Chapter 8 - What Measure Is a Non-Human?

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16th Day of the Virgo Stage, 99:45 OVT

In the deepest reaches of space, one is certain that somewhere out there, there's life. It doesn't matter what kind of life it is, it's presence is what matters the most. With all the stars seen in every bit of it, it's seen as something peaceful and serene for a living being, perhaps for a Human as well. As one can certainly imagine, it sure looks like it, but not the way many believe.

It's believed that space is like an ocean. Somewhere where the direction is aimless when it needs to, a paradise for explorers and curious travelers...but a living hell to stranded ones. A careful mind is always needed for these two scenarios if needed. But would need a very keen eye to watch for yourself or others.

Amidst the everlasting stars, a humongous spaceship is present. It has a cylindrical-like ship with rough-edged structures around it while being held by two rings, one horizontally and one vertically. The cannon is one big barrel. Alongside the huge ship is the large fleet surrounding it, hundreds of battleships, in various shapes and forms with a distinctive red and black lining around them.

The bulk of the Zlocan's conquest of dominance at hand, overseeing the many parts of the milky Way galaxy. With even the presence of a tiny combat ship, not even the remains are guaranteed to be left.

Inside, it feels like one giant palace or even city, with crew-members working their guts out in every assignment they can get. Firepower, training, technicality, the usual stuff when managing a huge place like this one. And whether it's fun or not depends on the Zlocan's definition of enjoyment...something probably not worth touching on.

In a large room, groups of Zlocan guards positioned left and right stand still while holding their pikes while awaiting someone who has a very important presence in the empire. The gate opens slowly, revealing an incoming large figure.

With the huge stature, grandiose armor worthy of any king and one mask that's able to impose fear anywhere it goes, Malgan's presence indicates the start of something that can equal to be coronated of worthy praise. Even though said praise can't be felt with something like Malgan.

In front of Malgan there's a large table present, with more than 40 posts in it, even though for now they're empty.

Some moment of silence passes on, almost nothing. That is until Malgan himself swings his large staff and loudly hits the floor with it.

"I welcome the vassals of the empire for a grand gathering," he says with an imposing tone.

Within seconds after the statement, holograms begin to emerge from each seat. Each one revealing a different person, likely one reserved for such seat. Male or Female, young or old, the sight of each type of person could be seen by the holograms of the Zlocan high command beginning their reunion. All with their grand decorated suits and armor, while others wearing elegant suits with a hint of beauty to show.

"Oh grand kujar, it's an honor to see you once more," one of the men says, a general from the looks of his uniform.

"Indeed, your face will be the symbol synonymous with the new era that the galaxy awaits," another one says.

"Pretty compliments, but not understandable enough to see what's beyond the face." Malgan retorts.

"Indeed. Who can forget the wondrous actions you've made in the name of the empire?" a female minister says.

"Then name them, fellow vassals."

"The 42nd and 66th directives, the most successful operations that made sure that your vision will come true for the galaxy. 300 planets have undergone such directives and now 150 had been successfully carried out. Soon, there will be fewer weaklings to take notice on. Either present or not and more of their outdated and symbolic richness and culture to replace," a young Zlocan man says.

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