spouting a smirk in his face. 

"I'm sure as hell that this may not hurt a bit if that what you're implying. Be ready for it, boy."

Eddie then pulls the trigger four times, the bullets fly towards Andrei and impact on his chest. After a brief pause after the impact, they all fall down, hitting the ground as Eddie glances back at Andrei, who sees that what was left from the bullets that hit Andrei. Eddie can't help but raise his brows as he sees that the bullets only barely scratched him in spite of his skills. Andrei can't help but chuckle a bit from this technique.

"Not bad, cowboy dude. Not bad. I need something a little bit more...rough," Andrei says while smirking.

"Well, mate, how about this?" Seiner says as he pulls his gun from his holster while also taking out a magazine from his belt to attach it below the frame in front of the trigger. He pulls the trigger, which makes the gun unleash a brief barrage of laser bolts that impact most of Andrei's metallic chest, all while the force of the firing makes Seiner drop the gun.  The rest of the team look in awe from what they've seen as Seiner tries to pick his gun while staring at it. And yet, despite some minor flinching from him, Andrei hasn't reacted yet.

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