Chapter 4.1 - Welcome to the Inquisition

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 August 13th. 20:30 PST

The dark desert of Nevada, a place full of mysteries and tragedies. It was the place where the Nuclear tests were executed by the American government during the Second World War and the Cold War. But that is not the most interesting aspect of said desert. This aspect is the enigmatic base; Area 51. 

While official reports say that is actually just a US Air Force base for prototype planes, many people believe that it is actually a base containing secrets coming from outer space, including extraterrestrial life.

It later turned out to be actually that the prey revealed the nest of the hidden hunter for all these years.

Every aspect has changed. Every aspect of Zlocan machinery is present in every corner. Walkers, dropships, charge tanks, it didn't matter what type they were, all that mattered is that now an important zone from the American government has been stripped away from enemy hands.

Inside the main room on one of the bases, there's a figure sitting in their chair looking at a computer. The computer shows a handful of images such as huge lines of people being rounded up in occupied cities, Zlocan banners being put in place in various cities, etc. Perhaps the figure must be interested in the work the Zlocu have done recently. In spite of the old-fashioned looking room, it still gathered enough advancement to make the Zlocu operate in it.

"This invasion seems to be going smoother than expected..." the figure mutters while crossing its hands and looking at the monitor. One that has a mechanized, male voice coming from it.

The figure is wearing a black fedora hat, with a black visor composed of known stainless steel, a long coat worthy of a Man in Black, and two pairs of red plate gloves, and two bags on his back, likely containing some sort of technological equipment.

He's Raven, the leader of the Human Inquisitors, a group of Humans who cooperate with the Zlocans. Voluntarily or forced, that's what it takes to take part in it.

"Sir, we have someone waiting at the door. He's requesting to talk to you about what happened this evening." someone says in the intercom, likely a guard outside the room.

"Bring him in," Raven replies.

The door opens behind him while he's sitting at his desk, the man that waited outside is none other than a Knight, one with lots of dirt and cuts around the body and helmet-less. He is trembling while trying to take a seat near one of the tables that are in the room.

"I heard that the patrols that headed to California for collective recruitment got wiped out by a mysterious force, right?" Raven asks while he stands up and walks near the knight.

All the knight could do is to stutter. Everything he saw, is something that hasn't proven to break the spirit of a Zlocan so easily.


"Spit it out," Raven interrupts the Knight, he doesn't have the patience for any sort of comfort.

"Yes, Sir! It's just...we were doing our jobs in what you said. It was all going well until...the attackers ambushed and killed most of the units except me..." the knight replies, still in a scared and shaky tone.

"Who were they? Did you manage to identify them?"

"Yes, they were...Damn it! You're really not going to believe this but, they were the same persons we were trying to hunt and then recruit them! Four ordinary people completely destroyed the unit!"

"So, the hunted becomes the hunter right?"

"I...I don't know, Sir, if you put it like that..."

"Hm-hmm. But whoever they are, I hope you have a good excuse about why your team, exterminated by these "ordinary" ones."

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